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Our experienced team can move just about anything to just about anywhere and can handle everything large pieces of fine art, delicate crystal and gentle antiques to complicated contemporary electronics and computers with the gentle touch they require. Our personnel is experts at moving and protecting your special, out-of-the-ordinary goods. Best Fit Movers professionals can pack your valuable items. With our individual approach to each job, we are available 7 days a week to pack and move your entire household or just one piece of furniture.

Moving-Me about Best Fit Movers

Best Fit Movers are fully equipped, safe, affordable and has reliable services to move your entire home or apartment, or simply one piece of furniture. They provide wrapping and packing, transport and storage for residential moving services.

Best Fit Movers Licenses & Certificates

Best Fit Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 0191680

US D.O.T: 3051481

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: 514426

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What is Best Fit Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Best Fit Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Best Fit Movers Reviews

Worst company ever. They broke my big TV and made a lot of scratches to my furniture. They did pay me back. I regretted that I dealt with them.
- Fady Ettnas

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! This is the WORST moving company I have ever worked with and they will SCAM you. I would have given this company 0 stars if this site would have let me. This is not a professional moving company and I hope you consider what I have to say before using them. I recently moved in August and had such an awful experience that I feel the need to warn others. To set the context for this review, I have a one bedroom condo and the movers didn't even move most of my living room furniture so I wouldn't even consider this a fully furnished one bedroom. Everything was boxed up and completely ready to go when they got there. First, it took them OVER 7 hours to complete a 1 bedroom (not even fully furnished!) move. Since you pay by the hour, this is absurd and was not expected based on the amount of furniture/boxes I had. In the end, they charged me over $1,000 for a one bedroom move! The movers did not come prepared. When it came time to take my bed apart, they had no tools. What moving company does not show up with tools!? I had to go track down my neighbor to ask if we could borrow tools to disassemble my bed. In addition, they did not wear face coverings the entire time and my HOA (at both my old and new condo) was very upset about this. They did not take care of my things and they literally dumped all of my furniture and boxes into my living room or bedroom and did not bother to arrange anything or ask me where the furniture belonged. Since they were so slow, I was taking my own boxes/furniture off of the elevator and arranged/moved all of my own furniture including my bed/dresser/desk which were not light/easy for me to move. I unwrapped every single piece of furniture as well. Unfortunately, during the move, every piece of my brand new bedroom furniture was damaged. At the end of the move, the mover could not figure out how to quote the price because I was trying to pay with partial cash (cheaper rate but didn't anticipate a $1,000 bill!) and partial credit card. He called his supervisor who I could hear on the phone was extremely rude to him. I asked for a copy of the invoice and did not get it until weeks later. After numerous phone calls to ask for some of my money back and for a copy of the bill, I finally did get a copy of the bill and they charged me the credit card rate for the entire time even though I paid cash for a few of the hours. I was told multiple times that their billing department would correct this over payment and I would be refunded but I was not. In the end, they offered me a small settlement to settle for my claim for my furniture damage and complaint of how long this move took. It was nowhere near a reasonable amount but I had called so many times and complained so many times, I did not have it in me to keep fighting with them. I actually have a full time job and could not continue taking time out of my day to follow up. In my numerous calls to this company, I rarely received follow up phone calls and if I did, it was to say there was no update or that my money had been refunded (when it hadn't). I see other reviews posted since I moved that are also terrible and some have even called the BBB. I would have if I thought it would have made a difference but this company does not care about their clients. DO NOT USE THEM, YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY AND THEY DON'T CARE IF THEY DAMAGE YOUR BELONGINGS 🙁
- Jenn

It only feels right to update my review after speaking with the Best Fit Movers team. After my move, the team reached out to address any concerns I had with my movers. David was really kind in hearing me out and committed to making everything right. I am very satisfied with the result and Best Fit Movers is a company I would consider in the future for my move. Kudos to their team for being on top of it and providing great customer service during this process!
- Donnell J.

