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About Cali Relocation Systems

At California Relocation Systems, we are passionate in the pursuit of excellence.  From your first interaction with one of our certified moving consultants, to your last interaction with one of our pro certified movers.  Allow our 20 years of combined experience to handle your move with ease. Our goal is to turn the stress of moving into a one of a kind, incredible customer experience.  Each one of our moving consultants must pass a 3 page written test and much accompany our crew on a live move.  We believe communication and transparency is vital to the company’s success.

Moving-Me about Cali Relocation Systems

When it comes to moving, they understand what you need and when you need it. Moving can be a hassle, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a 9,000-square-foot mansion.  But you don’t have to go it alone – Cali Relocation Systems is here to help. They customize a plan around your needs, applying their professional experience, and handle all the logistics of getting you settled in your new home. Moving can become stress-free, when you let us handle the details.

Cali Relocation Systems Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Cali Relocation Systems is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 137515

US D.O.T: 3192271

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Cali Relocation Systems cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $5500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Cali Relocation Systems is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Cali Relocation Systems Reviews

My service was excellent. the crew were timely, expedient and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure to work with all of them...I wil definitely refer them tho my friends.
- Nathalie Gosset

This is my first time moving.These movers remained professional throughout the entire move from California to Florida. My moving crew kept me up to date and made sure they securely bundled all my belongings before making the move. Very well done! Thank you for providing a hassle free moving service.
- quiane crews

This moving company was a referral from a friend, so I already anticipated a good experience. That’s exactly what I had through California Relocation Systems. A well coordinated, thoroughly planned out move, comprised of a team of well trained, experienced movers. Not only were they experienced in cross country moving, but highly motivated and professional during the moving process. My belongings were safely transported to my new residence. Thank you for making this a smooth transition.
- Michael Wilkins

Excellent moving experience. These guys showed up on time; they were very friendly and efficient; and above all, they took great care of my stuff and the apartment, unloading my moving truck for a very reasonable price. The one-bedroom move came in at around 90 minutes, even with an elevator to the 7th floor. The quote I received was just right. I would definitely use these again.
- Jeff Dragon

These guys are dependable and reliable. This Company is recommended to me by my friend . I called them many times with questions they were always polite and courteous. The crew showed up on time. The crew put all my beds together.
- Karlo Mamic

Highly satisfied with the service I received from California Relocation Systems. I couldn’t of went with a better certified company for my moving needs. They were the most suitable to meet my moving criteria. They picked up and dropped off my belongings within the narrow timeframe I was looking for, which many other interstate movers couldn’t guarantee. Not only could this company fulfill that request, but they were also able to fulfill my expectations in a variety of other areas. Truly, an outstanding experience. I’d recommend them to others.
- Alexandra Martin

Excellent moving experience. These guys showed up on time; they were very friendly and efficient; and above all, they took great care of my stuff and the apartment, unloading my moving truck for a very reasonable price. The one-bedroom move came in at around 90 minutes, even with an elevator to the 7th floor. The quote I received was just right. I would definitely use these folks again.
- Ronnie Peoples

I would definitely recommend California Relocation Systems. I called gave them a list of items to be moved and quickly got a quote which is exactly what I was charged. I needed a certificate of insurance for both buildings, one with additional paperwork which they completed promptly. They very friendly and did a great job wrapping furniture, assembling bed frame etc, knew how to deal with parking issues, unexpected problems that come up moving in the city. . I highly recommend California Relocation Systems to everyone for their moving and storage needs.
- austin kerr

I can confidently recommend California Relocation Systems for exhibiting all the qualities in a long distance moving company I was looking for. They are exceptionally courteous, cooperative and competent, which is ultimately why my Relocation was so successful. I wouldn’t hesitate to point anyone in their direction that’s looking to relocate from California to another state.
- Leon Landrum

