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About Best Interstate Moving and Storage

Best Interstate Moving and Storage (BIMS) is a moving brokerage company that connects you with a network of moving professionals to find the best situation for your out-of-state move. We all know what a headache researching and vetting interstate moving companies can be, and this mover could offer relief by doing the research and negotiations for you.

Moving-Me about Best Interstate Moving and Storage

For most people, just the thought of moving causes anxiety; even more so if it’s a long-distance move. That’s why you want to choose this moving company for your personal or business relocation. Not only do they have a team of experts available to help you seven days a week, they also appoint one of their moving coordinators to work with you every step of the way.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

Best Interstate Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The moving company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 976901
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2903060
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: Not provided
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What is Best Interstate Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. All Best Interstate Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage Reviews

I have never used a professional moving company before, having always done the work myself. Best Interstate took the stress out of the interstate move from an island to the desert. Once I understood there was a core group of people who would be able to check my record and carry on no matter who I reached when I called in with a question, I was always confident nothing would fall through the cracks. The company they contracted me with was excellent. I would recommend Best Interstate to anyone.
- Donna Fulton

Best Interstate was great to work with, but at times we had some issues with communication. They were able to work with the van line they contracted to bring down our final price after our final weight came in well over estimate. During the pickup and delivery, they checked in with us to make sure the movers were there and everything was running smoothly. I would work with them again for future moves.
- Taylor Mather

Great customer service!able to provide helpful information along the moving process, and always follow up and call back if we had any questions or concerns. The movers (the same team did the pick up and delivery) handled our furniture very carefully and well organized. They made those very long moving days felt smoothly!
- Jerry Zhang

Extremely pleased with my move from Ohio to Iowa. I had never made an interstate move and had heard some pretty gruesome stories about interstate moves. HOWEVER, my move with Best Interstate Moving and Storage was the BEST move I've ever experienced. Everyone at Best Interstate was willing to spend time with me on the phone and explain all the details. During the move they kept in touch with me by phone. The packers/movers, Luiz Martinez, and his partner, John, were very courteous, friendly, and helpful. AND there was NOTHING broken, damaged, or lost. Among the items moved were a grandmother clock, an antique wall clock, and an antique roll top desk. Also of note is the fact that part of my load went to Cedar Rapids, IA and part went to Des Moines IA and everything was delivered to the correct addresses.I would give them 10 stars if that were an option.
- Doris Lecompte

Recently used Best Interstate Moving and Storage to move from Southern Florida to Rhode Island, almost 1500 miles. The team was very kind and responsive to my questions and kept me updated on the pickup and drop-off dates and times. The movers themselves were very helpful and packed my items well! Nothing damaged or missing. My only complaint was that I told the person who booked the move for me that there was no loading dock at my building; however, when the movers arrived they were unaware of this and charged me about 125$ extra. Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to know about the charge beforehand. Overall a great experience.
- Piper Conway

They cannot guarantee anything, since they're just connecting you to other movers- a middleman, really. They can keep your items for up to "21 business" days after pick up, and they cannot even guarantee a pickup day, even though it seems obvious people need to know that kind of "specific" information. Please don't go with them. Protect your home, your money, and your time and use a different company. Look up their rating on Better Business Bureau and you'll known everything you need to know. Can't believe I let myself fall for their false promises.
- Ashley Fakeemz

Michael, Jasmine and Felix were a world class team. They made my move easy and flawless. Everything was on schedule and proced without delay. Everything arrived intact and on time. Quality assurance was on the case from start to finish. The driver's communication was outstanding.
- Jacob

I have used this moving company twice in the past year, using them in both May 2018 and May 2019. May Rodriguiez and Jasmine were the two customer service representatives I dealt with. Both women were informative and called multiple times to make sure that Helix had contacted me. After both deliveries either Jasmine or May contacted me to make sure that everything was satisfactory. I told them both times that I was very impressed because the movers gave me an hour window and were there both times in a timely manner. All of the people I have dealt with were willing to do anything I asked, and put the boxes wherever I wished. I would definitely recommend Helix Movers to anyone in the process of moving.
- Pat Green