These guys were amazing! I moved on April 13, and this was my first time hiring professional movers. I'm always concerned that they are going to try to move slowly in order to take longer and charge more. But these 2 were wonderful-fast yet attentive to wrapping everything well. They didn't mess around, and were very friendly and professional. I'm already recommending Best Fit Movers to all of my friends in the San Diego area, and will definitely be using them again in the future.
- Yasamine P.

This was the best moving company I have ever used. From the first inquiry I made until the last box was delivered in my condo, this entire team was professional, responsive, affordable, clean, and upfront and honest about everything. If you're a realtor and need recommendations, you will not go wrong by referring your clients to Best Fit Movers! #bestfitmovers
- Andy D.

The only movers that would help us move last minute with 3 men who took extra care of our possessions. They were on time and ready to go! Priced right and highly recommended.
- Tim G.

These guys were awesome!! Beto and Josh showed up on time, and knocked out the move faster than I expected. In addition to that they were courteous, gracious, and treated my belongings with care. They were both awesome, thanks for hiring great team members! I definitely recommend Best Fit Movers. Their booking and time tracking system is simple to use and keeps things transparent. Thanks for your help!
- Edward U.

Juan, ET, and Richard were awesome to work with. From the second they got to the house, tHey introduced themselves and got to work immediately. They were bumpping awesome music which made a veRy stressful move pretty fun. These guys worked hard and delivered on a job well done! They were very courteous and patient with me and Inwould hire them again in a heartbeat!!! Thanks guys!!!!
- Beba F.

So happy with this company! Made our move from San Diego to Utah very easy. Great communication and the guys were very hard working and kind. Felt very comfortable having them handle our furniture.
- Julie F.

I had Best Fit Movers help with my move from San Diego to Scottsdale AZ and it was the smoothest, easiest move of my life. Gustavo and David were the 2 movers and they were amazing. So fast, efficient, professional and got the job done with no issues at all. Would highly recommend these two guys for sure and Best Fit Movers for any move you have coming up!
- Whitney F.

Extremely satisfied with the services received from start to finish. Very responsive service personnel provided a quick, accurate quote and contact throughout the experience. The moving team provided quality services and established good rapport. Highly recommend!
- Marcus G.

The movers were great. Angel and his partner (forgive me I forgot his name) were nothing but professional and efficient. Angel communicated with me during the whole process when it was my turn during my time slot. They moved everything carefully and treated my property with respect. The guys were great and really easy going. These guys work really hard. Hats off to them and the company. Would definitely hire again.
- Justin O.

Quoted for 3 hours for $472 after explaining situation to operator which even then didn't seem ideal so expected to pay around $1000. Total at end? A little under $2600 for two bed two bath move from city 45 minutes away. Over 500% from quote. If I had known it would cost that much, I would have gone with another company. Estimate was three hours after explaining situation which is the only reason I agreed, even expecting maybe 6 hours tops for move. Started at 10AM, ended at 10PM. My pack up from Hawaii to California cost around the same amount and took half the time. Gave 2 stars because movers were polite and courteous but had to charge what they could due to policy. I am going to reach out to google about this incident. This is unacceptable to gain business by lowballing more than 500% of actual cost. More than half of my belongings are still packed up or in my garage downstairs. If I am going to pay that much, at least move me to another state, not a local move * Updated to 1 star. Went back to "empty home" to do inspection with property manager and items I specifically asked to be moved to new home were left behind. I filled three large boxes with things I had to take to our new home. Things wrong with things moved over to new home, they disassembled a book shelf and lost the pegs that hold the boards and so they didn't reassemble it at our new home, missing pegs to other pieces of furniture here and there which nulls them unable to hold weight, missing remotes to electronics, broken pieces on furniture, things I specifically asked to be moved upstairs were left in the garage, and plenty of others. Management called me back to offer $100 refund. That comes nowhere near what it will cost to replace all the broken/missing items. Will NEVER recommend their service to any of our friends and family in the area. They also stole a Xbox controller battery.
- Jon V.

I got referred to these guys by a friend. Sylvester and Robert helped us out today and they were great. They were extremely professional as well as considerate with all of our stuff. We could not have asked for a better group of guys. Because of the service we received today we will by all means be referring you guys out to our friends as well as hiring you when we have to move again in a few months Thank you again for everything !
- David M.

