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Customers’ rating: 4.2

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About ATN Movers

ATN Movers is more than just your average moving company. We are ranked as one of the top leading locally owned and operated residential moving companies that provide a full range of moving services. We are a fully licensed and insured residential moving company. This ensures that all our services are backed with a warranty, if anything bad happens during the provision of our service, we will be held liable!

Moving-Me about ATN Movers

They have a team of highly knowledgeable and well-trained movers who’ll do the heavy lifting for you when you hire them for residential moving services. Their professional movers always make sure that the customers are satisfied with the quality of their residential moving service.

ATN Movers Licenses & Certificates

ATN Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2338654

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is ATN Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. ATN Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

ATN Movers Reviews

Great job moving! Used them for a second time and very satisfied with their efficiency.
- Amy K.

ATN Movers were awesome. They worked so quickly and efficiently, took care of all of our items, were very friendly and communicative and made a stressful time so much easier. 3 movers moved our two bedroom apartment in less than 1.5 hours including taking apart and putting furniture back together and driving time. Cant recommend them enough
- Megan I.

ATN Movers were very professional and quick. They moved my apartment in record time and were very professional in ensuring my stuff was no damaged. I would recommend to evryone. I will definitely call them for any of my moving needs.
- Steve Y.

Was recommended to use them through family and they stood by their reputation. There were truck issues but once they arrived, they moved us quickly and efficiently. Recommend using them for a prompt move.
- Grace N.

They sent three guys instead of two to move me from one apartment to another with no extra charge. They were fast and efficient and moved out of one apartment and into the other in 3 hours. Thanks guys!
- Blair R.

I must admit I was a bit nervous at first due to a scheduling issue but ATN managed to make it work. I would suggest calling a week in advance to confirm move date and time. ATN was able to completely move my 1 bedroom apartment in about 4 hours. 2 hours moving out and about 2 hours moving in... the time was extended due to the long walk from my apartment to the elevator and truck. Otherwise, I think it may have been a lot quicker. The ATN team was very professional. Everything arrived in one piece! I am only giving 4 stars because one item was accidentally left at my move out location. Luckily, I went back to check the next day and the item was still there. Understandable though, We were all rushing and I didn't double check before leaving the location. I would recommend ATN!
- Bianca P.

Gember and Will helped me with all my stuff! My flight got canceled last night and they have been really patient to rescheduled time with me and keep in touch with me. They moved really fast and carefully with all my stuff. Also the price for this busy time of the year is really affordable for me as a student! Thanks them so much
- Yingying Y.

ATN Movers handled my small move flawlessly. I was their second move of the day with an estimated 8am start time. Cesar was fantastic at keeping me up to date on timing. The two men loaded out my 1BR in DC in ~45 minutes, and unloaded at my new place in Arlington in a similar time frame, keeping the day well under the three hour minimum. All of my belongings were handled professionally and with care. Best price in town, and a fantastically smooth moving experience. Thank you!!
- Megan L.

Thank you ATN/Affordable Arlington Movers! I had a crazy moving day yesterday with two drop off locations and the Clarendon Day run happening in my neighborhood on top of that. Cesar and his team helped move me out of a 2nd story apartment without elevators very quickly. The whole move only took 3 hours and relieved a whole lot of moving stress. Thank you!!
- Kamya R.

These guys were quick, careful, and gave the best quote out of every mover I spoke with. I had a different mover drop the ball and needed someone last minute, so this was a blessing. There was some confusion when I explained the layout of the building but eventually we figured it. Definitely worth it.
- Mila C.

I used this company to move out of my house and into an apartment not far away. The movers showed up on time and went right to work. The move went quickly without incident and the pricing was very fair. I did my own packing so that was not an issue. I would definitely use this company again for my upcoming move except that it's out of state and they don't do interstate moves.
- Barbara G.

We had a great experience with ATM movers! Scheduling the move was a breeze and they contact you the night before the move to confirm everything for the next day. I do wish they'd called me earlier or sent me an confirmation email but only because I like having the extra reassurance. The move went smoothly. The crew arrived early and worked fast. Probably one of the quickest, most painless moves we've experienced and this is our 3rd timing moving in the DC area. We would highly recommend ATM movers.
- Jessica H.