I was recommended to this moving company by a close friend that used them for his relocation from California to Georgia. I used them for the exact same relocation, which went predictably well. The communication was pleasantly surprising and level of detail was considerable. I can confidently recommend them to anyone looking to relocate from California to Georgia. I’m sure if they relocated to any other state, it would go well too!
- Brandon Stover

Wonderful experience with California Relocation Systems. They agreed to move us last minute from our home in San Jose to Pittsburgh. The move went incredibly smoothly. It was organized and the movers were careful. All of our things were handled with respect and diligence. The pick up and drop off times were performed in the proper timeframe. We just received our things today, exactly as planned. This is a moving company that can not only plan out your move seamlessly, but they can also make sure all of your belongings arrive unscathed. Impressive!
- Robbie M

Back on May 1st I said to consider that review as Step 1: STEP 2: I flew out to California the first Saturday in July and assessed how my two Aunts packed for the scheduled Pick Up Day on 7/10. They were nowhere near ready. So, my first point is that anyone considering this type of move EVERYONE INVOLVED MUST READ THE MOVING GUIDE that CRS provides once you put down your deposit. I had assumed my Aunts did that because every time I called during May and June they assured me they were making progress. Not so. One thing that aggravated the situation was they decided to "take everything to *******" and sort it out there. This tripled the estimated cubic footage. On the following Sunday, I emailed and text Kristin and Dawn that I had grossly underestimated the shipment and had to re-inventory everything. Had I not contacted CRS they could easily have sent out a truck that was too small. That Monday I received a call from "Jim" the Assistant Operations Manager and together we stepped through the inventory itemization to get as close as possible to an accurate load size. I spent the next 3.5 days boxing up...instead of 25 boxes, I packed 66 boxes. On Pick Up day, even though the movers arrived about 3.5 hours later than expected, a gentleman named "Safe" and his team did a very good job packing things that I couldn't and successfully loading an even larger load than Jim and I had estimated. Regardless, CRS honored my discount I secured back in April. Lessons learned: 1.) Order packing boxes as early as possible, get plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper and tape... and pack, pack, pack. Don't forget you can get these moving supplies at Home Depot, Lowe's or via Amazon. CRS will pack and protect things for you...and they do a good job... but ido whatever you can before they arrive to save yourself some $$$. 2.) Get as close to an accurate cubic foot estimate as possible before they start loading the truck. 3.) CRS did a very good job working with me to stay on top of things. 4.) TIPS: That being said, however, having gone through this, if you don't have the stomach or energy to stay on top of things... use a moving company and let them handle your issues A-to-Z. BUT...I've had issues with moving companies, too. You shouldn't use ANY moving broker if you a.) can't pack items yourself; b.) have no tolerance or understanding for sliding schedules (i.e. no moving company can control traffic conditions); c.) if you have some time-sensitive commitment or constraint or d.) you are picky about everything and you don't have much patience but have the wherewithal to pay twice as much. STEP 3: The Delivery. Understand what FADD means, i.e. First Available Delivery Date. FADD is when the clock starts on your 21 window for delivery. This is the way, as an example, it was explained to me. If CRS asks on your funiture Pick-Up Date when your FADD is and you say, "We'll be at the destination 8 days from now." They'll write down your FADD as the Pick up Date plus 8 days and their 21 day clock will start from FADD, not your Pick-Up Date. I actually had relatively good luck and the furniture was delivered 15 days from when the truck was loaded. The unpacking crew did a fine job and worked diligently to get things unloaded in a timely manner. The noteworthy thing in the process was... and CRS should address this... their inventory control method is to slap a number on your box or furniture item and write it down as they load the truck. They need higher quality stickers and a more descriptive inventory. When the furniture was delivered we had to spend extra time matching mis-numbered inventory items with very poor descriptions. Had I known to look out for that I would have been watching more closely on the front end. As a result, I'm missing a large French Provincial dresser mirror. All in all, CRS did what they were contracted to do... I would give that a B- or B... there were a few surprises, but some of the issues were my own (or my Aunts') fault for not being vigilant in the process. CRS customer support was much better than expected; Dawn and Kristin (and Jim) were very responsive to my issues... I'd give them an A on their Customer Support. They were answering text messages and email weekends and nights. Bottom line: Set your expectations on the front end. READ YOUR MOVING GUIDE, your Estimate Sheet, the Terms & Conditions, etc. and understand as best you can so that you are not part of the problem during the move.
- MWD1

