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About Amazing Moves Moving & Storage

What makes Amazing Moves different? Our reputation. We’ve grown in thanks to referrals and repeat business. The quality and professionalism of our staff is unsurpassed. Our crews have rigorous standards regarding skills, knowledge, experience, politeness and yes, athleticism. Our front office staff members also are held to high standards for customer service and dependability.

Moving-Me about Amazing Moves Moving & Storage

This business was established in 2003. Amazing Moves is not your average moving company. They offer full service moving and storage solutions with full-time, experienced, and well trained crews and a fleet of distinctive, late model, and well maintained trucks. When you are looking for a moving and storage company that offers small company attention and service but big company efficiency and expertise, Amazing Moves is your best option in Colorado!

Amazing Moves Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1187573

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HHG-00102

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What is Amazing Moves Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. This moving company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Amazing Moves Moving & Storage Reviews

Moved in mid-May. Spend a lot of money. The crew badly scratched bedroom dresser which they admitted to and notified the office. Willing to repair. Now mid-October still don't have dresser back. No ETA. Terrible service. Not amazing storing clothes in boxes for 6 months and counting. Horrible customer service. Horrible.
- Scott C.

Amazing Moves was so wonderful. We rented with them through ClosetBox. Ryan, Kash and Miguel were responsible for moving our items out of storage and back into our new apartment. They were so great! I have an antique piece of furniture from my grandmother that they were very careful with. They worked quickly and efficiently and saved us so much time and effort. We really can't thank them enough!
- Christy K.

I recommend staying FAR away from Amazing Moves. I scheduled and confirmed an 8 am appointment a week ahead of time. I put down a $200 deposit at that time to secure the 8 am window, or so I thought. On the day of, no one showed up at 8. I waited 45 minutes, then called. Turns out they "forgot" about me and couldn't find my reservation, even though I had received an email confirmation. It seemed like they didn't believe me, until I sent a copy of the email (what nonsense!). They offered to send out a truck in the afternoon, which was unacceptable, as I had taken the day off work to move. What a massive inconvenience, especially since I had already given them $200 for nothing! They eventually arrived around 11 am. The movers themselves were decent, but they forgot to bring in a lamp. (I didn't realize this until after they had left, unfortunately.) Guess I'm never getting that back. Management was completely unsympathetic and claimed they did nothing wrong. They charged me nearly full price and would not return my deposit. And besides, they were overpriced in the first place. DO NOT GIVE AMAZING MOVES YOUR BUSINESS. There are so many other moving companies out there that I'm sure are actually competent.
- Samuel G.

Where do I start. From the condescending and unprofessional sales rep, to the "packing" of my life's possessions and how many of them were broken or never made it to my new home, the entire experience was amazing all right - and not in a good way. Getting my sales rep to show up at my house at all took 2 weeks and many phone calls. Anytime I spoke with him after that I was interrupted, talked down to made fun of. The day before the packing was to be done I called him to confirm and got voice mail. So I contacted customer care who told me it was scheduled a day later than was agreed. The sales rep called back and sternly told me never to go over his head again. Really dude? The packers showed up 60 minutes late and 2 people short. Did not have enough packing material to finish, and one of the packers was brand new. Surprise that most of what he packed was damaged and/or the boxes came open. The sales rep informed me that my household items would be loaded into a truck and taken to their storage facility to be unloaded and re-loaded onto the moving truck the following day. I find this out 2 days before I move. Really dude? VERY poor customer service. Day 2- packers show up again 2 people short and thank GOD a packer who wasn't supposed to be there, was. HE WAS AMAZING! (Jose!) They finished packing and began loading the truck I knew would be too small. In 100 degree weather with NO HAND TRUCKS OR DOLLIES. What? My refrigerator was damaged moving it out of my house into my garage, and again somewhere during the move. 13 hours later....Jose ended up having to load the back of his pick up truck with the stuff that wouldn't fit in the "moving truck". I did not find out the date my household goods would arrive at my new home until the last minute and had to ask the sales rep for his name and phone number more than once. At my new home, the driver arrived promptly on time and the unloaders showed up 2.5 hours later so nothing got unloaded. Real nice guys, handled my stuff with care. Did not reassemble a damn thing. Driver stated he wouldn't reassemble or unload not part of his job. National van lines actually did the physical move which was ok. It was the crap show amazing movers who damaged a lot of expensive items with their shabby packing job and careless handling of them. I'm certain the loading, unloading and re-loading caused a lot of it. I did not get any follow up call from the sales rep who underestimated the total weight by over 2500 lbs. He was most unprofessional, condescending jackass I have had the displeasure of dealing with! National van lines has been GREAT since my move. Great customer service and follow up. My sister used them a couple years ago and I'm certain if I had gotten the same driver she did the entire experience would have been different. He communicated frequently, supervised and participated in loading and unloading. Very hands on. My driver was pretty much hands off and was in his truck or chatting with my neighbors during the unload. Dennis Leash if you're out there- this one's for you. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER from start to finish. I wouldn't recommend you or "amazing moves" to my worst enemy. National van lines is great but not amazing moves. The very name of the company is ironic. They are a nightmare and definitely NOT amazing.
- Jeanette G.