I have used Best Fit movers for several moves now! Four times to be exact. Thank you Daylan and crew!!!! The movers always arrive right on time, are courteous, helpful, pack and load quickly, efficiently, and with care for our belongings. We've had several illnesses in the family and Best Fit Movers have been a GODSEND during difficult times. Thank you for your excellent service.
- Dawn C.

I was in need of movers pronto and found Best Fit. The reviews were great so I rolled the dice and gave them a ring. Setting the appointment was super easy and I was called within 10 minutes of making the request. The price quoted was amazing. On moving day I got a call when the crew was 30 minutes out and the showed up right on time. Alex, Alphonso, and Julio were fantastic. They were super efficient and took good care of all of my furniture and valuables. The move went faster than even I had imagined it would. I couldn't be happier with my experience. It was worth every dollar.
- Tim A.

Service was easy to contact and the guys who moved us were fast and friendly. Overall a real good experience. I would hire their services again!
- Edna B.

Got a good deal & affordable rate with Best Fit Movers over the weekend. My 1st time using a moving co. Both Albert and Junior were great! Solid & Reliable Guys. They came early and wrapped up early. We moved on a Saturday. Super fast & efficient service, worth every dollar indeed. I would definitely hire them again as having movers takes off a ton of stress. If you pay with cash, you can get a good deal on an hourly rate. Highly recommend!
- Jenna B.

ATTENTION : If you need someone to move your valuable possessions you better call BESFIT MOVING. This Business is OUTSTANDING. And they are so careful, they treat your valued belongings as if they were their own. And the Boss Ms. Juliana is simply the nicest person in the world. She is professional, Respectful, Courteous and has work Ethics, and you don't see that any more. I have reccomended BESTFIT MOVING to family and Friends. And their prices are very reasonable. Try BESTFIT MOVING, you will not be sorry. Al
- Alton L.

They totally lived up to their name - Best Fit Movers! The two workers that showed up were thorough and fast! They had two PODS containers unloaded within 2 hours including heavy furniture and an 800lb safe. Would definitely recommend them and use them again.
- Miki P.

Do Not Book with this Company. Last August Angel Nunez and Alfonso Hernandez were sent by best fit movers to move my items into my storage unit down the street. They took a long time due to texting and flirting with my friend who was there and my storage unit was close to closing and so they said oh well you can use our storage facility. I didn't see any other option. I said so I will meet you there "well nobody will be there so we will load it in the morning." Turns out, my 50 in TV never made it off their truck. I find this out once my items are loaded into another truck for my move out of state. They have video surveillance but basically if it doesnt make it off the truck you are screwed. I'm filing a police report. Again, they don't package items properly, mess around so that younare charged more and THEY EMPLOY PEOPLE WHO STEAL!!! DESERVES TO BE SHUT DOWN
- Jessica Johnson

I chose Best Fit Movers based on reviews on Yelp. It turns out the experience was unpleasant. A number of damages to the furnitures, higher cost due to slow moving, non customer friendly services after claiming the damages. Will not recommend them unfortunately.
- Yong B.

I chose Best Fit Movers after getting a recommendation from a friend who used them for a long distance move and I am so glad I went with them. From the initial call to the company to schedule my move they were very responsive and professional. On the day before my move they called me to confirm and my 2 movers Sam and Sylvester arrived on time and did a fantastic job, not to mention they were quick and efficient. The 2 worked swiftly which I appreciated as the loading/unloading times were charged hourly. All of my furniture and items arrived in perfect condition the next day and I couldn't have asked for a better service for my first time using movers. Would highly recommend to all!
- Emily J.

Very happy with my moving experience. Best Fit Movers responded quickly to my initial inquiry and I had personal attention from them prior to the move. The day of the move, the guys (whose names I cannot recall at this time) were on-time, extremely fast and efficient, conscientious and friendly. I will need to move again and will definitely reach out! Thanks to ALL of you for a successful, stress-free move!:)
- Lisa M.

