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Arpin Van Lines is an industry leader in household goods moving and storage services for corporate, government, military and residential customers. With more than 100 years of experience and a reputation for providing excellent service, this moving companies core philosophy has always been Creating Customers For Life. We are a customer-centric moving company. The Arpin Van Lines network includes 450 agents nationwide and is a proud member of AMSA, a recipient of the prestigious ProMover accreditation and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Moving-Me about Arpin Van Lines

Moving can be a stressful experience. Movers near you can help you organize your move and take care of the many in’s and out’s that cause the stress in the first place. When you ask yourself, are there any movers near me, the answer is Arpin. This moving company will bring you peace of mind. For over 100 years, the Arpin Van Lines family and its worldwide agency network have been providing award-winning moving and storage services. If you are currently in the market for the best moving services, here are some features that make this company stand out among other moving companies in the U.S.

Arpin Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

This mover is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Arpin is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 621
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 049922
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Arpin Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This mover is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Arpin Van Lines Reviews

Take a look at the photo section of all the damaged HHG (not the arpin Vanline photos). I took them in the process of delivery. This is only after 2 of 4 crates were opened. Non of the boxes are opened yet.
- James D.

Moved from California to Virginia with very little notice (about 3 weeks) for my husband's new job. Mike handled our move right away, provided his personal cell number and was very communicative. He was able to keep the estimate under our budget. Our drivers were very courteous and handled our things well (mostly boxes and one vehicle). They arrived a couple days later than expected but this wasn't a problem for us and there had been inclement weather in the area - the delay was well communicated by the drivers. The drivers delivered our things directly to the door despite the very long, tricky driveway. Our things are in good condition and the drivers took their time with me to catalog the boxes upon arrival. Car was in good condition and the driver noted to me that the check engine lights had come on when he removed the vehicle from the truck (this was an existing problem so not at all their fault, and it was nice of them to note it to me). Estimate was accurate. All in all a very nice experience. I am mostly finished unpacking our things and so far nothing out of place or broken. Thank you!
- Hannah C.

This is our 7th out of state move and we have never had such a horrible experience! They came on a Monday and packed up our kitchen. They didn't show up again until Thursday then rushed to pack our house. When the truck arrived in Minnesota the driver said it was so poorly packed they had to leave half of our stuff in CA. No one bothered to call and let us know. By the time our stuff arrives it will be 2 weeks late! We are basically camping in our house. What did arrive was mislabeled and several broken items. Our coordinator was Holly and when things went wrong she said she isn't our coordinator and just stopped calling us! Save yourself a headache and find a reliable company.
- Marci R.

If I could have given a zero I would. It was the worst experience in all of our 10 moves. DO NOT USE THEM if you can do anything else do. Driver showed up from Las Vegas and said he fell off a ladder. He had both eyes black and full of blood. I think they spent more time having smoke breaks and on their phones than packing our shipment. Driver said we had 2500 more pounds then they had estimated. Then started telling us that he did not have room on his truck. Had the same experience as others with them writing that everything was scratched or damaged. Now on to delivery. We requested delivery and were confirmed, then nothing. So we call the day before and they say "no your not on the list." We explain who we talk to and they say okay they will be there between 8-10. Then they call at 9 and say they are loading our stuff and will be on the way. This happened until after 4pm. Finally the truck shows up at 5:35 at night. We talk to the inspector and are instructed to let them stay to unload or they do not have to come back. The first thing off of the truck is broken, and it went downhill from there. Items that left our home in California were ripped apart (no exaggeration), taken apart (who knows where the parts went) and boxes that were sealed by the company that packed our stuff had obviously been opened and resealed. This went on till well past 11pm. We are now looking at 10 plus missing items, and close to 100 broken items, including both of my kid's beds. They were going to return to assemble the things taken apart and unpack. Have heard nothing, not a word from them. The claim has been sent in, but at this point I am not very hopeful.
- Diana C.

I wish I could give them zero stars. We used this company for a military move from San Diego to Georgia. The packers made sexual comments to me, which was beyond unprofessional. Also, when they delivered our goods we realized they lost over $1000 of our stuff. We have been trying to track someone down to help us locate our items, but we can't get in contact with anyone. Avoid this company at all costs! Totally unprofessional and the worst moving experience we have ever had.
- Jill E.