Found this company on Yelp and I'm so glad I did. They showed up on time and we're extremely professional. I had dozens of boxes, three TVs, a large bookcase and couch and SO MUCH more. Several of my items were awful to move (the last movers complained), however these guys did it with no problem. No items were broken and everything was delivered. We moved from Van Ness DC to Duke Alexandria and only paid a few hundred dollars. I would definitely use them for our next move.
- Rockelle M.

I wish I could give them 0 stars. I booked them for a move from Silver Spring to Arlington. The price was unbeatable, but with cheap prices comes cheap service, right? Right! My first signal was when I asked to change my moving date as I would get my keys early. Got a fast reply which said no problem, we got you, but by we got you, they meant we are going to forget about your request and not change your reservation until you called again a week after. I decided to ignore that. The day of the move came. I was told they would keep me updated with ETA as I was not their first move. Well, they didn't. I was booked between 4 and 5. They showed up at 6:30. The guys moved quickly with no regard for my furniture whatsoever but thankfully didn't damage anything. What they did do, however, was misplace pieces of my kids' bunk beds. Guess what? I can't replace those. I contacted them to ask them if they had recovered it from the truck. A week later, no response. Contact them again. I'm told no we didn't find those pieces (I'm sure they were left in the truck because I made sure the apartment was empty before leaving) can I come take a look at the bed tomorrow? Not sure why, but figured they'll accept liability as they should, my children are sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I tell him yes, I'm available in the afternoon. Then....crickets. With what I paid them and what is going to cost me to replace my kids' bed, I could have hired a professional company and saved me the headache. For my next move, I'll make sure NOT to use them.
- Rita R.

Budget price, NOT budget service. Absolutely great timing, and superlative communication. I'd shoot messages on Yelp at random times, and I never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a response, even Sunday evening! They weren't a minute late, and kept in contact on moving day! Now the movers were great! Ray was amazing, quick and efficient. Not a single blemished item. Large furniture wasn't a problem. Large TV's were easy, and a lot of glassware came in without a scratch. They finished early and were great to work with. Would hire back again without a doubt. Also, they were much cheaper than everyone else. Seriously great honest people with smiles
- Vak

We needed movers to help us move to our new house on two separate days: one day to move out of our 2 bedroom apartment and another day to move out of our 3 storage units! On both days, ATN sent Caesar as the crew lead plus 3 more men and a large Penske truck. We knew we would have so much stuff that we rented our own additional Uhaul for Day 2, which saved us all a trip and a lot of time. Caesar reaches out to us ahead of time on both occasions to confirm, and somehow arrived right on time in both cases. They had he beat moving equipment (huge carts, dollies, blankets, etc) and were super friendly and professional. They were fun, positive, respectful, and very careful not to hurt our newly remodeled new home. Their hustle was astounding! We had used different movers before and we ended up doing much of the work. Not this time! These guys were all about getting it done (and carefully/thoughtfully). Extra props to Caesar for his professional and friendly attitude an the way he managed his crew. It was such a relief i to have these guys take care of all of this. I also got other quotes and this was the most reasonably priced. Great find, I'd absolutely recommend this company!
- Tara R.

ATN/Affordable Arlington Movers gave me an easy move for a ridiculously affordable price. Cesar and Gember knocked out my move efficiently, and everything came back on the other side treated with care! Even better -- we forgot a chair back at my old place and they went back and got it while I got started on unpacking. They're great guys and I liked hanging out with them for the move process, which is a huge plus when you're moving solo. The booking process through Yelp was fast and easy and the office was so responsive. I was really impressed with the pricing too. It was $285 for a three-hour move on a weekday, which is an absolute bargain for how good the service was. They charge a fee on top of that if you book with a credit card, but I just paid cash to avoid it. They also do 6am moves, which is an awesome option if you're a morning person and just want to get your move over with. I hope to not have to move again for a very long time, but if I do, I'll be calling them!
- Emi R.

Excellent experience. Not one piece of furniture damaged or missing. The head mover took total control so I could relax knowing someone was overseeing the whole process.... this made a stressful experience totally stress free. The guys were so fast and competent. Finished before the time limit. I definitely recommend. Call Eddy directly if you want quick response, text is slower. 5 stars. They were recommended to me and did not disappoint. Good priced as well, was expecting higher quote.
- Loren W.