This company picked up our items a day late (which was ok) we were then told they would be at new our house between XX:XX-XX:XX. At noon, we called to find out status and that is when we were told their drive tried to deliver our items to a different city 8 hours away (according to the supervisor this driver was fired because of this). We were then put in touch with Jim Horky who proceeded to tell us that we shipped 3x's the amount we had agreed on so we needed to pay the additional money owed for that 3x's (he even sent us before/after pictures which did not represent the additional items) . I offered to drive the 16 hours to pick up my items (which is my deceased grandparents) and was told that would be ok, but I would still have to pay full price including the 3x's extra items, even though they only completed half the deliver/contract. We have not heard from anyone in over a week and have no clue where our items are. HORRIBLE COMPANY
- Dawn D

I had reserved for them to come move my house from California to Arizona. I was expecting a slight change in the cost but when they arrived they over doubled my quote. On top of that the original time they were suppose to arrive was 11am - 3pm. Then it got pushed from 4-6. After 6 when I still hadn't heard anything I finally called and they said it now wouldn't be until 8 pm! Then when they doubled the cost I told them I couldn't afford the new cost and would have to use someone else. Now they refuse to refund my deposit. This is a scam. They get your deposit and then once they are at your house they up the cost and hope you'll just pay it. Lesson learned! Dawn was so rude! She hung up on me multiple times and had an attitude from the beginning.
- Jessica B

After my experience with California Relocation Systems, it's unthinkable that I'd go with another cross country mover. They provided everything required for a move to go perfectly, without worries or trepidation of the unknown. The systems they had in place were sufficient enough to secure this moves success and timeliness.
- Elizabeth M

Completely lived up to my expectations by successfully transporting all of my belongings to Los Angeles from San Francisco in no time. Very well executed move from a veteran moving service.
- Diane J

I really appreciate California Relocation Systems. Their guidance throughout my move was valuable. They maintained the same level of professionalism and distinct direction during the whole move, so thete were no surprises. They will be my go to moving company from now on.
- Luna F

We had a bad experience with this company. Before delivery they are so nice and they promises to deliver in 3 days and asked us to give good reviews. I gave a good reviews. The real story begins now, Later you will see the original face, they delivered after 16 days with lot of items missing and broken. I request everybody to go through the agreement. If they miss or broken you will get nothing. Customer service is RUDE…
- Madan Mohan G

I can't recommend these guys enough. They executed this move with basic principles that every moving company should possess when makimg a commitment to move their customers belongings and that is accountability and transparency. These two components fall under many sub categories for what a successful mive should consist of. California Relocation Systems understands this concept exceedingly well and proved it during our move with them. Final price aligned with original quote and so on.
- Danny R

Sam and the crew were were wonderful! Never stopped worked for hours on end to get our stuffed packed. Things were wrapped very well and moved to the truck with care. Thank you for making our day less stressful.
- Lynne G