This is my first and hopefully last experience with Arpin Van Lines. Their communication and willingness to accommodate customers is dismal. On both the pick-up and drop-off ends of the move they missed their promised times by several hours. At each end I was promised a call from their driver to update me of any changes, yet received nothing. I understand that logistically things happen that cause delays, but please be respectful of other's time by calling to provide updates. The company's customer service representative was largely unhelpful and unapologetic to the situation. My experience with this company has been very unsatisfactory.
- Michael S.

This is the 2nd time we used this company. On the prior occasion there were no issues and we were very satisfied with our experience. However on this recent move we experienced many issues. Everything thing was fine leading up to the move, the man who came to our home to give us the quote was professional and through in explaining the procedures. The moving coordinator in the office was courteous and responsive in answering questions we had. However on the day of the actual move it was all downhill. The crew wrapped none of our furniture and as a result there was damage not only to the furniture but to the newly painted walls in our home. The crew leader acknowledged the damage and took pictures. We were told someone would be coming to our home within 2 days. After hearing nothing we contacted Arpin and was informed that we had to submit a written claim ( we did purchase their insurance). After 2 weeks of silence, I contacted Arpin today and was told someone would be contacting us by the end of next week. 7 more days! When we engaged Arpin we were told by the salesman that they were the most expensive mover in RI but absolutely the best. I can attest that the first part is true!
- Raymond S.

We moved from Illinois to Sacramento, and the experience was HORRIBLE. Their estimate was far less than what it turned out to be; they left us waiting in a home without furniture for over 23 days(!!); and their customer support refused to ever call us back. After many, many calls, we were often told, "We'll get someone to look at that", which ended up meaning, "Give us your money, thanks, bye." I would never use this company again, and recommend that anyone looking to move should consider other options if at all possible.
- John W.

Zero reliability or accountability. How can you trust a company with all of your possessions when you can't even trust them to show up within 48 hours of when they were scheduled? Sure they've got an "excuse," but it seems that they always have one from reading other reviews here. As if moving across the country isn't stressful enough, this company will be sure to make it an absolute NIGHTMARE. Actual quote from the driver during a phone call that occurred while he was in a completely different state and over 24 hours late already: "Well you still want moved don't ya?" No apology! No attempt to be helpful or fix the situation! Just a "You need me, so I'll get there at my own convenience" attitude. What a joke!
- J J.

Nothing was done professionally from beginning to end. Our furniture arrived two weeks late. No one ever explained why and no one apologized or even acted as if this was out of the ordinary. I will say that a couple if individuals were pleasant but mostly it was like pulling teeth to get any information. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
- Lynn T.

We received many items scratched and/or broken. I expect that when using a moving company as they have no personal connection to your things or their value. What bothered me about this company, was finding two pairs of soiled men's underwear packed into my china bowl. In addition, not receiving a hand painted decorative table which went missing. I should have sensed what was happening when the movers insisted to pack it last after everything had been loaded into the truck.
- Heidi C.

We had 12+ boxes lost, serious irreparable damage, and they took no responsibility. Arpin Van Lines was contracted by the Army to move us as our final move after a 26+ year military career. The movers hired were DAY WORKERS with little to no prior experience, at their own admission. These men had access to 100% of our belongings without a background check. They damaged furniture, shoving dressers through door frames, rather than remove the doors, ripped off a dresser leg, and dropped a Sleeper Sofa out of the back of the moving truck, causing irreparable damages. Our goods were stored in their warehouse before delivery. Once delivered there were over a dozen missing boxes. Now, during the claims process, they're denying a fair settlement and low-balling the offers. I know, there's always another side to every story. Their side is they don't want to take responsibility because the damages total over $60K. We wish there was a NO STAR option.
- Milkmaid L.

Extreme lack of professionalism. Arriving a day after thee initial scheduled time. Driver tried to hide several broken items, however the un-packers were kind enough to notify me. Driver stated things were damaged before transit that are in pristine condition. Driver did not allow for a reweigh, and then tried to have us pay out of pocket a substantial amount of money knowing full well the government covers the cost. I do not recommend Arpin Van Lines for any future Military nor civilian transportation needs. I will be addressing this company with the Army Department of Transportation.
- Amy m.

