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Quality of service: 3.8

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Customers’ rating: 3.7

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About AZ moving Pros

At AZ Moving Pros, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and personal customer experience for each and every move. We’ve seen how the moving experience improves for people when they feel comfortable and confident in the company they’ve chosen. That’s why we strive to go above and beyond for our customers. Your moving experience will be customized to your schedule, location, belongings and other needs.

Moving-Me about AZ moving Pros

Established in 2004. Their headquarters are located in the Point Loma area of San Diego, but they work throughout the entire county of San Diego, helping their customers with local moving, long distance moving, and packing service.

AZ moving Pros Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1794483

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is AZ moving Pros cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. AZ moving Pros is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

AZ moving Pros Reviews

Worst decision I have ever made! I saw all the positive reviews so I figured I was doing the right thing. I called on Saturday, and asked for an appointment as soon as possible. Irene said they could fit me in @ 3pm on Sunday. So I scheduled. The invoice I received said 2, so I got to my storage @ 130 just in case. At 2, I called and left a message. Ben called me back 2 minutes later and said that they were running about 2 hours behind. And I was more than gracious and said fine. I came back at 4, and couldn't get ahold of anyone for 2 hours. I then received a call at 615 saying that he had forgotten his phone in the truck and it would be another hour or so. So I come back at 7. Still nothing. Then I get a really rude call saying that I need to understand that things happen. I understand that things happen, but 6 hours I can't understand. Ben ends up calling me at 820 and says that his gps says he will be there in 13 minutes. So I tell him not to bother because my storage closes at 9. I asked what's the earliest they can get me in the next day, and he says he needs to call his boss and ask and he would call me back. He calls me back and says that the earliest is 9am so I'm like fine. I get to storage at 830 and at 9, they're not there. They get there at 930 and load. The rest of the move was as it should have been. But to get to this point made me so upset that I cried most of the day. I have 2 young children who are both under 3, so getting anything done is a feat. But this was ridiculous! I will NEVER recommend AZMoving Pros to anyone I ever meet. If anything, I would report them to the better business bureau because this was unsatisfactory.
- Madi B.

I moved from San Diego to San Francisco. These guys are fast and careful. A great combination. I recommend them. Thank you AZmovingpros!!!!
- Robert

Well, I’m a little late on this review but I am about to call them again and thought I would let everyone know how great this company is. The movers are very respectful and nice. They were super fast and efficient and took very good care of all of my furniture and art. My 2 bedroom condo was moved into storage within 3 hours on a Saturday. I highly recommend these guys, you won’t be disappointed!
- Jennifer S.

Every time I move I dread it. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I ABSOLUTELY HATE MOVING. EXCEPT FOR this last time, because I finally decided to get some movers to move my stuff! I’m so glad I chose to call AZ Moving Pros because they truly are pros. I was able to sit back and watch them carefully pack my stuff up, wrap up my furniture so it didnt even get a scratch on anything, even my new hardwood floors in my new place are still BRAND NEW and SCRATCH FREE!! I read the other reviews, too, before I called, but there were so many great reviews compared to the few crappy ones I wanted to give them a try... They must have really stepped up their game since those bad reviews because they were on time and ready when they said they’d be, got the job done quickly and with a great attitude throughout the day! I know who I’ll be calling next time i have to move... hopefully it won’t be for a while though because I’m exhausted.
- Llyn S.

I have moved more than I care to admit, and after awhile, I decided it was worth the time, and money to be stress free and hire movers! I have used about 4 companies in the past and 3 of them were AWFUL! So when I went to book this time, I was skeptical about who to hire. I Yelped movers and came across these guys. BEST.DECISION.EVER! They were fast, efficient and GREAT at what they do! No hidden fees, no cigarette breaks, nothing broken! In fact I had to make them wait a good 45 minutes while I got my keys and signed my lease. I have already referred them to 2 friends that are moving and if I ever move again (God I hope not), I will definitely be calling these guys!
- Sharrin F.

AZ MOVING BROS ARE AMAZING! They were prompt, extremely helpful and very polite. I am in the military, deployed, and my wife had to move into our new home by her self with an 11 month old child. I was worried about the company we chose, because I didn’t want anyone to take advantage of her situation. Irene set my mind at ease, and made me feel extremely comfortable with hiring their company. The two movers(Vic and Cory), showed up on time, and were more than efficient. They were personable, professional, and made my wife feel comfortable the whole time. These guys are great at what they do! They are extremely careful with your items, and are fast! I highly recommend AZ Moving Pros to anyone who is considering hiring a moving company. The price, the customer service, and the professionalism is bar none!
- Dwain P.

I needed to move in a pinch and AZ Moving Pros were there in a jiffy! Viktor and Constantine were extremely professional and made sure everything they did was with utmost care and respect towards my belongings. These guys are such hard workers and really funny dudes when you get to know them! It didn’t take long for them to get my stuff across town and they even helped me set up my bed frame. That’s the service I’m looking for.
- Nikki L.

