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Bekins Northwest has branches with physical locations in 10 cities across Washington State, and services anywhere in the world. We have been in business since 1903 and have more than 110+ years of experience in the moving industry. We strive to continually raise the standard so we can always provide our customers with the best possible service.

Moving-Me about Bekins Northwest

The highly qualified staff of move coordinators, movers, packers, and drivers are considered experts in the industry. The company maintains proficiency in residential moving, office moving, systems furniture installations, international crating, special products, and corporate relocation. The company is also an agent for Bekins Van Lines, and their “customer first” philosophy.

Bekins Northwest Licenses & Certificates

Bekins Northwest is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 752441

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HG-000908

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What is Bekins Northwest cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Bekins Northwest is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Bekins Northwest Reviews

Friendly and easy All parties who talked to me (email, phone, visits) were very friendly and helpful, as well as honest. I only had a small move, so it was easy. The movers were an hour late getting to my house on moving day, but that was the only issue throughout my entire experience.
- Sophie D.

Good overall, with a few glitches Overall, we had a very seamless moving experience with Bekins Northwest. Our initial quote was in line with our final billing, the individuals packing/loading/delivering our possessions were friendly and hard-working, and we experienced no major damage. However, I was frustrated by the communication from the management side. Specifically, after initially signing a contract, it took several weeks to get any response (with multiple follow ups on my end) to receive answers to basic moving questions and update our invoice based on new moving information. Secondly, I was told by two management contacts that our packing day would take 5 hours. Given that they only sent two individuals to pack our 3-bedroom home, this ultimately took 8 hours which was incredibly frustrating after having been given lower time projections. While I recognize we moved during the busy season (mid-July), these communication aspects could have been improved to take my review from good to great.
- Brianna C.

Exceeded expectations! The folks at Bekins Northwest made our move far easier than I could have imagined. Everything went smoothly and the gentleman who loaded the truck did an amazingly efficient job which allowed us to avoid using an extra truck, in turn saving us some money. I could not be happier and would recommend Bekins Northwest enthusiastically.
- Matt K.

Great experience The guys from Bekins were quick and careful with the appliances we had moved to our new home. Our appliances were less than a year old so we wanted them in our new home. Bekins even helped us move the old appliances from new home to the old one so that we could keep the new appliances we bought nearly a year ago. Total charge with insurance was less than $450. Great guys. 🙂
- Rori M.

Extremely professional and helpful My movers were very polite and efficient. I lived up an extremely long and steep driveway and the movers were quick and tidy about the whole affair.
- Kevin Z.

This was by far the easiest and most efficient move we have ever experienced. We had a two man team lead by Michael. The fastest team around. I would use Bekins Northwest again without hesitation as well as request this team. GREAT JOB GUYS!
- Stacey J.

I would give Bekins NW 6 stars if possible. What a great crew: organized, pleasant, careful, and thoughtful. We had a complicated 2 day move that included a truck being barged into our waterfront property. The planning on Jon Warner's part was evident. The team worked so well together: Jon, Michael, Juan, Jose, Clint. Amazingly nothing was lost, broken or damaged. I have never seem a smoother move and I will recommend Bekins to all my friends. Susan N
- Susan N.