Without going into much details as I left a very detailed review on BBB, I'd like to say that this is the worst moving compnay I had to deal with in 13 years of military service. We moved from Germany to US and many items were damaged and liabiliy by Arpin was denied even after submitting substantial amount of evidence of mishandling. I am in the military and not presented with the option of selecting my preffered moving company. However, if you have a choice do not opt for Arpin.
- Max Y.

Both of my wedding rings disappeared right along with the movers! The company told me that since the rings were not listed on my inventory they could not do anything about it. Instead I filed a police report. I will never trust a moving company again with any of our PCS moves!
- Lia Z.

As you can see from my original review I initially did not have a good experience with Arpin Van Lines. But in my opinion the sign of a good company is one that owns up to mistakes it has made and corrects them. Today I was contacted by a woman named Julie in their customer service department and they have reviewed and approved my delay claim. Certainly I would have preferred that the move had gone smoothly in the first place but since that did not happen this is the best outcome I could have hoped for.
- Sid S.

I had to give one star but it should be zero stars!!!! They are the most defunct moving company that I have ever dealt with. Thousands of dollars of goods were never transported. Waiting on customer service is another joke. So many people have left the company so everyday is a new tell all. Please, Please do not use Arpin unless you like drama and heartache!!!
- Nancy I.

I submitted a request online for an in home estimate, received the attached confirmation that it was received and that I would receive a phone call shortly, that was on the 11th August. To date I've not received an email or call from them at all (if they did call and it's a call I missed, they didn't even leave a message). Not one peep from them. I chose another company and moved on, don't waste your time with Arpin, if they can't even email or call to respond to a request, think how horribly they'll handle your move.
- Chris V.

Has been over a year and they still have not addressed the problems with my move. Keep in mind that one pays before Arpin actually completes the move. I suspect this practice has a lot to do with their poor performance. Since they're paid before the job is done they simply lose interest in properly completing the move. I wished I'd listened to the other negative reviews listed below but I didn't and chose to let Arpin move me. I regretted that decision and I'm still regretting it. Bottom line is that you are well advised to stay away from these movers. If you are considering Arpin, my only advice to you is: "Run Forrest Run."
- Eric W.

Not quite sure why there are so many bad reviews but I on other hand had an excellent experience! It could have been the local affiliate who handled the move or the company's reputation. Either way my experience was fantastic from start to finish! Both my moving consultant and moving help were friendly and professional the entire time. The type of relationship you would want to build a friendship on if you had the opportunity in the end! All of my belongings arrived undamaged and in the same condition as which they began their journey. It could be that I took extreme precautions in packing all of my equipment, or their precautions in on assembling and wrapping each individual item.
- Jay Cee N.

We were appalled by the total lack of care shown the by moving company. They never once contacted me. The only contact was from an online survey company that had us record a video of our house. They never went over the survey with us. They did not contact us to tell us they were not going to show up on the scheduled date. I only found out the day before when I called to ask what time they were coming. Over the next two days, and many phone calls on my part, I found out that there was no driver assigned to my move. When the driver did show up 4 days late, he and the packers complained that they were not getting paid enough. The packers took no care in protecting our items. We continue to find empty tape rolls in our boxes. They added massive amounts of paper to some boxes, and if to bulk up the weight and pad their pockets, yet mattresses and many other items were not boxed or wrapped. The truck had an obvious water leak, as evidenced by the water damage on some of our items, including the finish on my wife's antique piano being destroyed. The driver repeatedly ridiculed our religion. At our new house they refused to unpack our items. We have an extensive list of items broken, many irreplaceable. The driver lied about the condition of our items, but we have pictures before the move to prove condition. Too bad the insurance won't dry the tears of my children, which I get to face every time they find another precious item destroyed
- Brian