I have to agree with all the below reviewers, this business is not what it was. We used them 6 years ago to move from one house to another and they were nothing less than "amazing," however the last two times we used them, we were disappointed. The first time they moved us around 2009 we were amazed by how careful and efficient they were about our move. We raved about them to our friends and probably gave them 10 recommendations. We didn't get good last feed back from friends that used them over the past few years. Fast forward to 2015, when we moved out for a remodel. They were beyond slow and damaged multiple items of furniture and flooring. They literally spent an hour (while charging us) trying to figure out how to put a crib back together. Come to find out, they inserted screws without the actually bolts in our 2 years old crib and left it. We didn't realize it until a week later when our son's hand was pinched in the rail. You can't half ass put a child furniture together and walk away. They also stripped the bolt and cracked the wood in our bed frame, which Dan (who is awesome) had to repair. We did complain and got some cash back and were assured that things would be better next time. We moved back into our remodeled house this past week and everything seemed to go well until I really got in to check the furniture, low and behold, they again didn't completely put together my kids beds. They stuck bolts in that I was able to pull out by hand. If they were missing hardware (which they would have lost) they should have atleast told us. You have to be a bit more concerned about places were small kids are going to sleep and play. We called Dan (who is the manager or something there) and he again came in to save the day. He was beyond awesome and helpful, unfortunately he seems to be the only one who cares about customers there. Dan is the ONLY reason they give them 2 stars instead of 1. It comes down to the fact that like used car dealers, you can't trust movers to give a crap about your or your stuff. Check and double check the work they do, especially if you have small children.
- Bryan D.

The driver to one of their moving vans almost t-boned us at an intersection and then continued to try and run us off the road this last weekend. All because we were going the speed limit in the residential neighborhood that they were driving in. Myself and my friend are pregnant and this was extremely unsettling to see such reckless driving let alone receive such poor response from the management in regards to my husband leaving a voicemail about the incident. And by "poor response", there was no response. We both work for companies that require our clients to move in and out of their homes and we will make our voices loud and clear to not use this company.
- Ashley T.

DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS! I cannot list how many issues we had, but the highlights would be significant wall damage to the house we were selling they didn't tell us about (they credited us$300 but it put the sale at risk during closing), a broken expensive floor lamp they said they would reimburse three weeks ago and still haven't, and broken adapter on the TV. They also left multiple items behind they were told to move. And then there's the "paper charge". They wrapped the littlest things, like A PLASTIC FORK, A water bottle lid, etc with 6-7 pieces of packing paper each. Absolutely ridiculous, would be comical if we weren't still finding things they've damaged as we continue to unpack.
- Jessica M.

I have used Amazing moves for several moves. This will be the last time. The issues started from the original bid. They insisted on doing the estimate over the phone. We got the bid several months in advance. When moving day approached, we were adding items so we wanted to update the bid. They wanted to update over the phone as well. We insisted that they come to look at the items. They did come and look and updated the bid. Moving day came. The men that moved us were very efficient as expected, but they filled the two trucks and left about half a truckload for us to handle. This required trips back and forth until 2:30 AM the next morning. Called them to make payment and told them of our dissatisfaction. They said sorry, but had no resolution. I waited a week and called the manager. She indicated she would get to the bottom of it and call me back with a resolution. Admitting they dropped the ball. This was weeks ago. I never received a response. Very poor customer service.
- Tom R.