The owner's response to my initial review was further off-putting and combative. I stand by my initial review-- as the customer, it was completely out of my hands to coordinate moving times for the two moves. The company could have and should have better protocols for determining how long a move will take in order to schedule its moves each day accordingly. Updating this review to add that when my tv stand was moved, the movers misplaced three of the pins for the interior shelving. Without these, I haven't been able use one of the two shelves for the stand since I moved in. It would've been nice had the movers asked me to hold on to them instead of placing them wherever ---------------- Sigh. I was really prepared to give this company five stars after seeing how they handled my roommate's move, but unfortunately I didn't have the same experience. The scheduling process was easy-- I sent an email and the owner, Ray, called me immediately to confirm. I selected an afternoon move and was informed that the estimated arrival time for the movers would be 12-1 PM. I took off from work in prep for the move so that everything would be ready to go once the movers arrived. On my moving day, the arrival time for the movers was pushed back FOUR TIMES. That morning at 8 am, I got a text from the mover who told me that their morning move would take much longer than they expected, so the arrival time was pushed back to 3 PM. An inconvenience, but not *too* far outside of the estimated arrival window. Around 2 PM I texted to get an ETA and was informed that they arrival time would now be closer to 4. At this point, I was annoyed because the company could and should have planned better. All in all, the movers did not arrive until SIX PM. Keep in mind that the arrival was estimated at 12-1 PM. By the most conservative estimate, they were 5 hours late. Moving from apartment buildings requires A LOT of coordination, so their tardiness required me to have to constantly rearrange plans with the leasing offices in both buildings. I also feel that the owner did not own up to his own shortcoming. The various times I spoke w/ him on the phone, he told me "there was no way" he could've known that the first move would take that long. Yes, he could've. As the owner, it's your duty to get all the information you need from your clients to make sound decisions. He also kept repeating that an arrival time or 12-1 was only an estimate. However, estimates are generally close to the actual result. To recap, a move that was supposed to begin around noon didn't start until late evening and wasn't completed until 9 PM. I took off work (awasted PTO) and had to reschedule dealing with the leasing offices multiple times to be able to secure the loading docks once the movers finally arrived. So ridiculous. I would've given one star for the complete inconvenience, but I'll give two because the movers themselves were nice.
- Justine B.

What could have been potentially disastrous, Affordable Movers ended up not completely ruining our moving day. They showed up about 1.5 hours late, which isn't usually a huge deal but we had a strict deadline with a loading dock/moving elevator. I will say the owner did do his best to get as many people there to assist (we asked for 2 but 7 people showed up to help pack up). They obviously need some work on punctuality and not over booking jobs. The movers themselves were kind and efficient and we didn't have issue with damage/lost property. In the end even though we had a late start, the amount of man power ended up helping us move everything up within 30 minutes.
- Catherine M.

Best moving service! I'm a 22 yrs army veteran and moved over 15 times all over the state side and overseas and never had an pleasant experience until now. I called one week prior to schedule my move and received awesome customer service from Eddy. The movers reached out the day prior to confirm all details. The three man team arrived on time and immediately got to work. Nothing was broken, scratched or dented during the move. They put everything in its place, reassembled my bed and sectional sofa, no trash was left, and were extremely pleasant throughout the entire process. I don't plan on doing any more local moves but I will definitely recommend ATN Movers to anyone within the DMV area.
- Ja'Net C.

ATN was very helpful. They accommodated our last minute move, showed up on time, and handled the move effectively especially during these unusual times. Their rates also beat other competitors in the area and included the truck, equipment, and travel of the crew.
- Thomas C.

Hired Affordable Arlington Movers to help me pack and move. The communication throughout the entire process was poor. My apartment was inspected and I was given a quote by Eddy and that was all fine. In the end though I had a terrible experience for the following reasons: 1. My packing was re-scheduled on late notice and I had to reach out to figure out if the packers were actually coming or not myself. 2. My packing date was rescheduled to the day before my move I had to reach out again on that day because nobody showed up or called me at the agreed-upon time. The packers came an hour late. 3. On the day of the move: I had booked the freight elevator for my new apartment and my current apartment. The movers did not come until three hours after the time that was agreed upon. I lost my freight elevator privileges at both places by the time they arrived (I had it from 12:30pm to 4pm). As it was Memorial Day the elevators were completely booked after my timeslots. As we didn't have the freight elevator the move took longer than it needed to and I had to spend a significant amount of time coordinating. I was given an extra person to help speed up the move at no cost but still had to pay for the time they went over which would not have happened if they came on time to use the loading dock and freight elevator. Ultimately there was no real discount or reparations for the poor experience. 4. To top it all off I am missing all of my utensils and cooking ware. I emailed my previous apartment to see if it was left there because the packers missed it and they said my apartment was completely cleaned out. I went back to my old apartment and physically checked the drawers and they were indeed cleaned out. I messaged Eddy to figure out next steps but have not heard anything back. I believe the packers and movers that were hired by Affordable Arlington Movers were subcontractors as they owned their own company. Wouldn't trust that you will get real employees if you hire this company. The poor communication, moving day experience, lack of reparations, and lost items all make this a clear one star experience for me.
- Gerald Y.