I just don’t know where to begin. This company deserves a negative five stars review. I made an arrangement about a week in advance with Ryan to help us move from a 2BR condo to a house on Tuesday April 25th. Ryan gave me an arrival time between 12-4pm on 4/25. I spoke to Ryan at 2pm and he assured me that the movers will call me soon with an arrival time. I never heard from any one and no one showed up. I called at 4pm, 4:30pm & 5:45pm and no one answered and no one returned my calls. They left us hanging out to dry without furniture at our house. I have no idea how a business can do this to people. This’s so unethical and they shouldn’t be operating a fraud business like this. Today 4/26 I drove to the address of the business listed on Yelp in order to speak to someone and there was no business on Cape may in ocean beach. I called again today and left messages and they still didn’t return my calls. No one should be using this company to help them move. These people have no work ethics and should be ashamed of themselves
- Wael H.

I would have given AZ Moving Pros at least a 4 but they showed up 2 hours late! I did receive a call about an hour after the scheduled start time from the person that I scheduled the move with. She apologized and let me know that the movers were given the wrong time and were on their way. An hour later the movers called and said they were about 20 minutes away. The movers were extremely fast and had our place packed up and ready to go within about 45 minutes. They were really nice and did a great job!
- Jennifer R.

I meant to review these guys sooner, but hey...better late than never! I was looking for movers on Yelp and came across these guys. First things first, don’t even mess around...just call them to get a quote! They even give you a discount for mentioning finding them on Yelp. What I liked about AZ Moving Pros is that I told them what had to be moved and he gave me a quote over the phone. I have run into nightmares in the past where the movers "fudge" the "move out" and "move in" times (how long it took them to pack/unpack), charge for mileage, etc. What I liked about these guys was they told me it sounded as though it would take 3 hours (at the hourly rate they quoted me) plus a flat rate for gas. This was less of a headache and inexpensive, so it was a deal! On the day of the move (6/30/11), the guys showed up at my storage unit at 3PM. They were friendly and personable and got everything out of my unit within minutes! Next they had to move the rest of my stuff from my old place to my new place...again...FAST! By the time all was said and done, they got me in my new place earlier than only took 2.5 hours. I was shocked at how efficient they were, especially thinking the extra stop was going to end up being an extra hour! My coworker moved a month later and used them. She was very happy with them as well! Seriously, it was the easiest thing I could do...I will definitely recommend and use them again in the future! Thanks again, AZ Moving Pros! Get a quote today! I give these guys the best rating there is! They were able to accommodate me the SAME DAY I called. Two guys and a large truck arrived promptly and they moved QUICK. They were focused and professional. All fragile items were wrapped in blankets and stretch plastic wrap. It was seriously the fastest move ever. The best $240 I have EVER spent. Thanks so much AZMoving! You guys are the best!
- Giovanni G,

Okay, EVERYONE hates moving. Duh. But my past 2 "pro" moving experiences were just nightmares that would not end, with ME doing most of the work while one of the two guys sat in the air conditioned truck "watching my stuff". So of course I DREADED this moving day like no other. Especially since I killed my back packing, so I was gonna be useless. SO glad I hit Yelp first. They called at 7:30am saying that they were running late. Not a problem, since I was asleep. I scheduled it for 8:00 am? What was I thinking? I didn’t care what time they got here, as long as they didn’t charge me for it. And they did not. I should’ve went with a later time, knowing myself. The guys show up, truck open, and ready to work. And they worked their ASSESS off. I tried helping as much as I could, but they seemed to have this system going, so I mostly stuck to putting small stuff in my car, and staying the hell out of their way. For a GIANT sectional couch, coffee table, dining table + 8 chairs, 2 desks, several hundred of those blue storage tub things, office equipment, random other chairs, and the inevitable crap your forget to pack, they were in and out in maybe an hour? Hour and 15? No longer than an hour and a half. They followed me to the new place (same zip code but hard to find) and my awesome new landlord was very gracious and moved her car down so they had a straight line access to my door. Now here’s the sucky part - my front door is actually a gate, that goes DOWN two flights of stairs. Wicked skinny stairs. With a 90 degree turn. Ouch. But again, these guys ROCKED IT without a single complaint. In fact, they were both super cool guys, easy to talk to, we even talked a bit after it was over. I keep saying "theses guys" because I think I killed whatever brains cells help you remember peoples names, or proper nouns in general a long time ago, but if I find the paperwork, I’ll edit this to give them the props they deserve. One of them is pictured on the Yelp site though. I was prepared with cases of assorted beverages, ‘cuz that’s just what you do. This is more of a note for people who have never used a moving company. Get LEAST a case a waters. Sugary Sodas are good too (like these guys need to worry about "diet" anything). They probably aren’t allowed to drink beer, but it doesn’t hurt to offer. They just moved ALL your HEAVY ASS furniture for you. I think they earned a beer or three, and your respect (ie. keep your mouth shut). The move-in time took NO time at all, like a half hour maybe? And I was able to help *a little* with chairs and pillows. It feels kind of douche-y to just stand there, doing nothing but "supervising" people who clearly are pros, and not lift a finger to help them move YOUR STUFF. Sure, that’s what you pay them for, but there ARE ways to NOT be a douche about it. That all I’m saying. So try NOT to be that guy. Another note for newbie movers. In closing, I KNOW I paid WAY more for my last two moves. They were bigger moves (two people’s stuff versus just one person’s) but even if you DOUBLE what I paid San Diego Movers/AZ Movers/whatever they’re called now, I paid more to the last two companies. So add BARGAIN to the list of pros too. I will never move again (hopefully), but if I do, I’ll call them, and I will also tell everyone I know how awesome the experience was. I don’t know if it’s the company or the two moving guys I ended up getting, but thanks you to you both. Oh - did I mention this was a last minute move? I booked them less than a week before my move day. How’s THAT for service?
- Mike B.

