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About American Van Lines

We are happy to announce that based on the results of an independent survey, commissioned by Newsweek Magazine, American Van Lines ranks as one of “America’s Best Customer Service 2019” in the category Moving Services. Our mission is to provide their customers with the most professional services. We do all this while having the best customer service and competitive prices. The company believes in quality, teamwork integrity, improvement and safety. We aim to be the singe source for the moving process. We do not like to subcontract or use any other agents throughout the move.

Moving-Me about American Van Lines

American Van Lines is a moving company based out of Pompano Beach Florida. They have been in business for over 20 years. The company began in 1995. Their DOT license states that they own and operate 54 trucks. They offer great services, and ensure all of your belongings are in good hands. They do local residential, long distance, office/commercial relocation. Fast deliveries are made seven days a week. They have storage options for short or long term use.

American Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 294798

US D.O.T: 614506
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: IM – 105

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What is American Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. American Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

American Van Lines Reviews

This company is $1,000 or more than the competition. There was too much that went wrong to put it all down. Just know you're going to pay to much, they will not get your order right, they will not call you if you need them to, they won't tell you when they are coming in an appropriate amount of time, they break things then don't call you after you tell them, they pack certain things for an extra fee then won't unpack them, they pack up all your lamps then don't unpack them, you pay half up front then when you ask the driver do we pay the other half when we get down there and do we need the same credit card and he says don't worry they will just charge it then when he shows up he askes in the early morning why you didn't pay, they don't explain any of the process very well if at all, I can go on and on, but when the manager emails you and asks how the move went and if they met your expectations and you say no it was horrible feel free to give me a call so I can explain and they never call because they don't care about you. We used North American last time and in 10 months when we move again and for the dozen friends and family that are moving down here with us we will be using and recommending someone else. These positive reviews have to be fake because there is no way these people used this company. my advise is don't use these guys!
- James N LaBonte

“I can't stress it enough how happy I am with them...
- Marcy W

“Very satisfied and pleased with the company. Especially Many, the driver, and his two assistants on both ends of the move. Thank you for taking such great care of our belongings. The overall experience with American Van Lines was great.

“Helen was lovely to communicate with. She kept us well-informed. James was also wonderful. He was our initial contact. The movers were wonderful as well. Everyone we dealt with was very informative and approachable. I haven't had a chance to go through all of our things yet, beings they are in storage. However, i was disappointed to see my son's television and my mothers' glass shelf in her dining room hutch was broken. I understand this happens in moves. Hopefully, I won't find more.
- Shelly C.

“American Van Lines was awesome! They came over and gave me a completely reasonable estimate and even gave me tips for the move. They provided with me all the boxes I needed and the day of the move went without a glitch. The movers were excellent- quick and efficient. They went above and beyond and not a single item was damaged or broken. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to move!

м“From the start it was great. They issued a moving coordinator that was equally great however, the so-called supervisor for the delivery coordinator was not! Prices changed mid-way and she never kept her word as to when she stated she would call. (Charges increased after dropping three significantly heavier pieces of furniture.) Nor was she responsive to emails or calls/messages left. I will say they did reverse the charges to the original quote after my complaints. Pickup/delivery persons were great, awesome in fact. They were quick, efficient and the most organized I’ve ever seen! Gave the three of them what I would consider a pretty good tip. They’re the persons doing all the back breaking work and deserve to be well compensated!
- Marie A.

“Great job nice workers
- Thomas S.

“Helen was the most helpful and was so very professional about all the details for my move. The driver was great and knew his information also. Yes I would likely recommend you to others who are moving.
- Susan K.

Excellent company, truck arrived on time with an extra person. The weather was scheduled to rain all day and they did not cancel. The team did a great job getting things into the truck and moved ontime even though the preparation was not complete. No sunpass so the drive was slightly longer than needed.
- Cullen W.

