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About Black Tie Moving

At Black Tie, we have a service first approach that is designed to save the customer time and money while feeling safe and confident throughout the moving process. Each client is provided its very own 24/7 moving concierge, and professional moving experts who guide our customers through the best moving experience of their life. We roll out the red carpet for you on moving day and treat you and your furniture like the VIP’s you are! Make your move in comfort and style when you choose the first-class services at Black Tie Moving.

Moving-Me about Black Tie Moving

This moving company is a luxury moving and relocation concept which provides consumers with the ultimate customer experience during one of the most stressful times in their lives. What makes them special is today’s biggest famous people’s choice. Black Tie has developed the best reputation in the moving industry by being one the highest rated movers on all trusted consumer review platforms such as Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, and many more.

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The moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. This mover is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

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Be ready that the average long-distance moving costs will be around $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This mover is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Black Tie Moving Reviews

I normally don't write reviews, but I felt UTTERLY COMPELLED to write this one.. Ben, BJ, & Jarrod were simply the best movers I've ever experience in all the years of my transitions from job to job... city to city.. I never have experienced such an easy move as this. To start... they called before arriving... they showed up early than expected, and showed up ready to do the job. They all introduced them self to me, ask questions, reviewed the move, pack job I've done (i packed my own boxes) and prepared. *side note - im not the best packer and felt horrible throwing my mess on them to move, but they handled it like troopers.) These guys hit it square on.... and within no time moved my whole apartment out in no time. (1 bdrm / 1 bth 798 sq ft ground floor). The thing that impressed me the most about these guys is how friendly they were. NOT ONE TIME did they complain, argue, talk junk, refuse to do anything, or nothing... these guys responses to EVERYTHING was yes sir! We can make that happen. Now... The movers I used in the past complained, bickered, and murmured the whole time. I hated them moving me b/c I felt ackward and ashmed to pay them to do my job. This leads my to another point.... I didn't feel like they vauled my stuff b/c it wasn't theirs and also didn't "protect" my stuff. Not Black Tie.... these three guys wrapped all my valuables in pads, made sure it rode safely, and was as protected as their own... They also came prepared with garment boxes and quick pack boxes, which I didn't ask for nor did even know I needed? These guys came to do a job, and they did it with ease, professionalism and excellence. Now to the part I felt horrible about... After leaving my ground floor 1 bdrm 798 sq ft apartment... we roll up at our new one... 3rd floor 1360 sq ft 2 story town home late afternoon in 38 degree weather. I'm thinking in the back of my mind.... this is going to test these guys... it's easy to do a ground floor job sunny afternoon, but now we're going to see what they are really like..... Well, to my surprise..!!! They were the exact same!! Positive, anything I asked they did.... didn't complain or murmur and knocked it out of the park like CHAMPIONS!!! I am beyond words surprised and sooooo glad I used these guys! I quoted a lot of other guys.... i shopped this move... but I'm glad and know I made the best decision going with black tie movers!!! Hands down the best decision and choice. My wife got off work and got here... she was like... these guys are going to kill themselves coming up all these flights with such heavily loads... and I was wait to see their attitudes... and soon enough she noticed what I did... their hard work, their positive attitudes, and made sure we were first in all. One last thing.... I really sized these guys up good... one thing that was huge.. I wanted to see if they "stretched" the clock since they were by hour, or did they work quicker to save me money..... Let me tell you this... in a 6 hr move... only one worker took a bathroom break.... and I can personally vouch to say not one of these jokers even took a break... with sweat beading down their faces and winded lungs... these guys were freaking machines!!!!! They were amazing... If you want the best movers in nashvilles... def. go with these guys! And request Ben, BJ, and Jarrod
- Jacob P.

I leave the right to change this after they contact me because I hope that this will be corrected. Below is part of my original comment where it was left on hold for over an hour. However I do want to correct what I wrote in saying that I was called within five minutes of making my comment it was explained to me that somebody had accidentally stayed logged into the phone, and it's simple human error was the mistake. They more than compensated for my hour on the phone took my order right away, said he will be in contact if I have any questions and gave me ways to contact him in case I had any problems in the future. I always leave my original post. That being said they more than compensated and I'm feeling the red carpet service.
- Kathryn B.