We were in our home for 20 years and had a lot of inside and outside stuff! We needed movers plus storage. We set an appointment, Miles showed up on time, made a complete walk thru each room, he was very detailed about how items would be wrapped, packed and moved. Price was competitive with another well rated moving company. When moving day came it was honestly one of the coolest logistical things my wife and I have witnessed! 4 guys to do the actual moving plus another to put stickers on each box and piece of furniture to log everything. This group of 5 men worked hard, were organized and know exactly what to do. 6 hours to move it all and into the truck, plus the drive back to their storage facility and unload. We tipped the movers well! Paying for monthly storage thru them was easy with a credit card. No hassles. 6 months later we were ready to move into our new house. We called 2 weeks ahead to schedule the move date, they showed up on time, were fast and efficient in getting pieces unwrapped and put exactly where we wanted. Done in 4 hours - wow! We tipped everyone again for a job well done. I highly recommend this company! Fair, honest and a very hard working bunch of people. Thank you Miles and your crew!!
- Chris H.

If I could give them ZERO stars I would. These guys start charging the minute they leave their warehouse and then they wrap your staircase with paper to waste time. I told them to get my stuff on the truck and stop wasting time and the HEAD guy threatened to break all of my things. They wanted to take a lunch break and drive away with my things ....I refused. IT WAS THE WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!
- Mary M.

I recently made the move out of Denver and into the burbs. Amazing Moves did virtually all of the work, with the exception of unpacking and organizing. Jason was my crew chief and we had 6 people to pack us and 6 to move us. I find moving very stressful, despite the fact that I have don't it many times, but can honestly say this was the easiest move I have yet made. I think the fact that I trusted the people in my house and liked their personalities as I got to know them helped put me at ease. They were all such nice guys, and a very diverse group. I would highly recommend Amazing Moves to anyone in need. I did not price shop other places to compare, but I will say that I was able to use recycled boxes to cut down costs, and that the final bill came in less than the bid. Speaking of bids, Maurice came to my house to do the walk through and bid and he was so awesome. Such a nice guy. I hope they read these reviews and treat their employees well.
- Lindsey K.

This company is truly "amazing"! So professional from begging to end. Lucas (our sales rep) came to our home, surveyed everything and answered all our questions, and gave us a fair quote. A week before our scheduled move, we saw that the weather was forecasting snow so we call to see if they could change the moving date and they said sure! They came the day before the move to prepare and then came the next day to move our house into an apartment. It took 2-1/2 hours to load the truck. Seriously! They actually RAN from the truck to the upstairs. I just looked at them saying "Are you kidding???" Nice to be young again! Our possessions were treated with care and nothing was damaged. This move was quoted a bit higher than other companies but worth every penny. I would use them again in a heart beat. Amazing Moves is really Amazing!!!
- Carol W.

I waited a week to write this review, hoping it would help me be a little more objective. My experience with Amazing Moves was not great. The Good: - The flat rate I was quoted the second time around seemed pretty fair. In retrospect, I should have taken it and not lifted a finger after packing our boxes. - The movers (3 guys) were good dudes. They took their time (good because they were careful, bad because they were on the clock) and were genuinely nice guys. The Bad: - I spent two weeks (17 trips) moving boxes and small furniture so that I could save some money by going with the hourly rate. Complete waste of time and energy. - We were supposed to have 4 guys arrive at 7:30am. We had 3 guys arrive at 8:00am. While we were eventually only charged for 3 guys, I became the 4th guy in an effort to speed things up. They began charging us at 6:45am though. - While the moving guys were nice, they definitely didn't move with a sense of urgency and there was wasted time (long bathroom break, having to assemble a piece of furniture a second time, etc.). - Our bill was a couple hundred bucks less than the flat rate quoted - after all that. Needless to say, I was pretty upset and after talking to the sales rep about it, he spoke to his manager, knocked $50 bucks off, and ran my card (without my permission). Didn't even call to update me on the status. MY RECOMMENDATION: Shop around and if you can find a company that offers a flat rate that seems fair (even if that's Amazing Moves), TAKE IT. The hourly estimate is not the wise move. No matter what you do, they'll end up getting the number they want.
- Matt H.

Avoid these guys! They never showed up on the day they were supposed to move us, which was scheduled a week earlier! I called and left a message for their manager who finally contacted me several hours later with apologies and all, but never offered to help with the added expenses caused by their absence that upset our entire schedule costing us additional money and delay in removing items from our existing apartment! The only thing "amazing" about this moving company is that they're still in business!
- Michael T.