Wish I was allowed to give zero stars! This company will never touch my belongings or be allowed in my home again nor of friends or colleagues if I can help it. Such a huge regret and endless pain/inconvenience to deal with all the aftermath of a Corporate relocation; time I'll never get back. There is damage to over 80 items they packed and hauled from legs of patio furniture pushed through the table top, broken legs and holes in new leather couch, broken and bent back to wingback chair, leg of my son's antique heirloom chair snapped in half, dented/broken smoker/BBQ, tool chest damaged, big screen 3DTV (sounds like a box of Legos inside not to mention the large spots all over the screen), broken appliances, smashed monitors, neon bar light was only wrapped in paper and tossed in the truck (really folks?), chipped and dented furniture just to name a FEW of the items which total over $36,000 to replace. (burned out wasting weeks of my life having to research pricing of all the replacements for an insurance claim). Some items have been moved 15 times in my life with ZERO problems and they call themselves "professionals"?!? The icing on the cake is I bought my first brand new home and looked like crap after they left to which it still does months later! They damaged walls in almost every room in the house putting holes, MANY scuffs and ink from wet and dirty boxes, heck they even got soot on the ceiling! They don't want to pay for proper repair, claiming they only have to touch up spots they screwed up because its thousands less from their cheap "painter" with zero credibility. If anyone's ever painted their walls, touch ups look like garbage, you need to paint the entire wall. Nothing like ruining the feeling and excitement I should have had with buying a sparkling new home. I should have just told my work to wait while I pack and take all my belongs across country myself again and wouldn't have to deal with the time I'll have to waste re-buying items I owned and extreme inconvenience of "repairmen" coming and going to fix other belongings. This experience ranks right up there with the BS you go through with a divorce! I was promised in the beginning they will do whatever it takes to make this right, hogwash when they backpedal, their word obviously means nothing and this will go down as one of the worst experiences I've ever gone through in my life.
- Ron M.

American Van Lines has since been very diligent in getting in touch with me in order to rectify the situation. Admittedly, I ignored these attempts, but when Tony reached out to me himself, I was impressed. Through correspondence via email, we were able to work together in order to come to a resolve that helped me feel a lot better about my experience. He issued an apology and compensation for my trouble. I have to say I am impressed by this company's persistence to make this right. They took ownership of their actions and didn't sweep it under the rug, even four months later. I certainly wish things had gone better in the first place, but I have to say that I really respect that.
- Morgan W.

This was our first long distance move and the experience was made less stressful with American Van Lines. Our first interaction was with Tim Tamkins who walked me through the entire process and we signed our contract on the same call. After that, Elena Morgan was assigned as our move coordinator. I can't say enough about how happy I am with my interaction with Elena. She was very patient, responsive to our questions, accommodated our changes, and great at checking in and following up. Our QA person, Jennifer Vale, was also pleasant to speak with and very helpful. On the day of our move, the team arrived on time and all of our belongings was carefully wrapped and transported. Our driver, Patrick Smily, was courteous and efficient in loading and unloading our stuff. I was amazed at how they packed the truck - it was like Tetris! Patrick delivered our belongings to our destination within 6 days of the move. I was pleasantly surprise at how fast things got there! All in all, I was very pleased with my experience with American Van Lines. Based on other reviews I have read, I guess we got lucky and was assigned an effective team.
- Marie B.

The concierge like experience I got from American Van Lines staff was top notch from my first contact getting an estimate, to the movers who behaved professionally and worked with urgency, to the point of contact liasson assigned to me, and the follow up after the move... I will definitely be using them for the future and reccomend them to all of my friends!!
- Cassie V.

Great service on our first time long distance move. The entire process was very well and professionally managed. We kept very close communication with the person managing our move all the time; he always responded to inquiries very promptly. Everything was properly coordinated, the guys at the pickup were great and very professional. The delivery was great as well. I fully recommend this company!
- Fede F.

Top class in every aspect ! From the first call to Racheal Skolnik (a true professional) to the last box off the truck, American Van Lines did a great job. We have moved long distance seven times in the last 20 years and this was by far our best experience. The price we were quoted was "binding" and AVL did everything they promised and more. The final invoice for total cost was as exactly what we were quoted. Great value for the move and storage. All I can say is, a huge Thank You to the staff of American Van Lines. Seamus and Bernie O'Donnell Thank you
- Seamus O.