Listen. We all know moving is the biggest pain in the ass in the world. Nick and Juan were AMAZING. Nick was pretty much the best dude ever - I'm pregnant and if he saw me trying to lift a box, he would stop me immediately which is really sweet. He made sure all of the other movers were extremely careful with my furniture and at the new house he spent time taking fixtures off walls to insure nothing would be damaged. He went above and beyond what he needed to do and for that, I am so grateful. He took apart one of my daughters cribs (which is a real pain in the ass) and didn't complain once. He said, "what's life without challenges?" and I thought wow... I'd be yelling and cussing every 2 seconds if I was doing this!!! The move took a bit longer than expected - I think you should always add a couple hours on the quote they give you -so that's the ONLY reason for 4 stars - is it was really expensive. Nick and Juan couldn't have done a better job for me. They were FAST, too. Not trying to milk the clock like some do. When it was time to pay, Nick went through all of the charges and took his time off for lunch and make sure I saw where all of the hours went - he was just really cool and professional. I don't really understand why there is a $139 service fee or whatever it is - that part sucks - but I would absolutely use them again!!!!
- Miriah J.

I am disappointed that the move didn't live up to favorable reviews and turned what was an exciting time into a very stressful experience. In the past when I have moved I basically using a U-haul with friends and family as the man power. This time I was excited to be able to hire professionals for the 1st time, thrilled with the thought of how much easier and less stressful it would be since I was using my vacation to move. After checking out reviews for several moving companies I felt good about their ratings and was pleased with my choice. The experience started out great working with Wolfgang for the estimate using the video walk through option so they could see what the move would include was easy. The estimate seemed reasonable and within my budget & with a decent estimated time line. So far, so good. The day of the move 2 of the expected 3 movers showed up around 8:15, the head guy said that someone had called off and they were working on getting a 3rd person. Understandable, it happens, a 3rd person showed up a bit before 9:00 am and started working with the other 2. I showed them where everything was, they asked about items that were not already boxed up, explaining they could not box them. I explained that I was still boxing thing and if it wasn't done I would move them myself. A couple of hours into the move 2 of the movers seemed to disappear for quite some time, the guy in charge had to go looking for them and they returned shortly after that. About 3 1/2 hours into the move estimated to take 3 hr I started moving items from other rooms into the main room to make easier for them to get them loaded quickly. I finally had to call a halt to loading after the large items were on the truck because they were already way over the time estimate and still had to get to my new home (thankfully only 6 miles away). Once at the new place unloading went faster than the loading. They unloaded my antique dining room china hutch what had a top & bottom that attach together with screws (they said the other guy had them) and they put it up but today I discovered the screws are missing so I cannot fill it for fear of it coming apart. I also discovered the legs of my dryer are all bent at strange angles and the vent is bent in several places. After all was said and done it was 5 1/2 hours for a move that was estimated to be 3 hrs, the cost ended up almost double the top end of the estimate and he fuel surcharge was also almost triple the estimate.
- Anneleise W.

I used black tie moving this past week and the customer service was good. I had David, Jared, and BJ pack and move my stuff. They did a horrible job packing my stuff. They forgot to bring packing paper and instead used my bedding, towels, clothes, and garbage bags to pack everything. They threw everything in the boxes without care and I had some broken dishes. They told me that they saved me money by not using all the boxes they brought but come to find out they used boxes I already had. I had broken hangers and I'm missing stuff. I told them what I wanted packed and moved and they went ahead and packed and moved stuff I didn't want and then I had to ask them to pack stuff they were going to leave behind. I would have been fine with the service but as soon as I unpacked my stuff I was very upset with the quality of service that I was promised that everything was going to be handled with care. I paid them over $500 to get service that I could have had a 12 year old pack my things better. I will never recommend black tie moving or ever use them again.
- Sarah R.

So I did go with these guys again. This time to unload from the PODS and into my 2-story home. It was just built with fresh wall paint so I asked them to be careful not to touch the walls and they did a great job of that. I also have some heavy ass furniture that goes upstairs into the master bedroom and these tough guys handled it like champs! They also did a great job of trying to keep it fun. It can be overwhelming with the amount of stuff going in for 2 straight hours and directing 3 guys where to put it, but I enjoyed having them there. Thanks Landon, BJ and Caleb! You made moving in to my new home great
- Allan M.

The guys who came out to move me--Garret, Jesse, and Troy, were just fantastic. Because of a hiccup in the morning, they arrived a bit late, but they couldn't have worked harder or faster, and they were so polite, friendly, and considerate. I was impressed with the company overall, but I was disappointed about the significant difference between the estimated time I was quoted and the time required to actually complete the move--and there is NO way three humans could have moved me faster. These guys worked so hard all day, and there were multiple flights of stairs on each end of the move. I just wish I had been given a more realistic estimate in advance of the move.
- B B.

