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About American Moving Pros

At American Moving Pros, we offer not only local moves Florida but also handle long distance moving as well. Whether you are changing country or moving interstate, our expert team can easily move-fer your stuff anywhere as per your requirement. We will take care of the physical movement of your goods and complete all required documentation needed for customs clearance.

Moving-Me about American Moving Pros

This moving company experts make a customized moving plan as per your convenience and considering other key factors. You may hire them for the full-service contract, only packing, packing with delivery, wrapping and packing or loading and unloading job.

American Moving Pros Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC01078548

US D.O.T: 3365838

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is American Moving Pros cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. American Moving Pros is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

American Moving Pros Reviews

I hired American Moving Pros as I had to move on such a short notice and I was quite stressed to do it all on my own. American Moving Pros really helped me through this process. They quoted more than fairly and the movers were very capable. All my stuffs were neatly packed and then loaded onto the truck. They delivered everything on time and in great condition. I’m so glad American Moving Pros made my move so easy and simple. I will definitely hire them again.
- Johnny Tillman

The movers sent from American Moving Pros. But they had no issues with the stairs. They arrived on time which is always nice. Their packing skills were great too. They carried my furniture down 4 sets of stairs way too easily. They delivered everything in great condition all the way from FL to IN. Only experience makes a company provide such effortless services and the movers from American Moving Pros had years of experience.
- Stephen Hayden

American Moving Pros were responsible for moving our belongings from our 3-bedroom apartment to our new 4-bedroom house. The new house was too big for us to fill with brand new furniture. So we decided to take most of our old stuffs. They packed up all our stuffs in just few hours and started carrying out everything to the truck. The whole thing took just in given time. Nothing was broken or damaged. The crew even helped us assemble the beds. I will definitely hire them again.
- Jeff Minjares

When I called American Moving Pros to get a quote for a move from FL to TX. They sent a crew of 5 men who looked the part very well. They played the part even better. They were strong men ready to carry anything. They maneuvered through my house with ease and carried all my furniture onto the trucks. When they made the delivery, which was on the scheduled date, I was delighted to find all my furniture in pristine condition. I cannot thank American Moving Pros enough for employing such capable and skilled movers.
- Jeremy Payne

Many people told me about how good American Moving Pros is but I only believed it after I hired them. Getting a quote from them was no problem and they quoted quite inexpensively too. The movers arrived on time with proper tools and loads of packing materials. They took great care of my belongings while packing and loading them. The delivery was made on time. Not even one item was damaged. I certainly understand now why so many people love this company so much.
- Joseph Harrison

My experience with American Moving Pros was great. It was easy getting a quote from them. Then they kept me in loop through emails till the moving day. The movers arrived early and packed everything very carefully. They were so fast that the whole thing took just 2 hours. The delivery was made right on schedule. I checked the inventory and everything arrived safely. They delivered exactly what was promised.
- William Pau

The four movers showed up 10 minutes early and started work immediately. My house was a 5-bedroom monster but the movers managed to finish the job in timely manner. The skills and organization displayed by the movers was very impressive. I had a wide window for delivery but they managed to deliver everything in given time. It was great to see how well everything traveled. Everyone should hire this company.
- Samuel Rodriguez

I found American Moving Pros to deliver a solid moving experience at a price that can best be termed as cheap. They handled my long distance move in such a professional manner. They arrived early, packed everything with great care and loaded all my stuffs onto the truck with caution. The best part was that American Moving Pros charged me very reasonably. Their initial estimate wasn’t too high to begin with. The final bill came very close to it and I was just so happy.
- Dannie Berry

We were very pleases with the ending results and the service that came from your company. The guys were very nice and polite. They moved everything expertly and with great timing too. They moved the furniture around so we could set up the living room too. And no complaints.
- Harold Ramirez

American Moving Pros have been outstanding in the way they have handled our move from GA. Nothing was too much trouble, the rep and the foreman were both pleasant and professional, and the moving guys were cheerful, polite and extremely hard working all day. I had no problems with them at all. The timing, packing and unpacking was precise and this was definitely a clinical finish. We would strongly recommend American Moving Pros to anyone who wants a great moving service.
- Levi Parker

I decided to use American Moving Pros, therefore I am paying it forward by writing my own review. They moved me to Silver Spring, MD from FL. I was grateful that they were fast, efficient and respectful of my things. The new place only has stairs and I moved to the 3rd floor and there was never a complaint. I would highly recommend these guys and will definitely use them again, although not anytime soon I hope.
- John Perez

This was a very good move. The movers were right on time and stuck to the schedule the whole time. Everyone I spoke to over at American Moving Pros was ultimately professional. The rep gave me a lot of advice and was courteous and friendly while doing it. Overall the movers were as efficient as one could want. They had everything organized in the truck in no time. None of my things were damaged. I would use this company again in the future.
- Jeff Haynes

Thank you so much American Moving Pros. I do not know what I would have done without you. They came to my home in the morning and rang the bell. Three men introduced themselves and went straight to work. One of them was packing the boxes and the other two were carrying all the heavy furniture on to their truck. It was a neat a clean job. This mover is very experienced and professional. I cannot thank them enough for the damage free and stress free move.
- Jeffrey Elders