Communication is the key to anything in life. Overall, communication was lacking between the dispatchers, customer service, and the driver. The administrative staff seemed overwhelmed with their tasks. We paid extra to move belongings by a certain date and when the driver called the last week of the window, we were told he wouldn't make it by that time frame. Had to call and call in order to receive the belongings by the date that we paid for it to be transported by. The driver was nice and understanding, it was just a lack of communication. When contracts are made, agreed upon, and signed the delivery window should be given to dispatch as well as the driver. As well as the address should be given to the driver, the driver did not have the address just the city. Better communication is greatly needed among the workers. Some of my belongings were banged up and scratched. Neither one of my mattresses didn't have the mattress pads that were placed on them prior to moving. Although my belongings were received the last day of the window, thanks to calling them for two straight days. They shouldn't give people a window if they do not abide by that time frame. We had to call them for two days for me to receive my belongings on the last day. Then when we talked to the driver he said we have been moved up and he would be there. My understanding is that a contract is a legal document which has to be upheld! Instead of them giving the driver more loads to pick up which was delaying the delivery, they need to focus more on customer satisfaction, My belongings were on the truck for two whole weeks. I would compare other moving companies before booking with this one. The only reason why we went with them is because we weren't in our window to break the contract and they were not going to refund us our deposit.
- Keiana S.

Service was great from beginning to end. Allan and his helper was exceptional
- Joanna D.

Highly recommend. From start to finish I had a point of contact (William and Victoria) and all of my questions answered. Local move which was about 20 min. I will say however, they did UNDERESTIMATE how long it would take. With that being said they rectified the situation and was very customer oriented. My movers were two great guys who were very professional and efficient at their job. All of my stuff arrived as promised with no issues. I have worked with many moving companies before and this was a huge relief.
- Dani P.

This was an awful experience, do not use these people. I've used other moving companies in the best and this was by far the worst experience. They broke my TV. They were late picking things up. They were past the time frame of delivery when they finally did deliver. They damaged art work. They were late on the day they did finally decide to deliver. And it's not like I was asking for a time frame for them to show up, I just went by what they told me. So if you want an unprofessional company, that can't keep a schedule, and will damage all your stuff, then by all means choose american van lines.
- Matthew M.

Not a good experience. Ended up have to pay quite a bit more than was estimated because we "added items" which is not true. We actually had to leave a handful of items because they wouldn't fit on the truck. The estimate was just apparently way off. There were only 2 packers (one of whom frankly was super nice but nearly not fit enough to be moving large items) for a 2600 sq ft home with 2 floors and took 9 hours. One of them was reasonably complaining about how long it was taking and both were complaining about how wrong the estimate was. We felt so bad for them we gave them a bigger tip than we would normally. Our family with 2 young children had to drive 4 hours that night so didn't arrive at our destination until 1:30am because they didn't leave the house until after 8:30pm and we had to do other things once they left finally. They were nice and tried their hardest but the estimator Brian put that it was a one story and apparently didn't accurately estimate even though he physically came to our home and I took him room to room. I asked to have him call me twice to discuss this and he never did. The arrival and unload went way better--they were on time, had 2 guys plus contracted another one and unloaded in about 3 hours rather than the 9 it took to load. The driver seemed very knowledgable and shook his head when he heard how long the load had taken and when I commented on the fact that our mattresses weren't bagged when they should have been. He said, "I don't know what these guys were doing" Very disappointed and frustrating experience.
- Megan H

We used American to move my mom from North Carolina to Ohio. Right from the start they were not pushy, answered my questions honestly, and quoted a reasonable price. (All in marked contrast to other movers I contacted.) I had considered renting a truck and doing it with friends, and that would have been cheaper, but it was well worth spending more to have it done right (and avoid putting my back out.) Also, driving a truck through the West Virginia mountains in winter was not appealing. They assign a move coordinator, who kept me up to date and checked in to see how things were going throughout the move. The movers themselves got in touch the day before, and kept me informed. They give you a window, and came pretty early in that timeframe. They loaded everything we had packed, and helped pack some extra things. They charge for that but were reasonable about it, and took care with our furniture, etc. Delivery the next day went well, and they were careful and efficient. All in all a great experience, and I will keep them in mind for future moves.
- Mark K.