I chose Black Tie based on the reviews here and a couple of recommendations from friends who have used them to move recently. My move did not go as planned and not a perfect experience at all. However, after expressing my experience, the owner of the company personally called me and resolved everything for me. I am very impressed with the the importance he gives to customer satisfaction. There are very few companies that would have went out of their way to ensure that what they promise is what they deliver and with anything less than that, he will personally get involved to correct ASAP. I do recommend them and I will personally use them again.
- Rhonda L.

The movers were really nice. However, once they realized that we needed more than one truck, they all wanted to 'help' off the clock....meaning I would pay the mover directly bypassing the actual company and any liability coverage provided by the company. Also, the movers told me about one piece of furniture that they damaged and that someone would contact me for repairs. I've never heard one thing from the company. AND..... we just realized that they also damaged another piece of furniture that was not mentioned. So, overall, I would not trust them to move me again. I have used Two Men & A Truck. They dinged my wall in one spot and offered to repair or give me some $ off so that I could repair on my own. I opted to take care of it myself and they took some $ off the bill for their accident. Good luck on your move but be very cautious if you use Black Tie.
- Melissa A.

This was by far the smoothest and easiest move I've ever had... and we've moved a lot! Arturo and the crew were absolutely fantastic, attentive and quick. They completed in the timeframe quoted to me over the phone. They were significantly less expensive than quotes I received from any other company. Their rate per hour was higher than most, but they had 5 guys and did it so quickly that it was definitely a savings. I hope I don't move again for a long, long time. But if I do, these guys will be my first and only call!
- Crystal I.

Had a great experience with this company thanks to Nick - he is a beast when it comes to moving furniture. It's incredible how one human could have so much strength and energy. I've moved a lot in my life and it's crazy how fast and efficiently he works. Makes a really cruddy experience not so bad. I've watched other moving companies move like turtles, not nick. He is fast and thorough during the entire process. Thanks Nick!
- Angel S.

Second Update: I am re-updating my review and downgrading to 2 stars. They did not follow through on everything they promised me last year in exchange for changing my original yelp review. The owner and his VP/CEO/Whatever said they would refund the cost of my move because of their guarantee, reimburse me for the cost of damage to my property, and offered one free local move in the future. The first two terms were met last year. However, when I contacted the owner to cash in on the third term by asking for movers to help me load a uhaul, no driving involved, he played dumb. The owner said he had never offered anybody a free move in 5 years of business. Lame, but unsurprising. Whatever, I'll take my business elsewhere. First Update: I am updating my 1-star review. After I posted my original review on yelp, the owner of the company and the president of the company both personally called me and texted me to find out what happened. If I remember correctly, when you make a reservation with Black Tie there is some kind of guarantee made, re: if you are not happy with your move, they will reimburse you for the cost of the move. Well. I can affirmatively tell you that they are not kidding around about that! The owner of the company immediately tore up my personal check after we spoke, and he spent time with me on the phone finding out exactly what happened and how to remedy it. I do not want to disclose everything they are doing for me because I would hate for them to be taken advantage of in the future, but I will just say that they are generously compensating me for the damage and inconvenience caused during my move. I am very impressed, and slightly shocked - customer service is not dead apparently! Who knew! To be honest, as I said before I have moved nearly every two years since undergrad (I'm 37 years old), and good moving companies are very hard to find. I had a bad experience once before when one piece of my furniture was negligently damaged, and that company was fairly hostile to the idea of compensating me. I gave up on that fight with that other company (years ago). My point is, I never expected this positive of a response from a moving company. I am so impressed by the owner and president of Black Tie Moving, despite the horrible experience with my move last week, I would give them another try in the future. It sounds crazy to say that, I usually am a cynic, but the owner and president have restored enough of my faith in Black Tie that they deserve another shot. Morale of the story - take pictures, be honest about what happened, and Black Tie will generously take care of you. I am still kinda dumbfounded over how much they are doing to make this right. Thanks Dustin et al!
- Kristen M.

The customer service is great over the phone but the people who show up don't look very professional. Just to give you an example of my quote versus my actual payment. I was quoted two 1 bedroom apartments with 3 guys $750. One of the guys didn't even work at all. It cost $1300 for 3 lazy guys to complain all day.
- Taylor W.