If you're moving and anxiously wondering how you're going to execute it, look no further than Best Fit Movers. Buying a house is one of the most expensive transactions, no? That means whoever you hire to move your most prized possessions (and a lot of crap) will hopefully be cognizant of that. Introduce, Best Fit Movers. I read almost 100 different moving company reviews and found common threads amongst all listings, people quick to complain etc. Hence I had to take the plunge and select one... Best Fit beyond exceeded all expectations: here it goes! We did a local cross town move a couple of weeks ago, George and Alfonso showed up promptly, smiling, and with a large truck full of additional packing material. We had nearly packed our entire place on our own less the couches, kitchen table set, tv, and fire pit... George and Alfonso to the rescue! They could not have been a nicer team to work with and they really made us feel like our collectibles mattered, thanks G & A! From the get go the quote was accurate, they showed up on move day with an iPad detailing the discussed charges, and at the end of the day it was very clearly stated the materials used (ie all wraps for the tv couch etc we hadn't done ourselves) and very much appreciated to see on a line by line format. There were no hidden charges, which I very much appreciated. I commend this duo of a team because not only did they have a lot to do, they did it during the heat of the summer when our AC was malfunctioning and they kept a smile on. Additionally, they humored us because we had a new area rug delivered to the old place which they so kindly helped us unveil at our new home. They then proceeded to put the couches on the rug, listen to my call for some adjustments needed to be made, and they were happy to oblige. Their attitude during the 9 hours was the most remarkable and I think that their employer or anybody making a move should honestly be very fortunate to have them on their team! This beyond exceeds the level of customer service that I would've expect from a moving company and I without hesitation would hire this company again and I sincerely recommend them to family and friends! Buying a new place is anxiety inducing enough, moving does not have to be! Side note, Best Fit- you have a rockin team!!!!
- Haley M.

Avoid this place at all costs! The movers themselves were pretty good but unfortunately one of them accidentally hit our tv causing a crack that completely destroyed the picture. At the time the movers informed us that the office would be in contact but assured us that they would more than likely pay to have the screen repaired or replaced. Well after talking with the offIce they are refused to do either. The move itself was $600 plus and the tv they broke was over $1600. The first person we spoke to in the office said they were only required to pay approximately $50 but because they felt that wasn't fair, they would pay $200. Are you kidding me?!? As a business you should care more about taking ownership for your mistakes then what you are required to do. It took 3 days for us to finally speak to Jesus, the person in charge . Who claimed, the best that they would do was $350. So now we're out close to $1800 with the move and now broken tv. So if you're like my family and don't have a ton of extra money if they screw up. I would choose another moving service. Terrible customer service and no ownership. Update: immediately after my completely honest review we received a phone call from, Jesus, providing us with a "courteous phone call" that they would be stopping the $350 check they issued us and issuing us a new one for $0.60 per pound of the tv damaged ($42). Apparently we weren't allowed to write a one star review or any review in general to be given the first check....
- Megan S.

I am very sad about my dresser. There is a huge chunk taken out of the very center. This move was way more expensive than quoted, took four hours longer than quoted. The guys were super nice and friendly and worked hard. I'm not upset with them, just that a company is ripping people off at over $110/hour and then end up with damaged furniture. And I'm pretty easy going, but this made me really sad. I initially called Oceanside Local Movers - Or whatever their name was - that showed up on yelp and ended up with a call back from Best Fit. I'll be over here hoping someone from the company actually cares and reaches out to make this right.
- Amanda J.