I am so impressed by the relocation services provided by American Moving Pros. The customer service was very prompt and the quote was as good as any. The movers were very well trained. Their experience showed in the way they worked around my house. They were very quick and thorough to go all the items that needed to be packed and moved. The process was completed within a much shorter time. I have rarely seen such efficient movers before. They made the delivery on the scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. I would definitely recommend them.
- Leonard McCranie

My moving experience couldn't have turned out better. It was American Moving Pros which made my move so smooth and headache free. I priced out several companies and this one was the best. The movers showed up and packed, loaded and delivered on time. They really knew how to properly handle the logistics of moving out of state. If I ever decide to move again, I know whom I'm going with.
- Martin Mead

Just wanted to share my experience about the move American Moving Pros have done for us last weekend. I have moved 3 times in the past 5 years and this was the smoothest move so far. My movers arrived exactly at 8 am as agreed, packed all our furniture and moved everything without a single scratch and most importantly, my antique collections got to the new place without any breakage. We are very pleased with the overall experience and have already referred American Moving Pros to my friends
- Roosevelt Garza

They delivered on time and I found all my belongings safely transported. I really tried to find some flaws somewhere so I can justify the little money I paid them. But maybe these guys have so many clients that they offer the most competitive prices one can ever find. Either way, I'm very happy.
- Frank Killian

The best company, communicates so well. Very impressive services. They are trustworthy and loyal with their work although the company is very professional. I got the delivery on time so from my side thumbs up for the company. Will recommend everyone to use the services of this company. The rates of company is very reasonable I want to be their regular customer, as they also provides their regular customers with a special discount. Thank you so much.
- Robert Bailey

We were very happy with American Moving Pros. The team was incredibly hardworking, efficient, and helpful. They knew exactly what they were doing when it came to loading our belongings onto the truck, and unloaded everything into a high rise building in less time than was estimated. Thank you for making our move as smooth as could be.
- Ernesto Ojeda

Staff members of American Moving Pros were very sincere in their service. The movers they sent us were highly energetic and enthusiastic in providing great customer service. They were all very professional and highly trained. They made the whole procedure very quick and comfortable for us. We were at ease the whole time. Finally when the move finished, they cross checked a number of times if everything was done properly. Great service.
- David Morrison

American Moving Pros did not disappoint me as a moving company. The guy on the phone, when I called them, was very friendly and he asked me a lot of questions before giving a quote. The movers arrived on time and they took a thorough inventory. They used just the right amount of packing materials. The packing and loading process was completed very fast. They made the delivery on time and helped me unpack and put everything where I wanted them to. It was such a fantastic moving experience.
- Michael Hamada

First time hiring American Moving Pros and they did a great job. The movers took control and didn't need any assistance. All of the movers were respectful of our things and of the apartment. When I first hired them I was a little nervous since it was over the phone but it turned out to be great the price they quoted me was the price I paid and they do everything by email which is awesome. Would most definitely recommend. Awesome company.
- Travis Araujo

I was moving from FL, and I had a marvelous experience with American Moving Pros. My house was big and moving for me was just sickening. American Moving Pros came with a huge truck and took over the whole relocation process. Despite the size of the house, everything was packed in the truck without squeezing. Fragile items were handled very carefully, and nothing was damaged in the course of movement. I will be referring this company to any of my friends who wants to move.
- Steve Moreland

They arrived on time and started wrapping and loading my belongings carefully. Everything was packed with great care and the guys took great care of my items. The price was reasonable and that was also one of the reasons why I chose American Moving Pros. These people were so hard working, energetic and fast. I was impressed with the fact that everything was done in a perfect way, very efficiently and professionally. There was not a single scratch on my furniture. There was not a single dent anywhere. I am very happy with the job they have done.
- Alfred Templeton

The team from American Moving Pros came on time and was very friendly and professional. They did a superb job moving everything, including some tough pieces of furniture and our washer and dryer. They did not mess up a single thing. All was delivered on time and without a scratch. As a bonus, their rates were cheaper than other companies we spoke with. Clearly they are the right moving company for your long distance move. They know how to handle the pressure.
- Alex Mincey

American Moving Pros were brilliant throughout the whole process. From booking to the moving on the day they couldn't have been more helpful or hard working. Nothing was damaged and they were also very careful bringing in furniture and boxes. They put all furniture together. I would use this company again and they gave us great customer service. Thank guys for the good service.
- Alphonso Harris

American Moving Pros did a great job with my recent move. On the day of the move they took apart our beds, tables and just worked with speed and grace. The crew was awesome - very professional and cool. We're so glad we chose them. Once at our new home, the movers did not damage anything and they way they wrapped our dressers with blankets and how they taped things worked well.
- Otis Betts

Overall our experience with American Moving Pros was very good. All representatives communicated with me on a regular basis throughout our entire move. We got quotes from several companies and American Moving Pros offered the best price. The crew was great. They were congenial and professional. It took longer to pack and load than we expected but the crew took great care with all our items. American Moving Pros worked very diligently with us to accommodate the delivery date we requested. Overall our experience was very good, stress free and we would use them again.
- Stanley Snell

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