We really enjoyed our experience with BEST - the customer service reps that we spoke to were very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process. We called early in our moving planning process and spoke to Sheana and Jason who were great at answering our questions and calming our concerns. Tequela followed up multiple times during the actual move to ensure that service was meeting our expectations. Thank you!
- Stephanie Calloway

Sheana was great to work with. Our move was pretty last minute and she was able to find us a mover for the exact date we wanted. Prices were reasonable compared to other companies we received quotes from.
- Chas D

Very nice job indeed. Stephanie, Jasmine and Helix Transfer and Storage were efficient, responsive and always very helpful. It was difficult to book an elevator for moving out of my high-rise apartment, but the team at BIMS and Helix were responsive and made a big effort to get the job done on-time! The team did a great job of packing up and making sure everything was safe and secure. Delivery was very quick and the team was professional and efficient.
- Mike Nielsen

The company name says it all. They are the best! The sales agent, Zack, was extremely helpful and patient as was the customer service manager, Jasmine. They follow through on everything so that your experience is as stress free as possible. I would recommend them to anyone planning a move. They provide exceptional service.
- Kathryn Chatmon

Interesting I'm JUST seeing this after having chose Best Interstate for our move a couple of months ago. The low number is for the customer service and lack of communication. I should have sniffed out the poor customer service, however I was in love with the promises of the higher technology ("we do videos to help you ensure your stuff arrives the way you sent it!"). The first customer rep- Alison- was rude and condescending, if I had what I thought would be a quick question she would go into what seemed like a lecture with 'as I have told you before' - which doesn't feel good- c'mon we don't do a cross country move all the time, and there's lots of information to take in- pardon me if I need a reminder! When I needed to do the final box count- the individual coordinated a time with me, and when he didn't call or email- I called and he was on vacation!!! Why coordinate that time with me?!? He then called back, I was busy, we set another time, no call/ no email- 10 minutes after our scheduled time, I called again and was told he was at lunch! Seriously!! The individual who answered helped me, however it was weird at the end, I received no instruction that the call was over, he just started talking to his colleague. I asked- 'are we done here??' and he acted as if I missed something....Just odd. Customer service needs to improve for sure. Then we had some hiccups in delivering, some things were damaged- perhaps normal things in these sorts of logistics, just didn't feel that supported with those items. And be prepared for whomever they pass you to, to not have a clue where the truck is at any time- I mean seriously we have location trackers on EVERYTHING, but yet when someone's precious items are being moved- you have no clue?!? Ehhhh not good.
- Jennifer T.

Initial customer service was awesome, but the ultimate experience ended up being a disaster. They do not actually do the move themselves they contract out the work to other companies. They provide the companies with a fraction of what is paid and then the company that showed up demanded more money. Moving is always a headache and these folks just make it worse.
- Matt H.

If you want to lose a few years off your life. Hire these guys. Scheduling issues, inability to listen or help resolve issues, displaying a lack of empathy and basic problem solving skills, and extreme laziness. My grandma was dying and I emergently drove home to see her Th night. Mover calls Fr morning saying he'll be there the same or next day- he would let me know. Informed homie I wouldn't be there, he doesn't listen. I give him the number of mgmt to coordinate if he needs. I call my building to make sure they can let dude in Sat morning and to make an elevator rezzy. She says she will be busy and needs a specific time. Mover doesn't call till 1913 Fr (after management is closed, barring any communication with those who could have facilitated the move and answer questions he had about the building). He says he will be there Sat afternoon. Sat morning, my family member passes. I make funeral arrangements and attend it while calling my mgmt every 45 mins but am unable to get in touch with them (did they not say they would be busy and needed a time the day before?). I am harassed by the mover and company. I field 6 calls from the mover, 1 from Mary Garcia, and 1 from dispatch between 1017 and 1537. They offer NO suggestions or help. I have been apologetic and explain the situation (repeatedly). They say they will deliver Mon/Tue but can't guarantee when. They tell me to text the mover my availability on Mon/Tue.
- Sarah R.