So, the damage claim was another bait and switch. Jesus from Best Fit called on 3/7 to discuss settling damage and move issues. We settled on $300 and then he asked me if I would consider taking down my reviews. I said I would not remove, but would update once all issues were settled, explaining that I rate on the entire experience. I also continued to request my invoice, which I was told I should have recieved the day or day after the move. On 3/12 (13 days after my move) I updated my reviews regarding invoice issues and filed a complaint with BBB. Well, yesterday I finally received my invoice and today I received an email of lies from Jesus/Best Fit indicating that a check for $120 was sent for damages rather than the agreed upon $300. He made accusations that my reviews were not honest and were based on fact that I did not get "my requested" $200 for damages. This comment is absolutely a lie and offensive! I am a 100% accurate and fair reviewer and never base my reviews on unfounded and/or extorted compensation! UPDATE 3/12/20: ALSO beware of signing documents electronically the day of the move ...I was told the documents would be emailed to me, but here I am 2 weeks after the move and I am STILL chasing receipt of the documents....I have not recieved a single document!! I was quoted for a 4 bedroom house move and received written confirmation for crew size of 4 movers @$194/hr. NOTE: Fact that quote is in writing does not appear to mean anything to this company. On day of move a crew of only 3 arrived and they were surprised that I was expecting 4. Crew was VERY nice, they called company and were told that they would try to send a 4th person ...that never happened! Move took about 2 hours longer than expected due to being down one man. When it came time to pay, the company only discounted $30/hr for 1 less crew member, but I explained that $30 an hour did not compensate for the extra time required for 3 vs 4 to move a 4 bedroom house (exhausting work!). I was transferred to a manager, who reiterated the $30 per crew member discount policy and he would not budge on the price. In the end, between the frustration of dealing with the management of this company and the $200+ extra charge, I will never use this company again and would NOT recommend them!! Side note: I currently have a damage claim in the works with this company. Once that claim is completed, I will update this review to include and reflect the experience/outcome of this process.
- Steph R.

I would not recommend this company to move my belongings to the local landfill. I must prefice by saying PURCHASE THE ADDITIONAL INSURANCE because they just don't care!!!! Where to start? What got broken or what was missing when they got to our new home? I started (yes started) calling the day after the move from hell. It took them a week to get back to me, by that time I was just so grateful that I didn't have to show up at there office with my friends that the $300 offer was worth not ever having to deal with these people ever again. 3/4" beveled tempered tabletop broke (trashed) 3' Tiffany style light broke (trashed) BRAND NEW curio cabinet broken leg. I'm still trying to repair it. Bedroom dresser scratched so deep I'm trying to fill and refinish. Best of all, my wife and I have a very nice (was very nice) entertainment center. Nicked and scratched on every single side. Did I mention BUY THE INSURANCE THEY JUST DON'T CARE. between broke, scratched and nicked, missing items i would say on the conservative side $1,000. The more I write, the more it just makes me sick!!!!!
- Craig K.

I hired them to move my first floor apartment to the third floor of the same building. They arrived 30 minutes later than what they told me, but got right to work. The 2 movers were hard workers and generally had a positive attitude. Especially the younger guy with white gauges in his ears, was very professional and a hard worker (forgot your name, sorry). He made an attempt to put everything in the right place under my direction. It would have been a 5 star review except for two negative issues. I was originally quoted 5 hours, because I told them I didn't want to do any work myself. I changed my mind that morning, did most of the packing, and hauled up most of the fragile items and electronics myself. (They have a policy that if your stuff gets damaged, they pay only 60 cents per pound of what items they break.) Therefore, to move all the furniture and boxes of non-fragile items took them only 2 hours. As I went to pay, I was reminded that they had a 3 hour minimum policy. I'm not complaining about that, they were up front about it when I made the reservation, I had just forgotten. But instead of offering to work for that last hour, helping with unpacking or sweeping up at the old apartment, they just took the money and bounced. Secondly, they stuffed all my expensive work clothes into small moving boxes, instead of using a wardrobe box. They told me they had forgotten to bring one. The clothes became wrinkled. After about 6 moves, I have never had a really 'great' experience with movers - it seems like business practices which value short term profits over professionalism predominate in this industry. The problem is not so much with the men who break their backs hauling your belongings for you, it is on the business side of things where the problems are. They know there will always be a steady stream of customers. Therefore, moving is one of those situations where doing it yourself will always yield better results - assuming you and a few of your friends are able-bodied enough and have the time to do it.
- r p.