I had a decent, but not issue free experience with Bekins. First the good: - The weight came in well under the estimate (which was already the lowest of 5 quotes I received) so the ultimate cost was considerably lower than expected. - My belongings arrived very quickly - on the 2nd day of the 12 day window I was quoted. The driver on the receiving end was very friendly and helpful and arrived right on time. - I dealt with the home office a lot and everyone there was helpful and friendly. They could do a better job of proactive communications though. I felt I had to reach out to them to figure out what was going on, rather than the other way around. Now the Bad: - On the pickup, I was told the crew would arrive in late morning or early afternoon. I reserved my building's elevator until 4 PM assuming I'd be safe even if they didn't arrive until 2 PM. I waited and waited with no proactive communication from the home office (I called them about 8 times during the day). I was pretty certain they weren't going to come, but finally the crew arrived at 7 PM! This put me in a very tight spot with my building, essentially forcing me to beg the front desk to let me use the elevator after hours. From there it took almost 2.5 hours to inventory and load just 2000 lbs of stuff. The team was friendly, but not the most efficient. - On the pickup, the crew's dolly chipped a decent sized chunk out of the drywall in my apartment. I've not submitted a claim yet, but don't have high hopes it will be paid based on other reviews - On dropoff the crew broke a panel off of my dresser when lifting it. Sure, it's a relatively inexpensive pressboard dresser, but it only broke due to them lifting a 150 lb dresser from a piece of wood 2 inches wide. Again, I have not submitted a claim, but don't have high hopes. - When unpacking a dresser, we discovered a random shoebox full of trash (empty juice bottles, food wrappers, etc.) taped up and stuffed inside one of the drawers. When the dresser left our possession it was fully saran wrapped (by me) so the drawers never should've been opened. Not only was it clear they had been opened, but clothes had been moved between drawers (in my Fiance's underwear drawer no less) which was pretty unsettling. Nothing appears to be missing, but there's no reason the drawers ever should've been opened. - A lot of our boxes were completely smashed up on arrival. It was clear they'd been thrown around A LOT between when they left my possession and when I received them. Boxes marked "FRAGILE" all over were the most damaged of the bunch, and multiple wardrobe boxes (very sturdy boxes) were completely caved in, with the hanging clothes in them all having fallen off their hangers. Quite frankly, the condition of my boxes upon receipt was unacceptable. Period. But because of the fact that nothing was actually broken due to me shrouding EVERYTHING in bubble wrap, blankets, and pillows, I'm not going to ding Bekins too hard for it. It easily could've gone the other way though. In summary, Bekins was the low bidder and so they got my business, but you get what you pay for. You'll read horror stories about every moving company out there, Bekins is no different, however I'd say overall my experience was fine, but far from amazing. If doing it over again, I'd consider Bekins, but they've certainly not won a loyal customer through this experience.
- Jack K.

Everyone from the first contact person to Jim, who estimated the job, was first class. I love these guys. They finished early and were quite helpful. My movers, Nacho and Carlton could not have been better!!!!
- Bruce D.

We used Bekins for a long distance move from Seattle to California. Everything went fine on pickup day. The problems happened with drop off. The delivery driver did not hire any helpers for the delivery. He stated he was not able to find anyone to help, which seemed odd to us since we live in a major metropolitan area with several million residents. He arrived around noon for the delivery. Since one person would never be able to unload and assemble all our large furniture, I had to take the day off work to help him. Several items were not assembled by the evening but we needed to eat dinner and go to sleep so we told the driver to leave and we assembled things over the next few days. There was also substantial damage to several furniture items, with scratches and corners broken off. We informed the van line (Wheaton World Wide Moving) about the delivery issues and they did not seem to care. Very poor customer service experience. Steer clear.
- Michael G.

These folks were great! Was moving into a high-end, mahogany - floored condo and they took every precaution and came in $200 under budget. They also sent someone to look at my belongings before making an estimate. The actual movers that showed up (3 of them) moved quickly and efficiently. Unlike some other movers they also don't pay for reviews...
- Boyd S.