Truly the worst mistake I made in hiring this company. Not to mention the most horrific interstate moving experience I have ever had. They are dishonest, unreliable, overpriced, and genuinely unethical. They make endless promises on pick up/delivery dates, including printing these dates on your contract, but it means nothing. Their follow through is horrible, they don't return your calls, their staff will tell you lies, and their movers are inexperienced. Of course you will not know this until you give them a 50% deposit. Once they have your money, good luck...Additionally they expect to paid the balance prior to your delivery. AVOID THIS COMPANY. I paid over $7k to move across the country. Included in this bogus price was the cost to have them pack, and provide the packing materials. Their lead driver showed up two days late, with two inexperienced laborers who didn't have a clue how to wrap and pack, let alone put a box together with tape. My husband and I ended up doing most of the packing ourselves. After countless phone calls/messages/threats to their management, we finally received a call back and we were promised a credit (at the end of our move-of course), that we never received!!! What a surprise. Also, they were 1.5 weeks delayed on their delivery. We incurred so many other costs with hotels, etc...due to their poor, very unprofessional, unethical business practice. As if moving across country isn't stressful enough... I would never recommend American Van Lines, Inc.
- Nancy R.

We moved from South Florida to Columbus, Ohio and are extremely happy that we chose American Van Lines for our move. Many of their employees/drivers have worked for them for years, which speaks highly of their organization. Most large moving companies sub-contract all services - buyer beware!!! American Van Lines does NOT do this (or if they do, it does not appear that way to the customer)! From start to finish, our long distance move was smooth! The driver who picked up our belongings also delivered them, and he was THE BEST!!! Request Victor if you can - you won't be disappointed! Both crews who loaded and unloaded were respectful, efficient and very nice. We had a dedicated rep who we could call for anything, and she kept us informed all along the way. For your next move, If you want peace-of-mind at a very reasonable price - choose AMERICAN VAN LINES!
- K R.

I wasn't going to write a review, but I found my experience somewhat comical & also thought maybe something can be learned. American Van Lines called me and texted me many many times each day. I wasn't ready to talk with them yet because everything about my move is up in the air. I finally set up a time for a call. They called me right on time and I was transferred to talk to someone. It was very difficult to hear the person I was speaking with because it sounded like there was a lot going on in the background. The person ended up saying that we should hang up and that he would call me right back (and he stressed that he would call me right back!) and hopefully that will fix noisy background. I never received a call back!! I couldn't believe it after being hounded day after day! I will not hire American Van Lines.
- Cathy W

DAMAGED AND MISSING ITEMS!!! The packers were scheduled to arrive at 8 am on moving day. They did not arrive until 6 pm!! None of them spoke English so we could not communicate about any of the items. They packed until 4 in the morning! Plus they drank alcohol from the liquor cabinet. My stuff was supposed to arrive on July 24th. But nothing did. Many, many calls later I was told my belongings were subcontracted to Morales Movers without my knowledge or consent! When some of my stuff arrived on August 5th none of it was pad-wrapped per contract and therefor there was significant damaged. On top of that EVERY BOX WAS OPEN and been ransacked through. The driver came alone and had no help to unload the furniture. He called for help from another company but when they arrived and saw the condition of the boxes they called their boss who told them not to touch anything; it was a liability. The driver unloaded the items himself but caused even more damage since he did not have any help. He placed the things in my garage, not where I wanted them and not re-assembled as was stated would be done in the contract. After going through all my boxes WITHOUT a manifest (because they never gave me one) I tallied up over $25,000 in items that was missing. That doesn't include the monetary loss from the damaged items that I did receive. It is March 5th and I still have no resolution with American Van Lines despite my persistent emails and calls. DO NOT USE AMERICAN VAN LINES!! This has been edited to reflect two corrections. I stated earlier that the belongings should have arrived on June 26th. I also said it was 41 days late but it was actually 11 days. Still unacceptable.
- Jo M.