DO NOT USE THEM! Like some other starts off fine..nice guys. Then it gets dragged out for hours...being paid by the hour can do that I guess. Our move wasn't even complete..many items left at my old apartment I had to get myself because I didn't want to pay them more. They didn't even unpack our garment boxes..left TV etc. in bubble wrap...then the damages. We sent pictures and were offered $60..items damaged cost us $1400 to replace! We didn't accept the $60..have sent emails and called numerous times and are given the runaround..never get calls back or emails back.two months later and we will most likely go to small claims..I've never been treated so disrespectfully..the minimum thing I would expect is a call back or email returned. WORST MOVE ever and during the pandemic..very stressful.
- Michelle S.

They didn't arrive until 7pm and tried to charge for blankets and tape they wrapped our TVs and dressers in. I wasn't able to contact anyone In the office to cancel our move. Disappointed
- Angie L.

I used Best Fit for our recent move, and will never recommend nor use them again. Here's why; Important details- I booked 3 movers for their 3 hour minimum. My distance between properties was roughly 11-13 minutes. 90% of my home was already packed in boxes and movers didn't need to do any additional packing. 1- my stuff was literally thrown into rooms during unloading. And yes I know it was thrown because some of the baskets were upside down and everything in it was now on the floor or somewhere in the pile of my other stuff that was placed in the center of the room. 2- when originally bidding the job out, I asked what exactly the quote included and was told there was no drive time since the properties were so close together, and that moving of the TV's were included and protected. I also asked if there were any additional fees I prepare for, and was told "no". When the movers arrived, they said it would take at least 7 hours and the tv's were an additional $20 each because of boxes and if I didn't want them to use boxes they aren't liable for any damages. 3- DAMAGED ITEMS- my daughter has a play kitchen (valued at $300) that was not handled properly, resulting in damage to the item, minor damage her electric toy car, and 80% of my dish wear was broken.. and the box WITH my dish wear clearly said GLASS and was obviously not handled with care. 4- since they were no longer transporting my tv's they seemed to be careless with nuts and bolts from detaching them from the TV mounts, resulting in us missing bolts and needing to replace or buy a new tv mount if we cannot find them. 5- I found it odd that They told me the move would take 7 hours off top and ended up getting it done in about 3, only one of the 3 movers that came seemed to have the customers best interest and was really moving! The other two seemed to leisure around, and not really seem to have the drive/energy to do the move.. There were many other small things I didn't expect or appreciate from a company I chose instead of going with personal references, but the listed above are my top 5.. my quote given at first was nowhere near what I had to pay.. I called to speak with the manager the day of and was told I would get a call back and over 24 hours later, still nothing. It seems the company doesn't care once they've collected their money and are definitely not honest.
- Monica G.

Worst moving company we have ever used. We move a lot and we have always had good service. This company does not have insurance so if they break your stuff, not their problem! They give 40cents per pound so we were supposed to get $140 for our $600 television that was brand new. They said that was all they could do and then they never sent a check for that either. They are lucky I don't sue. And actually I'm not sure if I have decided not to anyway. Terrible company. Don't cheap out! Get a good company with insurance. They won't handle your stuff with care anyway so things WILL break, and then they will say "oh well".
- India K.