Priority Moving and Arpin Van Lines are the worst moving company! First of all it took us a full month to get our stuff! Then they didn't even have a truck ready for us come loading day even though I booked the day 2 months in advance. So our stuff got put on a temporary truck, put in a warehouse for a month and then schlepped onto another truck only for it to arrive and have to be put on 2 U-Hauls to be delivered to us...WHICH WE HAD TO PAY EXTRA FOR! Due to all the moving of our stuff so many things were damaged and I'm talking damaged beyond repair. Multiple items our ours went "missing" and never arrived on the truck. Come to find out that the multiple missing items were never inventoried by Priority Movers in San Diego so who knows what was done with them. Filed a claim with Arpin for the missing items only to be denied because they were not on the signed inventory list I signed when we left and when our stuff arrived. Like I was able to go line by line to make sure everything was accounted for and packed in boxes for an entire 4 bedroom house when things are just labeled "Misc. Bedroom". How am I supposed to know what that is. It's like the make it easy for them to deny claims for missing items. NEVER AGAIN and nor will I recommend Arpin to anyone else...EVER!
- Jamie

This company is the worst. There is a reason there are so many terrible reviews on almost every major review site. They gave us a 2 week window and then were a week late beyond that. When they finally arrived much of our property was damaged, which was not surprising after I watched the way they handled our belongings. Nothing was wrapped in any kind of protective padding. I watched them set our couch down sideways directly on a dirty New York City sidewalk. Our dining room table had multiple chips and scratches. Many items were damaged and whole boxes missing. The bill was over $2000 more than the “estimate.” I submitted a request to the claims department for compensation for all the damage they did. Every single claim was denied with explanations that made no sense. Throughout the whole process we had one contact person who was really difficult to get ahold of and often would not even return our calls. These people are true crooks. Avoid this company at all costs.
- Zach

We contracted ARPIN Van lines to move our house from Washington State to Oklahoma State in December 2017. When packing up the house there were valuable items left in the garage for pick up, including brand new toys, classic car parts, fans, etc. I packed up the kitchen myself but one of the boxes were full of control substances such as Zyprexa that were prescribed to my husband. ARPIN used Golden Services as a third party mover. All of these items including the prescriptions were stolen from us. When we made a claim we were told that since the items were not on the inventory there was nothing that could be done. I tried disputing the decision but they never called me and denied the dispute as well. The movers never added the items that were taken from the garage to the inventory so we did not know the items were stolen until we unpacked our boxes. Another item stolen was a keyboard. This item was on the inventory list and when our belongings were brought to our new home, the driver was informed that the keyboard was missing. We were told to take it up with corporate. Even that item was denied on our claim. Not only were we stolen from but the furniture that did come was damaged including our sofa, dining room set and bedroom set. We paid for our furniture to reassembled and the movers did not do that either. Also we were quoted that the move would only take a week. It took to two weeks. The most concerning issue here is the stolen prescriptions. That shows a huge problem with the employees this company uses if prescription drugs are stolen. During the claims process the person handling our case was Carolann. She did not return calls and was very hard to talk to and did not listen to our complaints. I have filed a police report and will be taking other steps. Do not use this company they will steal from you and then blame you for it.
- Ebonie Daniels

This company seems fraudulent and should not be allowed to operate in the state of Florida. I have moved many , many times in my lifetime, and this was the worst experience that I have ever had. There are too many reasons to list here as I am still exhausted from the move but I will touch on the "highlights". First, the movers showed up to with one man and one small women. What should have taken approximately 4 hours, took 9 hours. I had to rearrange my closing, and make two trips instead of one of car loads. Then I was told by Kim (works for Blue Dolphin Moving and Arpin) that she "hates" her bipolar boss, Ernie McNab, and that he "makes" everyone pay cash before he will deliver their furniture/items. Well, I thought that was odd telling me that after the truck was completely loaded and they were about to leave. Then, I was told that my belongings weighted 9,000 pounds, but that she hadn't weighed the truck BEFORE it was loaded. What? I have never owned 9,000 pounds in my life, even when I owned a house much bigger than the one I moved from. I was called by Ernie and he spoke to me like he was from the Mafia, and "made" me sign the new contract agreeing to the new price. Then, before the final delivery (my things were in storage for 22 days) I was told a time they would be at my house. Then I was told that I HAD to pay a cashiers check. I told them that the CONTRACT stated that I could pay with a visa, why are they requiring cash? No one would respond to me. I called the office again and finally got a hold of someone (Operations Manager?) that said I could pay with Visa after all, but that my delivery would now be at 11, not 8 as originally stated because they now had "boxes" to pick up for someone else. Okay, so now I'm delayed because you have to pick up boxes??? THEN, I tried to call Kim from BLUE DOLPHIN (somehow associated with Ernie McNam from Arpin who was my POC) and I received NO RESPONSE. NOTHING. I contacted Ernie and he refused to tell me what time the movers would be at the house and IGNORED ME. It was clear my belongings were being held hostage until I agree to pay with a cashiers check. I only found out the time of the delivery by calling the office the morning of the move when they finally answered (after 8 am), that I would have a delivery around 11, but that "CASH" was "preferred". The message was clear, no cash, no delivery. I did not sleep the entire night before, wondering if I would ever see my belongings again!!!! I am contacting local, state and federal authorities, the BBB, judicial representatives and an attorney!!! This man is Fraudulent under CONTRACT LAW, at a minimum. I found out that he's not allowed to move people in GEORGIA, that they had so many complaints he's been banned! FLORIDA needs to do the same, and I hope I help to end his harassment and criminal activities. Please, don't ever use this person/companies to move. Kim from Blue Dolphin is just as culpable as she ignored my calls and texts trying to find out the time she would be delivering my furniture, causing me major stress!
- Allura