My friend hired this company 2 weeks in advance to move to another state. They CONFIRMED a pickup date and told him to call 24 hours in advance for a time confirmation. Nobody would return his calls in time, and on the moving day he was told they can't make it - BUT will keep the security deposit. After some "negotiations" he was offered HALF his security deposit back after he signs an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Needless to say this is equal to an admission of guilt. DO NOT HIRE THIS FIRM! He managed to hire another moving company for a fraction of the cost on the same day.
- Daniel P.

This was the most horrific moving experience I can imagine. I wouldn't even give them 1 star. They gave me a three day window for pick-up and said they would call 24 to 48 hours before with the exact pick-up. I had to fight to get the pick-up time told to me and then no one showed up! When I called after waiting for someone for four hours, they said they wouldn't be able to come until the next day. When they finally did arrive, there were TWO movers for our large home. And then at 9:30pm, I was told they weren't going to be able to move all of our items and left without everything. We had to hire a U-haul and move the remaining items in time to meet them at our destination. And then they showed up an hour late for that …
- Kate M.

NIGHTMARE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! When giving a price quotation and discussing my inventory, they were kind and polite but after paying the reservation fee, extra charges and surprises kept coming up. The subcontracted moving company added lots of extra charges and Best Interstate Moving told me they will not get involved. All of this in a disrespectful and impolite way. That is not the way to talk to anyone, let alone a paying customer! The representative put me on hold with no reason for 10 mins (without announcing it) and even after I asked her to talk to me in a respectful manner, she kept interrupting me, constantly raised her voice and DID NOTHING about my case. She kept saying 'you will not get any discount' and I said, you have not yet even heard my case... Stephanie L., that is not the way to treat a human being!
- Andrea B.

Please protect yourself and your goods and do not hire this company, regardless of price. Your items will be damaged and you will end up losing money and valuable items you cannot replace. I hired them for a move from NV to IL. They do not have their own employees but hire any available guy with a truck. The guy himself does not have employees but hired random guys by the hour the night before to do the packaging. They are not professionals and unaccountable beyond a few hours of work, so the packaging and handling is miserable and your items are damaged (as an example, Computer monitors were thrown inside random boxes without even being wrapped!). It also took them 12 hours to pack a 2 bed apartment! I tried to contact the company to provide feedback and they never got back to me.
- Cristina B.

Yes They're a broker. Now that we got that out of the way... What I find is that when you ask the right questions you can invest in this company without any stress or concern. They're definitely not a scam. I'll never dispute someones negative experience but I can assure you if you deal with Tequela Little your customer service experience will be a positive one. In making my decision to go with this company I reviewed every complaint, looked at every picture, and brought up every concern directly with the company. I even tried to spark a negative response by pressing the negative reviews, issues, photos, etc. Tequela Little was my salesperson. Before I made the decision to go with this company, during the move, and after the move I received exceptional service. I've never had someone follow up with me so much to make sure the service was everything I expected it to be. I thank everyone with a negative review for providing me with enough interview questions to make sure this was the right company for me.
- Jon J.

Professional and efficient. Coordinated moving and storage of household goods and a car. Found specialty services to deal with the pool table and grandfather clock. Online inventory tool easy to use.
- Michele Megson

The quote and pricing process was seamless, the issues started when we were a week from moving date and getting a hold of someone to update total count and obtain confirmation for move. I was provided a date and Helix as the moving subcontractor - A day early and a subcontractor named Rayan showed up to pick our stuff, I called and was told that system said Rayan she didn’t understand why I had different information as if I was making it up! Our property was packed and stored, we were working on a delivery date with Best and told that a confirmed date was not available 2 weeks prior when I was contacted by dispatcher from Rayan directly and given a date. What’s Best role? Rayan showed up 5 hours late, understaffed-didn’t finish until midnight. Our property was 85% damaged: boxes crushed, furniture missing parts and turned, appliances dented and or/that don’t work. The trailer was packed to fit with no regard to what item it was: glass fragile marked items were in bottom totally crushed, washer was packed horizontally, small refrigerator was upside down, wardrobe boxes collapsed to fit in narrow spaces, spilling out their content...truly a nightmare. There was no respect or consideration to the fact that the items contained were our life belongings and memories, it is so sad. Cherry on top was that we paid $16,000 to have our belongings destroyed. I believed Best reviews and advertising that they only subcontract reputable and responsible movers only to find out now that Rayan reputation had lots to be desired and should have never been awarded our job by Best.
- Angie Palmer