California to Washington $6,300 We were in a bind and needed to be out of our house the next day. The first company we hired tried to triple the price on us. Thank God for California Relocation Systems!! We had an awesome move up to Washington and the experience could not have been any better! The first person we spoke to was Dion. From the moment I spoke to him he immediately put my mind at ease. He told us that they specialized in long distance moves and they weren't kidding! Tamar and his crew are the guys that came to our house. They were amazing! They all knew what the other guys were doing and it was actually very impressive to watch them all work together in sync the way they did. They worked hard from the moment they arrived until the moment they left. I've already recommended them to friends, family and co workers and will continue to do so. Five stars for sure to CRS for this move! It was far less expensive and stressful than I figured it would be and these guys will absolutely be our movers from now on. Our driver on delivery was Caleb. He was very professional, courteous and organized. From the moment he showed up his care and kind, positive attitude set the tone for a flawless move.He assured their were no hiccups with the delivery and this move was one hundred percent hiccup free. Caleb made sure we knew that if we were ever thinking of moving again he could accommodate all our needs and would definitely help us. Sometimes the darkest nights produce the brightest stars and they became our shooting star. I thought we were not going to be out in time but California Relocation Systems truly saved the day. Thank you so much CRS!!!! Our expectations exceeded anything we could have wver asked for!!
- Lisa R

The moving team of two on both ends of our move were just great guys. They were thoughtful about the items and how to move and pack on the truck and made sure all items had a lot sticker so that none of our items were left behind or lost.
- Sally M

This was a solid experience with California Relocation Systems. They were much more efficient than I anticipated. It's refreshing to see movers that are deeply interested in a moving process that has to do with your belongings. I can't imagine how this would of turned out with a company that lacked enthusiasm and professionalism. I would recommend California Relocation Systems to others! The appeal of this company lies in their communication and ability to follow through in stages. Sincerely, Freya
- Freya M

UPDATE: One star is to much, Should be negative at least 5. We complaint about this company through BBB and they never resolved anything. We requested mediation and they refused. We dealt with ****** he was worthless then with Brenda Murphy and she was even worse. We turned in the required forms to get paid for damages we never got anything. The first time we sent the claim forms to them they lost them. We sent them again and we never heard from them. We went to 5800 S. Eastern Ave. STE 500 Commerce and there is no such office they moved out. No one knew to where. You do business with them and they don't have an office you can go to, to at least speak face to face. No clue where their physical office is. There is lots more to the story we sent to BBB in 2019, There was never a settlement from anyone. This is the worse company ever. Reminder of all the damages. . The following is a summary of the items damaged that were readily apparent as they were unloaded in Sequim. � One of the dresser legs of our Thomasville vintage bedroom set was broken off. See attached Photos 1 and 2. � One of the Thomasville vintage bedroom end tables was wrapped by California Relocation Systems with such disregard that the pull-ring for the drawer was wrapped in the "up" position and enough weight was stacked on top of this end table that the ring became indented into the face of the table top. See attached Photo 3. � The other Thomasville vintage end table was damaged on the right side of the table top. See attached Photo 4. � The box spring to our queen size bed was punctured in two locations. See attached Photo 5. � The glass in the picture frame of a family reunion collage was broken. See attached Photo 6. � My Dicken's antique ceramic Christmas Village was completely broken into pieces. Only two of the houses survived the move. This set is no longer available and is something I have had for over 30 years. The village was damaged to the point it could never be displayed. Yaz's advice was that I should have used a different type of box. See attached Photos 7 and 8. � My niece just gave me a crystal moose last Christmas. One of the antlers was broken off. See attached Photos 9 and 10. � One of the legs of our Thomasville dining room chairs was completely broken. See attached Photos 11 and 12. This dining room table set was very expensive, and these chairs are no longer in production. We looked for a replacement chair online and found one reasonably similar for $915. � Two additional dining room chairs have been damaged on the back by being punctured with something sharp. See attached Photos 13 and 14. Based on this bullet item and the prior one, half of the dining room chairs were ruined by California Relocation Systems. It is not reasonable for California Relocation Systems to replace these three chairs only, because we would have a mis-matched set of chairs for our dining room set. Our expectation is that all six chairs are replaced. � The dining room table includes three separate glass panels, one for each portion of the table (including the middle leaf). One of the larger panels, measuring 35-3/4"x47-1/2"x1/4' thick, was broken. See attached Photo 15. � The leg of the Thomasville vintage bedroom set was damaged. See attached Photo 16. � The end of one of our leather couches looks to have been dragged across the pavement on its end, ruining the leather on the end of the couch. See attached Photo 17. � We also have a wrought iron bench with a black powder coating that also looks to have been dragged across the pavement on its end, similar to the couch described above, resulting in damage to the entire end of the bench. Unfortunately, a photo of this damage is not available. � For the items we packed that included fragile contents, we placed prominent red FRAGILE stickers on the boxes. Due to the late arrival of our possessions on Saturday, February 16th and our return flight to Southern California early Sunday morning, very few of these boxes were opened. We can only hope that the abundance of Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap used allowed those items to make what was obviously a treacherous journey from Escondido, CA to the Los Angeles warehouse and then to our home in Sequim, WA. It is important to reiterate that with the exception of the ceramic Christmas Village and the crystal moose, all of the items listed above were wrapped/packaged by California Relocation Systems
- Olga M