Working with Bekins has been one of the most frustrating and dissatisfying experiences we have ever been through. The entire process was not what was sold to us at the beginning and nothing has been done to remedy the situation. The staff were unprofessional and incredibly unhelpful this entire time. The start of the moving day was terrible. We called our dispatcher to see what time the movers were supposed to be at our house, as we had been promised they would be there by 8am, because we were planning on leaving town in the afternoon and already had a hotel booked 7 hours away. She told us the movers had just left. We called back an hour later because the movers were not there yet and she told us they had to make a drop off and would be there at 9:30am. We called back at 10:30 and she told us they were still at the drop off and she didn't know when they would get to us but said "I will have the driver call you when he is on his way". This communicated to us that she had no further interest in helping us with this. She never apologized or she NEVER called us to give us updates. We ALWAYS had to call Bekins. The movers finally got to our house at 12:30pm and were not prepared. We had already called our sales representative and he assured us that they would move quickly to get us out. The movers were slow and at one point were watching videos on their phone instead of moving. We finally got out of town at 5pm and still had to travel 7 hours with an infant. During the week we requested updates on the status of of move and were informed that it was still in Seattle a week later. We finally got information on the driver and when he would pick it up. The driver came to Nashville and we discovered that our stuff was all over the moving truck (not separated by false walls as we were promised). There were things of ours that did not even get inventoried, but luckily we were able to find throughout the truck. We finally got everything moved in, but as we were unpacking noticed that an entire box of ALL of our coats were missing as well as a comforter that was on our guest bed. These boxes were never inventoried and therefore we did not know they were missing until we unpacked. We called our dispatcher who was very unhelpful and did not even know how to fill out the claims form (she couldn't even remember the name of the form). We called our sales rep again who said "I will get a couple of heads to look for it in the warehouse". But we have not heard back and its been over a week. We are devastated to lose all of our coats as well as collected sports teams scarves (We were season ticket holders to the MLS Seattle sounders and those scarves are gone now). We still have NEVER had ANYONE from Bekins call us direct, we have ALWAYS called them first. We are now in the process of filling a claim, but our expectation is not high given this whole ordeal. We are never recommending Bekins to anyone. We thought hiring movers would make this easier, but it has turned out to be one of the most stressful experiences. And no one has every apologized for putting us through this. We are aware that things don't always go as planned, but this is not what we paid for and Bekins should be ashamed of how they handled this entire process.
- Jesse T.

My husband and I recently bought a new home in the area. Even though it was a local move the configuration of our old home (three floors) and the sheer volume of the boxes we packed drove us to contract with a moving company. Bekins did a great job moving us in less than nine hours from start to finish and they did it with a smile and minimal damage. Overall here is what we most appreciated: in home estimation of the move cost, information regarding typical moving concerns provided, clear and detailed instructions provided regarding what to expect them to move and what to move ourselves, point of contact for pre and post move concerns, reasonable overall cost, a moving team which conducted their business with integrity, good nature, and care. Moving is stressful, some stuff will get damaged no matter how carefully it is handled. At the end of the day we felt that our team cared about taking good care of us and this was a huge stress reliever. We hope to never move again but if we do, we will be contacting Bekins.
- Cheryl M.

My experience with Bekins NW was pretty 'ehh'; probably a 3.5/5 if not for the broken furniture. Jim told me the move would take 5 hours including the driving time, ended up taking 8 because the movers purposefully dragged their feet to stretch the time (since they are paid hourly.) Also, they took a lunch break on my dollar which is specifically noted on the moving guide as something they would NOT do. They also broke my $700 hardwood dining room table. They picked up a piece of the table by the leg and snapped the joint holding it together straight in half. The wood is literally split in half there. The tabletop weighs upwards of 75lbs and I wouldn't feel safe fixing this on my own since the leg is a weight-bearing part of the table. I'm waiting for reimbursement but that doesn't seem likely based on other reviews. I'll update this review if/when the claims process is completed. Photo of Bekins Northwest - Mountlake Terrace, WA, United States Photo of Robert C. Robert C. If you search on reviews for moving companies, 95% will be about horror stories, especially if it involved a move cross-country. I interviewed a dozen moving companies and many made me increasingly nervous about a cross country move. I chose Bekins NW based on a referral from a highly rated mover who does local moves only. Bekins exceeded all my expectations. Jon Warner did a very thorough review of our inventory and explained the move process step-by-step. The movers arrived on the agreed packing/load date and the packers/loaders were professional and did a great job. At the receiving end, shipment arrived on time and the truck was unloaded with no issues and there was no damage at all. During the whole process, the Bekins Move Coordinator kept me informed along each step. While Bekins was not the least expensive (not the most expensive quoted either), they did come in under their estimate. Bekins professionalism, quality of work and time management more than made up for the small extra cost. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
- Alicia W.

Bekins helped us move from Bothell to Salt Lake City and we couldn't be more pleased with how the move went! The movers at both origin and destination were friendly and efficient and had us loaded in 3hrs and unloaded in barely 2! All of our furniture and loose items were wrapped in shrink wrap and padding and we arrived with all of our belongings intact, no lost or damaged items at all! Bekins has a handy online dashboard that tracks all of your to do items and also the contacts for the move.
- Dan F.