Best Interstate had availability for my short term scheduling requirements. The gentlemen, truck driver, and helper were all on time. Packing and loading all the items, they were on task during the whole time and were courteous and considerate. For the items that needed moving blankets and final preparations before the move, the team quickly packaged all of the items securely. The customer service team did an excellent job monitoring the progress of the move on the day of the pack and load as well as drop off. As far as areas of improvement, the damaged item claim paperwork was delayed by over a month. I still have not been able to complete and submit this form. Two of my wooden pieces of furniture sustained cosmetic scratching that will require repair. I did not anticipate for my items to be damaged based on the price point of this service relative to others.
- James Gerber

The best moving experience from state to state! I moved my 3 bedroom home from North Carolina to Florida using Best Interstate Moving + Storage. Ken was my moving coordinator and he made everything easy and was extremely efficient! During such a stressful time, he was able to make everything move as smoothly as possible and was very professional. The movers who showed up were also very professional and handled all of my belongings with great care, as it all showed up in Florida without damages and right on time for only $4,500. I am so grateful for Best interstate and would recommend them to everyone looking for help moving from state to state. Thanks again Best Interstate!
- Kelly Singer

Best Interstate successfully moved me from the midwest to the west coast. After having previous moves go bad, I was relieved to experience such professional care. I would recommend Best Interstate Moving and Storage to anyone looking for professional service and care in their move.
- Theo

When I initially called Best Interstate the moving coordinator was really nice and went through all of my items with me and estimated the cost. However, as soon as that phone call ended and I had sent my deposit it all went downhill. I had no idea this was just a brokerage company and not an actual moving company, they were really good at hiding that, and so I was confused when movers from MoveOn moving showed up at my door. I had written the money-order out to Best Interstate, so I had to change the order to MoveOn moving or they would not accept it. Then I had to pay more than what I was initially told because the movers that showed up said that I had more square footage than they had thought, so there were more hidden costs. Then MoveOn moving turned out to be an absolutely terrible moving company with awful reviews and they took nearly a month to deliver my stuff when the estimate Best Interstate gave me was 7-10 days. When I talked to the moving coordinator they gave me a delivery time range between 5-23 business days or so, and I asked on the phone if it would really take 23 business days, and the coordinator was like "no that never happens unless it is a move from like new york to LA or something like that, you will not have to worry!" But then my stuff was delivered on the last possible day, so he just lied to me. I was getting desperate after sleeping on an air mattress for weeks, and I tried calling Best Interstate so many times and they never answered their phones, then I was emailing the moving coordinator I had talked to on the phone and he never replied to a single email. When I finally got ahold of someone by using a different phone number than my cell phone they basically told me that since they are just a broker they hired the other moving company and it was out of their hands and I would just have to contact the other moving company. Then it was revealed that if the other moving company could not fit their truck on my street that it would be an extra $300 they never told me about initially.
- Emiko Waight

If you want a company that will go through your stuff, unpack things, break stuff and then pawn it off to a crappy settlement company that won't respond. This is it. AVOID!
- Andrew Glendening