I booked these guys 2 days ago Monday, June 9th for 3:45 PM and they arrived on time and got to work immediately when they arrived. They moved rather quickly moving my bigger furniture and I was definitely concerned that they might break something with the speed they were moving. They kept asking me if they could come sooner than 3 I'm assuming because they had another appointment to get to which explains why they moved so quickly. Nothing was handled with care. Everything was tossed around. Lo and behold they ended up breaking my dresser and curio. I'll have to throw away my dresser because of them. I went with them because of their prices and reviews. Please choose a more professional, well-reviewed company for your move.
- Humberto N.

This is the second time we hired ATN Movers. Once again, an excellent experience through and through. Transparent and affordable pricing, as well as responsive communication. The crew arrived on time, communicated well, came prepared, and got right to work. They paid attention to detail, taking extra care to avoid damaging our household items and our vacated apartment and new home. If you're looking for a no-nonsense professional business that will get the job done with quality results, I highly recommend them. If we move again in this area, I'll definitely work with them.
- Ryan M.

I used ATN to move from my apt in Pimmit Hills to Falls Church and had an extremely positive experience. Best price compared to other movers. The movers were efficient and fast. They were also experienced with both buildings and knew where to park and load. I also appreciate the clear communication with management before and during the *entire* process (before and during the move)
- Mia G.

I can't say enough about how easy these guys made moving! Careful, respectful, masks and gloves upon arrival. They worked as a great team. Moved, delivered and reassembled without a hitch. Fees were very reasonable and did not go over the estimated time. We will call them if we ever need to move!
- Sherry P.

No respect for your time or plans. Will show up 7 hours earlier than the time they dictated and expect you to be ready and all the logistics of your move like reserved elevators and loading docks to be available on their whim. No business related reason for showing up drastically early just "The sooner I finish, the sooner I get to go home." If only we all had the luxury of leaving work when we feel like it. One of my $300 canvas paintings that is not even large. About maybe 4ft wide, light. Got scratched because the mover refused to wrap the painting when asked and I had already cleared it with the owner, Eddy. Just a ton of bad business practices on display. Very thrown together operation. ETA: I received a very pointedly worded and mendacious reply from the owner Eddy below. I'm perplexed as to why he would lie so egregiously when our only communication is through text. I do not seek to add his text messages to his business profile but I did attach it as profile pic. Therein, you'll see his lies debunked as he never refused my business. I cancelled a reservation that he so eagerly made when my condition to get a different mover/employee was not met. BTW, I used them twice. Because they are affordable but unfortunately also rather haphazard. I did not mention my painting being damaged to the owner Eddy as my items were taken to a storage facility and I just visited yesterday. I wanted to ensure everything was in tact as his mover Cesar did such a wayward, rushed job. I did not want to incorrectly place blame on any future moving company if my possessions got damaged by ATN which one of my paintings unfortunately did. These guys use little to no protective material when transporting items. It's a very low budget operation. You get what you pay and I took a calculated risk using them. That's my fault and that's why I added a second star.
- Nik N.

Movers did a great job. Super hard working guys. They were super quick and efficient. Everything was wrapped nicely and nothing was damaged. The only negative was that I had originally requested 3 movers but only two showed up. This ended up being fine and we only went a little bit over the minimum 3 hours so it ended up being cheaper for me!
- Leslie O.

Top Notch movers did a fabulous job moving my belongs from my storage unit in Clarendon to my new apartment in Ballston. The movers were very efficient and careful with my belongings. I also commend the movers for coming out during the COVID-19 crisis. The price is unbeatable for two people. Would recommend!
- Heather J.

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