Very professional service - accurate quote. Bekins' crew moved efficiently and safely so that everything was delivered without damage. They obviously knew what they were doing and the team worked well together. I was very impressed. Since our office prepped well, the move took less time and came in under budget. This was a small intra-building move from a bigger office to a smaller one - given the size of the job I didn't think Bekins would be interested or price competitive but they were the best choice! Sorry to see that some others have not had a good experience with them.
- Rose Y.

If I could give this company 0 stars I would. First let me say I used Bekins in 2015 and had a very good experience with them which is why we used them again moving. We paid over $6,000 for Bekins to take care of our items in transport from WA to AZ and they DID NOT do that. Many of my items showed up broken, MISSING, and had damage and did not arrive on time. 2 months later we finally get a check for $870 a third of what we lost for our items and what I have had to pay to get new items. I am extremely SICKENED with their customer service and how they handled my claim. The driver NEVER did a check off list (one was done when we moved the first time) and the claims lady says we should of known when they dropped our stuff off, how is it okay that we get punished for them not doing their job?The driver also asked my husband why we were moving to Arizona because it's a s***hole and how much he hated it. He was extremely rude and not very gentle with our stuff. I spent a lot of money for them to move us and take care of my items that I had already paid a lot of money for to begin with. I will never ever recommend Bekins for moving. They are not providing good customer service let alone they do not care about your stuff or how much you paid them to move you they only care about getting your money. Attached is some of the photos of the damage of our items. They also appear to have blocked me on their Facebook page from allowing to put a review.
- Sherri S.

Bekins was moving our neighbor and as they adjusted their truck, they were tipping over our basketball hoop. When I called out go get their attention, they dismissed me and told me I was distracting the driver. They couldn't care less. I've filed a complaint.
- Frank K.

Long story short: Not only did Benkins break and damage multiple items, but they also LOST some of my furniture! Even with their most comprehensive insurance plan, Benkins will not pay for the repair or replacement value of my furniture and housewares. I would have been better off hiring some students from Craigslist. The longer story: Jim, the move consultant, was nice when he came to my home. I signed up for a full service move with Jim, which included Bekins wrapping and boxing my belongings and furniture. The problems all started the day of my move, when the movers refused to protect my vintage furniture, teak walls, and bluestone floors. I asked them to do so several times before moving my furniture, and they refused. I'm normally a complete pushover, but when I watched them scrape my 1960s dining table while moving it out the front door, I had strong words with the movers. The worst of the movers actually replied, "Well, isn't that why you have insurance?" I've never met a more unprofessional and uncaring person. While moving into my new place, the movers gouged several floorboards and walls. My landlord charged me $600 for this damage. I'll spare you the laundry list of all the broken housewares and damaged furniture. But you should know that even if you pay Bekins for a full service move, they will not properly reimburse you for items they damage, break, or LOSE--even if you pay for extra insurance and have receipts. After my move, I called and emailed Bekins dozens of times. Neither Jim nor Amy--the move coordinators--would respond. I finally was able to track down the number of a regional supervisor. I was informed that the problem mover had been fired--great, but that's not going to fix my belongings. It took dozens more calls to initiate an insurance claim. In the end, I was only reimbursed for 10% of the damage they caused, and I'm still missing furniture and some heirloom belongings. I'll be resolving the matter in court. If I had to do it all over again, I would have hired students off of Craigslist.
- Alicia K.

We chose Bekins NW to perform our interstate move to Southern California and we are certainly glad we did. Everyone we dealt with throughout the process was friendly, courteous, and above all, professional. Also, the final cost was less than the original estimate! The move went smoothly and Bekins really gave us peace of mind during a stressful time. Highly recommend.
- Tony J.