My move was scheduled for 7am (the only time they had available) and the movers arrived around 7:20. But I got charged as if they had arrived at 7. I didn’t get the 5% Yelp discount. They only brought one dolly so it took longer to load and unload. They broke one of my glasses. And one of the movers kept asking if he had to remove everything from my apartment. I just got fed up and said I’d move the remaining items. So I have to go back to the apartment and get the rest of my things. *Also, they nearly forgot my couch cushions that they placed in front of my car until i pulled out of my drive way to head over to the new place. Pretty bad. *They applied 5% back for the Yelp discount and refunded back 20 minutes. That deserves one additional star for prompt response
- Nina W.

I’m glad I read all the yelp reviews so that I could get the 5% discount but I just didn’t have a good experience with this company. Our move was scheduled for 1pm, we got a call from the guys at 12:50p saying they were 25 minutes away but they got there 15 minutes after that at 1:30p. Not a big thing. We took the time to move almost everything into the living room so that we could stay as close to the 3 hour minimum as possible because we are on a tight budget. I took some trash out and both guys are in the truck on a smoke break. This was about 45 minutes after they got there. Seriously? I’m paying you to stand around doing nothing? I used to smoke and I could go longer than 45 minutes without one, especially when I was on the clock. Then they ran out of room on the truck. We had a two bedroom place and not an inordinate amount of things. Once the truck was full and they were ready to go, the battery was dead in the truck because they had been blasting the radio the entire time they were there. They had no jumper cables. So they sat for 45 minutes waiting for the owner to come out and start the truck. I tell the owner I’m not happy because they are now over an hour behind schedule and they didn’t even fit everything on the truck. He tells me that it’s hard to find good employees and this is the THIRD time this month that they’ve ran down the battery. (Where are *those* yelp reviews?) He did take off the 20 minute drive time from condo to condo and offered to come back for the remaining stuff. What I didn’t know then was that none of the boxes from our pantry were on the truck. If I had realized just how much stuff was left I would have taken him up on it. But since we have an 18 month old that goes to bed really really early we just needed to get set up at the new place. It took them a little over an hour to unpack the truck and apparently they took at least one smoke break there also. So, overall just completely unprofessional and I wouldn’t recommend them. Moving is stressful. Moving when you are pregnant is really stressful. Crappy movers when you are moving is not worth any money you might think you are saving.
- Sandra T.

Instead of taking our friends’ Saturdays I decided to hire a professional moving company, which turned out to be a huge mistake. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a company. The movers showed up late, took 2-3 hours longer than they should have, broke a few pieces of furniture and tried to hide it, scratched almost every other piece of furniture, and took chunks out of the wall. I could go on and on. The company ended up charging more than they originally quoted over the phone. They also have not been responsive regarding the damage. Avoid this company at all costs.
- R.S.

I was giving my buddy a hand down in SD move this past weekend, so I figured I’d help him out with our experience moving with AZ. I know my friend was hesitant because there are some mixed reviews on here, but their price was in his price point and everything worked out smooth.. They were punctual, they handled all of the stuff very carefully. We mentioned the Yelp thing and they gave us a deal, and we gave the guys a tip cause it was a little hotter than normal in SD. If I lived in SD I’d use them.. But I live in LA and use another company.. Great job guys!
- Kory A.

My husband recently got a job in Irvine and we had to leave our home in Los Angeles. The distance between the two cities is quite large, thus we had to be careful of the moving company we hired. My brother-in-law had also freshly moved to Orange County and had experienced an excellent service from the company he hired. So we hired Cory from AZ Moving Pros and we never regretted it! AZ Moving Pros are not only reputable and respectful, but they also afforded us fast, efficient and reliable moving services. Cory and crew arrived on time, they packed the large furniture and the fragile vases very efficiently. We could not believe it when we discovered that nothing was lost or damaged in the process. The crew also packed and moved our items with minimal noise that did not disturb our neighbors. They were also very courteous to them. Our new home is located in an association and did not allow movers to bring items during the weekend. We had communicated this to the company and they had promised to bring our items during the weekday. Our items arrived on a Monday. This worked for us because we had moved at the last minute and did not have much time before my husband started his new job. The crew delivered our stuff early, unpacked and arranged everything expertly in our new house. To our surprise, the estimated bill equaled the final bill. This quality service was great and I rate them the best from my experience with moving companies. My husband and I will recommend them to all our friends and associates.
- Jane J.

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