By far the best moving experience we have had in Nashville or anywhere else (and we have- unfortunately- moved 5 times in the last 5 years!). Landon, Jared and BJ were awesome! They were professional, quick and took very good care of our items. They seemed to really care about and enjoy their work! I HOPE SO MUCH we are never moving again but if we do, I know who we will be calling. Highly recommend.
- JB W.

Used Black Tie this past weekend for packing up our house and loading into a moving truck. Let me say this: The two guys that did the packing on Sunday were super friendly and did a good job. It did suck that apparently 6 guys from Black Tie didn't show up according to the guys so we only had two guys instead of 3. They did only charge us a two man rate instead of a 3. They also worked relatively quickly despite one guy never working a packing job according to him. What I did not like is this: My wife and I spent a good while sourcing free boxes to use for this move. Not a fan of spending money on boxes when we're paying a significant amount of money for the move. I made it clear I would like our boxes and packing paper used before any of their (marked up) materials. I didn't follow them around all day to see what they were doing. When they were complete we got charge...$192.00 for 10 boxes, packing materials, and padding for kitchenware. So roughly 50% of the original quoted amount came from using materials that weren't required. I'm not sure if this was a decision made on their own or something that black tie usually does but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Lastly, I want to compliment the 3 guys that loaded all our stuff into the truck the next day. All 3 were extremely professional, worked extremely quickly, and asked a lot of questions about our needs during their time on site. I don't expect anyone to reach out but if you do use this company for packing please ensure they follow your instructions to a T or you may end up with a significantly higher bill.
- Brian E.

2nd time using them. Great crew super friendly and nothing damaged. They did an amazing job of wrapping everything. If I ever have to move again - I'd call them first. Used them for a local move and stuff in to storage. They did all the packing. Crew was super nice and on time. No damage to anything. Highly recommended!!!!
- mike r.

Unfortunately I can no longer recommend Black Tie Movers. They moved us a year ago and it was a great experience, I came back to them - this time it fell into the move from Hell - a proposed 3.5 to 4 hr move turned into a 7.5 hour move. I don't think there was a wall that wasn't hit in our new home - I swept plaster from the hardwood - it was so weird it was almost funny. Well every dog has a bad day and you'd think when they called to see how everything went they would at least try to do something to make it better and please understand I'm not wanting anything. They wanted off the phone soooo bad - I was being nice but it was obvious all they want to hear is positives. Unfortunately this company has taken a road very well traveled - starting off doing everything right (customer service) but once successful falling short of all expectations and failing. I do not recommend this company what so ever!
- Kyle W.

My wife and I have used Black Tie twice in the last 14 months and have been impressed each time with the care and quickness of each move. Shawn, Thomas and Hargis were professional and efficient, making it easy for us to recommend this company to our friends and family. We packed our own boxes for our 2/2 town home and the whole move took a little over 3 hours with 3 guys. Best of all - they were very careful on our newly-refinished floors! No question we will be definitely be calling them back for our next move.
- Todd B.

I chose Black Tie moving because they had a tie in with my mortgage company. We had an odd situation as my whole house wasn't being moved at one time and I needed more of the "heavy stuff" being moved to a second floor. On the phone I was told i could choose between 4 wardrobe boxes or a TV box the day of the move. I received a call around 8am when they were supposed to arrive. Very polite and explained they didn't realize we were about an hour south of Nashville. They arrived then by 9am (this wasn't a huge deal for me and I appreciated that they called) and all introduced themselves and shook hands. They hadn't been told about the boxes and were very apologetic (again for me it wasn't the end of the world). I was VERY impressed with how these 4 men worked together to get my items wrapped and moved. They were FANTASTIC about trying not to knick the walls going up the stairs and all furniture had been wrapped in blankets and wrap. Our movers from Il to Tn were not that conscientious last year. All 4 were extremely polite and professional. I would recommend this specific group in a heartbeat. Our movers were Jose, Delrey, Marcus and Chris. This group worked their tails off!! The move fell within the estimated time frame and discounts applied that had been discussed.
- A D.