Here's my experience with American Van Lines: We contracted with AVL to move from California to Washington. From the very beginning communication was spotty. It took many phone calls to finally pin them down to an arrival date and time to pack and load our household. Somewhere along the way I figured out that AVL is not a moving company themselves; they are merely a broker. They contracted with a company called "Move4Less" to do our move. The big problem is that we can't contact Move4Less direct. We have to call AVL who in turn calls M4L and then AVL gets back to us. Very cumbersome. Anyway, a box truck with four people arrived at our California location on June 25. They were hard workers and seemed to pack everything safely and securely, so we got a good initial impression. My wife and I hit the road in our car to our new home in the Puget Sound area. We arrived on July 1, and that's where the fun began. All we had with us is what we could fit in our car: A few changes of clothing, and not much else. Naturally we were eager to find out when the truck would arrive so we could have our furniture, appliances, kitchen and bathroom items etc. After repeated calls to AVL, we were informed that the truck had yet to depart California! What AVL does is pick up from many households in small trucks and put everything in a warehouse until there is enough to fill a 53' 18-wheel truck. Presumably, at the destination the reverse is done: Unload the 53 footer and transfer to smaller trucks for final delivery. Upon repeated questioning to our AVL rep, she said our goods could arrived somewhere between July 3 and July 17.! When I asked why this process was not communicated with us from the beginning, her answer was "Read the agreement you signed." So here we sit in our empty new home...luckily we had bought a new bed and dining room table and had them delivered ahead of time. If we hadn't done that, we'd be sleeping and eating on the floor. Aside from that, we have no pots and pans, no glass wear or plates, no knives and forks, no bath towels, no soap or shampoo....and the list goes on and on. We have gone to the local market to buy paper plates and plastic utensils to tide us over until the moving truck finally arrives. How can a moving company not know where a truck is and not be able to give a reasonable arrival date other than a vague three week window? This been an absolutely horrible experience, and I would not recommend AVL to anyone.
- Richard R.

This is an organization of caring people. They want to help.
- Carl S.

The customer service was good and the movers were organized fast and professional Thank you so much for the storage time provided that saved the day Your cost and storage is the reason we chose you!
- Ken R.

The men who came to pack everything up, and load it did a great job. The movers in California, also were friendly and helpful.
- Ingeborg C.

Packing was good not great. Where blankets or stretch wrapping should have been used to prevent contact to the ground or truck basin I didn't witness it. Also, some serious issues regarding bed frame setup upon delivery. After sleeping in the beds, framing fell and hardwoods were scratched. We also reported damage to our furniture to Rasheed but have not heard back corporately. Therefore, overall timelines were met, price was right just some details need to be addressed regarding packing. Seems to have been a young, albeit eager, crew. Diane & Dave
- Dave/Diane R.

They whole experience was great. Angela was fantastic
- Patricia K.

I was using American Van Lines' services to move for a job. It was a sudden decision so I had a really short time frame to organize everything. I suppose that everyone who has ever planned a last-minute move may understand how stressed out I was at the time. I know that every vehicle may break down, but I didn’t want to believe that this could happen on my moving day with my entire household inside that truck. I didn’t hear from my movers for hours and I just knew that something bad happened. I was desperately waiting at my new home not knowing anything while they were arranging for a replacement truck. At some point they reached out to tell me that the issue was taken care of. I got my load delivered the following day. In spite of all difficulties I got my things intact, but the stress and inconveniences I was exposed to were completely unnecessary.
- Adam Asimov

The guys at American Van Lines are serious about moving! They bring a whole crew and multiple trucks to get everything done fast! The owner and employees are also very friendly and patient. We’ve used several moving companies in the past, and NO ONE even comes close! I will recommend these guys to any and everyone I know who is even thinking about moving. Out of ALL the service companies I have EVER used, from landscaping to taxes, these guys are easily in the top 3.
- Vanessa Charles

My experience with American Van Lines was good. Crew of 3 showed up an started wiling immediately. They wrapped everything to protect from scratches and were very fourfold and professional. They were required to move contents from 2 apartments and did so quickly and effectively. When they arrived at the new apartment they unloaded with speed and took care to put the items where I wanted. They cleaned up all their paper and wrappings and I have to say I was highly pleased with the job they did. If you want someone who us professional and straight to the point with your move call these guys.
- Yessica Rivera

American Van Lines best moving company ever! The entire process from start to finish went so smooth! They communicated with us the entire time which really helped with our nerves. They stayed within our budget and not a single item was broken or scratched. We highly recommend American Van Lines for your moves!
- Mark Lemley

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