To start off, if I could could negative 10 stars I would. The professionalism and customer service extended to my husband and I was by far one of the worst I've experienced. And that's unacceptable. Not only did the job take until almost 11pm with a 9:30am start time; they damaged my couch, dining room table, and both, my sons crib and daughter's bed. When pointing out that my furniture was damaged, Mover tried to tell me, "Oh that was there before!" Sorry sir, NO way that was true as all my furniture is less than 5mths old. There was no sense of urgency or accountability. I am sorely disappointed that this is who they have representing their company. They didn't even completely finish the job. They (the movers) left 75 percent of the items shrink wrapped without removing it. When speaking with the "supposed" owner Constantine regarding these issues throughout the entire day, all I received were excuses with no empathy/sympathy. These are supposed to be professionals and they are anything but... DO NOT hire this company! They are robbing people of their money with no remorse about it. I filed a claim for damaged items over a week ago and still have yet to hear from Claims Department. Horrible customer service, just horrible!!! Read more
- Traci L.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING. We hired this company to help move my 75-year-old mother (who has Parkinsons Disease, stage 3) from a studio apartment to a 1-bedroom apartment within the same complex. They sent 2 guys, who showed up on time, and seemed nice enough. They took about 5 hours to get everything done (a little long, but OK). The move was done, they charged our credit card and were getting ready to take off when my mother discovered that her watch was missing. My mom does not have many nice things, but the watch is one of her few prized possessions--she's owned it for almost 40 years. Of course, we immediately called the police, who came to the apartment and after a search of their vehicle, recovered the watch. We did not press charges, as we were only interested in recovering the watch (and not in sending someone to jail). Before leaving, the officer advised us NOT to pay for the move (a total of $700). We assumed that Best Fit Movers would in fact offer us some sort of credit back as an apology for putting us through the ordeal. Or at least call my mother to APOLOGIZE. I honestly think my mother would have been content to receive a call back from someone at the top to apologize. I would think that if this sort of thing never happens, the owner of the company would be mortified and call my mother (or instruct a senior manager to do so) to apologize profusely (i.e. "Oh my goodness, this is so embarrassing, this sort of thing NEVER happens, I hope that you will consider working with us again in the future," etc.). But nope. Nothing. In fact, it has been 48 hours, and we are STILL waiting for a call back from them. So not only have they refused to credit my mother back for services NOT rendered, but they can't even call her back?? After one of their employees tried to steal from her? The lack of communication (like not a call, email, text, NOTHING) has been even MORE troubling for her than the original attempted theft. Her health is fragile and this is the last thing she should have to be dealing with right now. Moving is stressful enough in her condition. So here is where we are. Best Fit Movers seriously mistreated a sick, 75-year-old woman, and continues to take advantage of her by ignoring her and refusing to answer her phone calls. While pocketing her money. Shady, shady, shady! Please note: Best Fit Movers insures items that are damaged or lost during the move based on the item's weight (and NOT the value). So if the watch hadn't been recovered, and she filed an insurance claim, they would have paid her out $0.60 for each pound--so for a $5,000 watch, their insurance would have paid her out UNDER $3. TOTAL. So if you have any valuable, lightweight items, prepare to have ZERO recourse if something is broken or goes missing.
- Cortney K.

I filed a complaint through the Better Business Bureau a few days ago. I was not surprised to see several other complaints and investigative inquiries conducted against these guys. The BBB called the company. Then the mover called me and continued to debate and justify his stance that some of my boxes were heavy and glassware needed packaging. Additionally, the one time the owner/manager, Jesus, personally called me was the night of the move. He was more concerned about collecting payment when the electronic point of sale was not working properly. they normally don't accept checks and he required I write on it, "will not bounce." I requested, through the BBB, that BestFit refund half of my payment and just charge for what normally would be a realistic five to seven hours. The company responded, advising that because I electronically signed the documents at the beginning and end of the move, I had no problem with the experience, and that the move went perfectly. The mover failed to show me if and where I could provide a complaint. Of course that's no excuse when conducted business, right? Recommendation: if you find yourself in a similar situation, do not sign the docs at the end. Is the company in its legal means to operate like this? Yes. Is it ethical? Absolutely not. The trending issue with this company is not its legal practices but rather ethical ones. They drag out the moves, and they cover themselves by requiring you to sign and agree to the time and labor clause at the beginning of the move. Yet, do those photos in my previous review justify 12 hours for a move? I'm not the only one with the same complaint. Despite not getting the money refunded, I'm glad my complaint against Best Fit's ethics-along with others-has been investigated and broadcasted for the world to see. To all of those who have been negatively affected by these guys-and there are many of us-feel free to look them up on the BBB's website. RECOMMENDATION: find another credible and ethical moving company. Transit time was 30 minutes, or 12 miles between pickup and drop off locations. They arrived at 8:30AM and concluded at 8:15PM. $1500.00 later (not including the $100.00 reservation deposit), they still asked for a tip, which I provided as a courtesy. I would've been more gracious had they not taken 12 hours. Additionally, the bed was poorly reassembled or even stripped, as it's been six days and my bed frame is now falling apart. I should have known, as I remember one of the movers sought assistance from the other while he reassembled the bed. NOTE: see attached photos of all of my belongings in both the living room and bedroom. The only items that required packing were glassware/dishes (on the table), and few hanging clothes. Everything else was already packed in boxes. When asked why it took so long, the movers advised it was due to the diligent packing of my glassware, the transit time (30 minute drive or 12 miles), the flights of stairs going to the new apartment on the third floor, and finally because the boxes were heavy. RECOMMENDATION: obtain a written price estimate that does not JUST provide for an hourly rate. Or, further research and obtain services from some other business. This may be a legal practice, that bestfit provides, but it is definitely not ethical. LESSONS LEARNED: after years of moving due to being a military service member, I have never observed movers taking 12 hours to complete a job for a 1 bedroom apartment. Typical move time has always been about 5-7 hours. Additionally, the movers even advised me when they first arrived and as they were moving, that this was one of the most organized moves they've made, while one of their most tiresome moves took 12 hours for a five bedroom house. I had no idea at that time what I was in for. Throughout all of this, I still provided a tip, endless Gatorade and pizza for them. Although the men were nice, I take this as a lesson learned and will not be utilizing and certainly not be recommending SD Bestfit Movers to anyone.
- Catherine W.