Keep looking: this is not a professional moving service. When I used Black Tie, three amateurs showed up in a rented truck and were hours slower than companies I've used in the past. They were missing some of the important tools they needed to do the job, borrowed my tools, and never returned them. They have a "company policy" against using utility knives to break shrink wrap, which means that it will take them hours (at $160 an hour) to unwrap furniture I've had movers in the past finish up with in under thirty minutes. They employ every trick in the book to make the move take as long as possible. And you're stuck paying $160 an hour every step of the way. They will also tell your that they are insured. Which I'm sure is technically true, but for all intents and purposes they aren't. They broke my big, expensive piece of furniture that I specifically informed them about at the time of booking. They then lied, saying, "it was like that when we got there." When I emailed about a claim they just ignored me and came up with excuses. They made no genuine attempt to remedy the situation. They have better branding than their competition, but they are just as dishonest and uncaring as the worst crooks with moving trucks you've used in the past.
- Steve J.

Stole over $9k!! They hired guys with criminal records who went through my belongings, found credit card info, and ran up over $9,000 in charges. The manager Josh (former cop) admitted it was his guys and fired them. But I've given them over 3 weeks to somehow make it right and they've done nothing. He won't return my emails or phone calls. Prior to realizing the theft, I felt they were slow and untrained. Even though I asked them to move less than what I quoted, they still didn't fit all the belongings on the truck. So after paying $900 for a moving crew, I still had to rent a truck and move things on my own. I had to help them because their guys were simply incompetent. The also broke a chunk of wood off of a Restoration Hardware desk. Another outrageous policy is charging for fuel based on time of move, not drive time or distance. In other words, they charge you for fuel when the truck is parked and not running. Ridiculous! UPDATE: shortly after posting this review, they contacted me to finally resolve this. I was told my emails went to his spam folder. Idk. I added a star to my review bc I feel at the end of the day, they did the right thing. Better late than never.
- Reid S.

This company is not worth your money. I used them last year to move and they unloaded a fully loaded elevator to let someone else use the elevator that I had reserved and rented for a specific time slot. Adding hours to the move. I had to watch them from there on out because they were just trying to run the clock to make more money off of me. They also sat in their truck for 45 minutes before moving the truck. I was only moving 1 mile away. I was timing them because I could see the fully loaded truck not moving. They will just run the clock up and waste your time and money. They also broke my washer and dryer because they didn't bring any tools to disconnect it from the wall. The broke several parts off of my washer and dryer. It took them an hour just to try to get the washer and dryer disconnected. I had to move things in my car because they were taking so long to load the truck I only had a one bedroom apartment and it took them 8 1/2 hours to move. I have used other movers in the past and it only took them 2 hours. Needless to say I will never use this company again.
- Lori Beth D.

My wife and I used Black Tie for our recent move and the guys were awesome. Lance and Colton did a professional and thorough job moving us. Even with frequent thunderstorms through the day, nothing was damage or wet. I was very amazed by their work. It was helpful since I can't lift due to a neck injury. They were exceptional. Now I will tell you that they aren't cheap but very much worth it and you don't want cheapest to move your valuable stuff. We highly recommend Black Tie to anyone.
- Milton H.

To say we had more than a few issues with our move is an understatement. These were further complicated by a less than stellar customer complaint resolution and recovery process. HOWEVER, true to their guarantee, the owner called us, months later when he found out, and went well above and beyond to make it right. Some problems can be blamed on bad hires, which he said was resolved. Others due to some employee training and turnover. Some may be just bad luck. All and all though, the owner did what's right. Thanks. Don't believe the guarantee of the best move of your life. It was by far not our best move. The 'guarantee' is a marketing tag line. The truck they sent was too small or was packed incorrectly. We had to borrow a friends truck (and the friends) last minute to finish the move ourselves. Six loads worth. Our washer arrived broke. The drum hadn't been secured correctly. We believed the crew reeked of marijuana when they arrived. When we asked if they had been smoking, we didn't get any denials, only laughter. We paid, but called to report the broken washer. And general issues. After the initial report and contact with Holly Carver, no contact for almost two months. Then Jonathan Caldwell the president emails. After explaining the issues again and requesting some type of amends, he emails us and says "that's not how the process works." We've had professional movers before. By far. Our worst experience to date.
- Coddy A.

We chose BlackTie moving Nashville because of their reputation and reviews. The movers took great care with our furnishings. A few hiccups, but overall they did a great job.
- Heather S.

Excellent service and extremely professional - they showed on time and were polite and careful with our furniture- Josh is the best and handles everything for you from start to finish.
- Tim D.

Excellent service and extremely professional - they showed on time and were polite and careful with our furniture- Josh is the best and handles everything for you from start to finish.
- Tim D.

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