I would rate them a zero if it let me. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! I got a quote from Arpin, however my job was moved over to Dolphin Moving Systems. Arpin should drop this company from their business and it's their fault for allowing this to happen for their clients. The driver knowingly put our couch cushions in someones else's section on the truck. He "couldn't get to them" when they delivered our items, so assured us he would bring them back by once he did another delivery. Phone calls, texts, etc. later, we filed a claim and the joke of a company Dolphin said that our $4,000 couch would only need $100 to replace cushions. We also had a deductible, so essentially they are paying nothing. I tried desperately to get my cushions back before filing the claim and due to their negligence and extremely poor customer service, I am out the $900 for replacements. They also denied the claim for other items "not on the inventory list", which is bologna because they packed our house and chose not to put some things in a box or with a sticker. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT YOUR STUFF BACK.
- Emily

Arpin has provided an absolute nightmare. They were late delivering my goods, they lost some and damaged others, but refuse to pay or acknowledge. They have been giving me the run around and refuse to admit their mistakes. They acknowledge losing my Futon but refuse to compensate me for it.
- Ramez Faza

Movers from Arpin Van Lines broke dresser mirror only because of one mover's stupidity to put large nails instead of small ones when he tried to put dresser back together. They got so upset that they called Ryan in his office. I filed the claim and after calling, emailing, etch for 2 month I got a ch for $25. Dresser is part of bedroom set which cost $4000. That mirror can not be repaired. Only replaced. I was told at a Glass Shop it will cost $400-600. That is an example on what kind of people are Arpin Co- 'the industry leaders' for 100 yrs - they are a bunch of cheap liars.
- Vera Faith

We had a terrible experience with our move from NY to NC. We had several items of furniture damaged, garment boxes crushed. They never delivered our 3 drawer file cabinet, which contained very important documents. When we realized it (about 2 hrs. after they left) that they didn't deliver it we called and they had to drive back 150 miles to deliver it. And when they did, they came back with our outdoor furniture umbrella base also. About 2 wks. later I went to use my 6' ladder to find out they never delivered it. We called, and they had to have it redelivered on another delivery. We hired Charles Wood and Sons, who I assume Arpin contracts them out. When we had a sales person from the company come to give us an estimate, he assured us that they use only their own people and don't hire out. Well when they showed up to do our move in NY two of the workers had on "Lopez Moving Company" t-shirts on. Clearly not Arpin employees. And when they unloaded us in NC they had two people from Charlotte NC which is about 40 miles from us. Clearly not Arpin employees. So I would stay away from this company. "Do not hire"
- John Eggers

Arping moved us cross country. It was filled with issues from the beginning. From Driver to missing items to lack of accountability. 1. Driver said he didn't trust the people he hired but reassured that he will oversee everything and ensure our move will be seamless. 2. Items were not properly inventoried, driver informed us he didn't have time to do everything and properly inventory. 3. Result: Didn't realize it until unpacking that a number of items were missing, mirror, two tv wall stands, other valuable items. Response from corporate Arpin incredibly disappointing. In short, they shrugged their shoulders and stated we had no recourse. They cannot be trusted.
- Joe Graham

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