Thanks Jil for the response. Don't bother sending this up the ladder as it's already been done all the way to your corporate office in Indianapolis. My wife and I have worked directly with Todd Embrick, Director of Customer Service, and Chris Banguis, VP of Sales & Marketing. Sadly, these gentlemen kept my miserable experience with Bekins consistent. In their eyes they assisted by offering $150/day each day late, which after 37 days equated to $5550. My contract estimate was $30k, I paid $24k. Bekins "helped me" by waiving my remaining balance. Sounds pretty cool right? Nope, as the $5550 is not being paid out. So when you're owed $5550 and the $6000 is waived, a $450 consideration for a cluster of an experience is an absolute joke. It's obvious you guys are not in the retention business.
- Jason W.

I would implore anyone considering hiring this company to look elsewhere. We had a major household goods move intra-state last year, and it could mostly accurately be described as an abject disaster. Consider: * the loading was scheduled for one day. It was completed in four days of sheer chaos which included the driver being rushed by ambulance for an in-patient hospital stay after falling off his truck. * who is in charge of the actual move? Who knows, when Bekins is managing the event? The driver showed up on time, but had no loaders available, so he hired essentially local vagrants to load all of our goods on the truck. Expensive, brand new items were loaded onto the truck, and after the vagrants badly damaged these items, the driver then inventoried the items as damaged. Get it? They ruin the items themselves, and then inventory the items as already ruined, which absolves them of responsibility. Over the four days it took Bekins to load our goods, the driver hired out nearly a dozen different loaders who showed up at random hours of the day. And none of them actually worked for Bekins, and so felt no obligation whatever to listen to the driver's loading instructions. At one point, I tried to restore sanity by having the driver talk by phone with the Bekins agent who set up the move, but the conversation quickly ended with the driver cursing out the agent and hanging up. He was under such immense stress to complete the loading that on day 4, he slipped off a loading ramp and cracked his skull open, requiring an emergency trip to the hospital. Our goods were left unattended in a local parking lot for a day until Bekins sent a new driver the following day. No one at Bekins had any idea of this, because no one working for Bekins remained on site after the driver was ambulanced away. The entire 4 day evolution was akin to sheer chaos. * I paid for full, comprehensive insurance to cover our move. The Bekins claims adjuster laughed in my face at 90% of what was claimed as damaged, which amounted to many thousands of dollars. How do they get away with it? Because movers operate under federal laws, not state, and so suing them requires taking them to federal court. Best of luck with that! We had a very large move to tackle, and had hundreds of boxes and items to inventory. It is simply impossible to verify the inventory, as tagging and loading the items happen at a rate which prevents careful verification. You cannot keep track of the loading unless you accept slowing the loading and unloading to a crawl, which would take at least a few weeks. Imagine dozens of sheets of inventory, each with dozens of line items designating your individual goods, and a hieroglyphics of random letters and numbers that denote their condition, all itemizing your goods as they are loaded by half a dozen random people from various areas of your house. Good luck keeping track of and deciphering that in less than a year. So Bekins has a racket here, throwing your items on their truck and preventing the customer from making sure the inventory is actually correct, but you still have to sign the inventory under a severe time restraint in order to proceed with the move. If there is an attorney looking for a major class action lawsuit to slap down onto a truly awful company, may I suggest Bekins Northwest? They use federal statutes to keep themselves virtually impervious from lawsuits by their clients, they take advantage of severe time restraints and impossible inventories to force signatures that guarantee they get away with incredibly poor service, signatures they then use to deny claims for the damage they did to any goods they please. The fraud they perpetuate must add up to millions of dollars.
- J D.

My experience with Bekins was really great. From start to finish everything went smoothly: - My first contact with Jim was nice. He did an estimate and gave me some tips regarding how to prepare my move, - Scheduling the move was easy. I got the day I wanted. - Before the moving I took care by myself of all the important or delicate stuff that I care the most, - On the moving day the movers arrived on time. - The moving crew was great: professional and efficient, they finished all the packing I hadn't done, and disassembled my furniture properly. Then at my new address they put everything where I asked, and reassembled everything. They were taking some small breaks every 2h (which is totally legal and legitimate: I think some other reviewers misunderstood this) - The move took basically the time that had been estimated. I will totally recommend Bekins. Thanks for making my move easier! 🙂
- Gilles P.

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