Here we are 2 months later and we still have missing and damaged items. They delay, and delay some more, and hope you go away. Read the other reviews about this company and see how they hurt innocent people every day. They need to be closed down.
- Joyce S.

It's been over two months and my stuff isn't here!!! They started to ignore our calls... were calling a lawyer and the news station. This is ridiculous.
- Jennifer G.

They basically are holding my family's truck hostage saying they need to pay additional money now ..... after their driver went to vallejo ca ...... instead of mission viejo. He supposedly has been fired but they are refusing to honor the original job and deliver the belongings where they were suppose to be in the first place
- Cami D.

critical: NO punctuality, NO quality, NO responsiveness, NO value do not trust these people with your stuff!!!! believe me i would not even give 1 star!!!!! i treasure all my things and believed in this company to transport all my items in a secure and safe place!!! they sure painted a pretty picture liars!!!! the warehouse they use are full of thieves!!!! opened all my boxes and crates mind you they were sealed and still broken into! ladies all my purses stolen coach/ michael kors !!!! they dont care!!! all they said was my load is worth .60 cents a pound seriously!!!!! they had no reason to go through my things my mattress stained , my sofas ripped, they searched through every box!!! that was sealed heavy duty storage boxes!!! do not trust these people!!!!
- IsraelRachel F.

I want to be perfectly clear. If I can give this company 0 stars I would. First off they're nice and friendly and they hook you in. Then when you agree to a contract the movers get there and upcharge since "you have more stuff than you said you did" we told Bill exactly what we had and that's exactly what we put on a truck and got charged 2500 MORE than the quoted price. They will accept cash, check or money order on the first half but the second is only cash or money order. I think its because they want to make sure they get paid even though they damage or LOSE your property. I had 3 huge boxes, my child's bike and the bed frame that belong to my now deceased best friend all just POOF DISAPPEAR. Now when the movers arrived they refused to offload ANYTHING until I signed saying my stuff was all there and nothing was damaged. Even filing a claim for the MISSING ITEMS the company refuses to accept responsibility, return calls or emails. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND THE CROOKED BS THEY PUT YOU THROUGH.
- Alyssa O.

DO NOT USE. Scammers They quote and then blackmail for more money, double the amount. Unreliable, break and damage $12k's worth of possession. Lots of items still not delivered 6months on. Drivers do not work for the company, so be aware random people with your possessions and also not checked. My delivery driver team were stoned and also my furniture smelled of weed for weeks after! Even with the lies they do not even pay out on there crap $0.60 per pound insurance. Brenda avoids people, Jim lies, the drivers dont care. Owners obviously do not not care!!
- Steven E.

DONT USE, they damage furniture or lose your stuff on a regular basis. They lie about not needing to buy, they are rude when you call them about broken and lost items and to this day have never paid me for severe damage and lost items from July 2019. All of the stories on here are the same and very true. Hard to believe these people are allowed to continue ripping people off. They simply change their email address and phone number....bad business for sure.
- Kim A.

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