I feel like I have been scammed by this company and recommend anyone considering them to stay far far away. I booked Best Interstate for my move from NJ to WA in August/September. At first they were very responsive and friendly, but once the deposit was paid it was incredibly difficult to get information from them. I came home to a nasty message left for me by customer service about going through my final inventory, threatening that if I didn't get back to her right away it would delay my move. It would have been nice if an appointment was set up with information letting me know what I needed to do to be prepared in advance rather than having to speak to a representative with an attitude during an already stressful time. All of the details I discussed with Best Interstate never made it to the actual movers which led to several misunderstandings during the move - including not paying for materials to pack furniture, number of steps allowed with no extra charge and most importantly the fact that my belongings would need to be stored briefly before being delivered in Washington. Because of this, the movers had to adjust their schedule and my delivery date was delayed, leaving me with Washington without my stuff for a week and a half. After the movers picked up my stuff, Best Interstate tried to tell me that the weigh in came in higher than the estimate and I was going to owe more money in my balance. I requested my belongings get re-weighed because I didn't believe there was 900 pounds more than anticipated. The movers they booked were not responsive to that and eventually when I spoke to them they said there was no weigh in and I only owed what was in the estimate. Seemed to me that something very shady went on there. When my belongings were finally delivered, I noticed several pieces of furniture damaged and one item missing. The movers were not responsive to supplying insurance information. Best Interstate did try to track down some information, but it wasn't correct. I eventually got info from the movers but turned out they didn't have an insurance policy with the company they gave me. I cannot get in touch with them as their phone is not in service and they don't respond to email. I am now trying to get back in touch with Best Interstate. No one answers the phone and every person who's email address I have says they are out of the office on an extended absence. I trusted Best Interstate to book my move with a reputable company and since that obviously did not happen, I feel they are responsible for the damage to my belongings. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. They made a stressful situation infinitely more stressful than it should have been and don't even respond to help rectify the problem. DO NOT HIRE THEM!
- Danna Boshak

Thought I was hiring a 5-star moving company to transport my goods between CT and NC. To my chagrin, Best turned out to be a broker (shame on me for not doing my research on them) that subcontracted the move to a very disreputable company in NJ. As a broker, one would think that Best would choose only "The Best". Unfortunately, that is not the case! Suffice to say...the move was a disaster on many levels, and Best basically wiped their hands of the entire affair once they received the down-payment. Customer service was virtually non-existent (when I actually able to reach someone), and the representative who originally handled our contract basically disappeared (I assume this individual either quit, or was let go). When I was finally able to speak with someone in authority (Stephanie), I found that person to be less than accommodating, and downright rude. Whoever happens to read this yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs. You'd better off going with a name-brand, and reputable nationwide moving firm.
- Jay Lebowitz

Move on to a better company, this Roadrunner moving and storage out of Boca Raton, Florida is a total riot act. Estimates changed the day we moved, after all our stuff was packed and paid for. They will not load it till you pay the overage. Estimates are way off and you wont know it till your stuff is packed up the day before loading it. So, don't plan on a time sensitive plan to pick up your entire load, ours was late, last pick up because they had to increase $$$ the amount of money and say they need the right size truck to do it. LIE- Everything was packed on a semi, with other peoples stuff that was packed earlier that day. The driver said our address for pick up was only called into him 2 hours ago! no wonder why they were late! A 5pm load-and-go, and it had nothing to do with making sure they sent the right truck size. The men in the office dictating this are complete incompetent, money mongering, stress inflicting worms who induce $$$ over the plan to move in a unstressful manner,,,yeah right! I was so upset, talking to them on the phone, I had an anxiety attack and had to hang up the phone! This was NOT the company that said by your estimator, "we are like family and treat you like family", or " We make this move so you have no stress". Don't listen to the estimators lies! They just want your 33% payment down, then you will never hear from him again. You are left to the vultures the rest of the move from the office. The packers, movers and delivery guys are amazing and we tipped them! Its the men in the office, who tell these laborers what to do whom are the liars and money mongers. Never ever was I spoke to in such a manner because they know they have your stuff and moving is a PLANNED thing, they seriously don't care about YOUR plans, you HAVE TO go with their plan and that is to make you pay more for your move. Our move costed over estimate $1,400 plus another $800 because they needed to shuttle our belongings in a U-Haul which by the way was the the correct truck size to pack our stuff in, NOT a 18 wheeler! so there you have it, thats the catch all get all. Not many places can park a 18wheeler on the driveway, or even on a neighborhood street! Then if the movers have to walk over 75ft with your stuff to your delivery door, you will pay more for that too! It's the most ridiculousmoneyscamonearth! The pictures I'm submitting are half or less packed tubs or boxes, wardrobe boxes with fallen hanging clothes on bottom of box and recycled items that weren't even suppose to be packed! They also forgot to pack our forks and knives and spoon drawer, my pans under the oven drawer. 2 of 4 floor lamps destroyed. My post probably wont' be posted, but I don't care, at least i got to vent out on this about this so called moving company! That I or anyone I personally know will not use.
- Laurie Ludwig

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