We hired best fit movers based on the recommendation of the moving company we used for our last move that doesn't offer local moves in San Diego (and their numerous good reviews). However, we did not have a good experience. Though I spoke with their office 3-4 times before our move, each time saying that we would also need help packing and being assured that this wouldn't be an issue, on the day of our move they only sent two people. Antonio looked at what we needed packed and moved and said that this would be a two day job unless they brought a third guy (for another $30/hour that was never mentioned before then). Since we hadn't scheduled for a two day move, we agreed and luckily someone was able to come in on their day off. All of the guys were nice and caring while they packed, being respectful of us and our space, but as I unpack, I am shocked that very little has been broken. China storage bags with champagne flutes and serving plates (two different bags) were packed haphazardly in the middle of a wardrobe box with a nightstand placed on top of them, a vase was placed in the middle of a box of mixed kitchen items without any wrapping, etc. Had the drive been more than a mile, there's no way these things would have made it through a bump in the road. They also lost a support for one of our beds, and put the unsupported crossbeam in the middle where you'll put the most weight. This wouldn't be a huge issue, things happen, but they put the mattress on top and didn't mention it either myself or my husband. They lost trim pieces of the same bed and damaged our son's crib, again, without mentioning it to us at all. Moving is stressful under the best of situations. Best fit movers made moving day, and the days since, more stressful than they needed to be! My husband and I have moved 3 times in the last 5 years, and had great experiences with all three other companies (unfortunately none of them local to San Diego!), so I'm confident that the service we were provided this week isn't standard in the industry.
- Rebecca P.

These guys are great. Had a super heavy expensive bath tub that I needed carried up 2 flights of stairs and these guys pulled it off. Patrick got back to me ASAP and was out the next day. The two guys that came we're pros and super professional. Will for sure use them again.
- Jason B.

Best Fit Movers were amazing! I was a bit nervous due to COVID-19, but both individuals wore gloves and masks. Everyone at the company was professional, and polite. Once we got to the new place, they were kind enough to offer suggestions and move some of our furniture around. I would highly recommend Best Fit Movers!
- Allie K.

These guys are freakin AMAZING!! My sister and her 2 kids had one day to move out of her home with no notice ( because covid is tearing families apart ). She had no time to pack or prepare for a move. Luis Julio and Armando had her out of there in no time. Literally saved our sanity. They were incredibly efficient and thoughtful with all the tiny details that we didn't have time to think about. She found a place a week later and we called again. Alanso Luis and Manny were there for the second move. Again they all were amazing!! All 5 of these men are top notch movers. Quick and efficient and caring of her and the kids property during a crazy time in our lives. Thank you!!!
- Katie S.

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