Very disappointed with this service. After being quoted a price, they ended up billing for more than 3 times the quote. They charged $4500 to move a 3 bedroom apartment from Denver to Aurora. They showed up an hour late and took 15 hrs to move approximately 20 miles. They broke our TVs, assembled furniture incorrectly and in an unsafe way. They damaged the walls. Boxes clearly labeled kitchen, bedroom, etc were just haphazardly put in the garage - leaving us searching for important medication. Had used them before with great satisfaction but will not be recommending them to anywhere else.
- Rana R.

Avoid like the plague They were supposed to pack day 1, move day 2, and unpack day 3. Day 1 went well, BUT day 2 they sent a different team. The lead mover and Amazing Movers managed this beyond horrifically. They did an inventory of what was to move, however, they sent too small of a truck. The lead mover was poor at managing his team. There was a 2 hour delay when they realized the truck would not fit everything and they had no other truck immediately available. A second truck was finally sent to pick up the balance (they forgot some things when I discovered upon going to my old place to clean up). The balance of my furniture arrived 2 day's later and needed special permission from my HOA for a second move in. Many things were broken and packed poorly by the second team. The salesperson said 2 times that I would not be billed for the delivery 2 day's later of overage due to sending a wrong size truck and that "we". He also said I would not be billed for the wasted\stalled time when the team was attempting get a second truck to my place for the overage. He told me not to pay the drivers and that we would sort out the billing together. The salesperson had put a $400 deposit on my chargecard before the move. I asked him to delete my chargecard information since I was recovering from an identity theft issue. He said he would. The day the rest of my belongings showed up (reminder: I was told not to pay the driver by the salesperson and that the bill would be adjusted because of their errors and mishandling), INSTEAD, that evening, AMAZING MOVERS MADE AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE (they had promised to delete my information when I paid the deposit) to my card for ALL the hours included wasted time due to their errors. I'd call this criminal since they had no authorization to use my chargecard number again. Additionally they had pictures of things damaged and broken due to poor handling and poor packing by the second team by the third driver who delivered my furniture after a 2 day delivery delay. I called my charge card company and reported the unauthorized charge and I'm wondering if I should file a police report for saving my charge card number despite saying it would be deleted and "charging my charge card without my permission". AVOID AMAZING MOVERS LIKE THE PLAGUE!
- Love Fine F.

I used Amazing Moves 8 yrs. ago and recommended them to a friend to use 5 yrs. ago. So disappointed with the service I got last week. They arrived late - with an additional person (3 vs. 2). However, I was charged an extra hour's time because they started the clock when they met at the distribution center....and then had truck problems. FYI, they met at 7:00 a.m. and arrived at my place at 8:30 a.m. One of the three helpers had a bad attitude and was unprofessional. Somehow, they managed to loose 1 box of kitchen appliances.....the only box I had them move. My sales person was totally uncooperative in trying to locate it. After 3 calls, I tried to reach the operations manager. Still haven't heard from him. I then spoke with accounting and they gave me a 1/2 hour refund of $80.00. I have no recourse on the one box that is missing because I packed it, not them. I should have paid better attention to the recent reviews, which were poor. I had such good experience before. They get 1 star for terrible customer service.
- Dissatisfied C.

Friendly and professional 2-person team movers came to deliver large couch and some smaller pictures... My apartment has weird angles in the front doorway- where the couch had to be brought through, and as a result, the front entry walls were severely damaged. i was reassured that the company would be contacting me to send someone out to fix the walls, but no one ever did. So i called and was routed and re-routed to different people, finally connecting with "customer relations" lady-- to which she replied she couldn't find me in the system , and therefore couldn't help me. WHAT?!!!! Well, I sent her my paper work and receipt via email, and wrote several emails to try to set up a time for the repairs. No response. I also called at least several times, leaving voicemails. I had then talked to someone else at the company, to which she also assured me 'Victoria' would be contacting me, directly, to set the repair appointment, as it was her job as claims manager, to do so. Again, nothing. And once again, i sent a final email to try to resolve this dispute..Still, nothing. I cant help but feel avoided and dismissed as a customer. I am not happy.
- Catherine W.

I'm sure that it's no surprise that a moving company damages furniture. It happens. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to write this review based on how I was treated after this happened. I have used Amazing Moves in the past and had stellar, white glove service. For my most recent move, the crew included an employee that was disrespectful of the art and furniture he was handling. Though there were many instances during the move where I stopped him from causing damage, the one incident that caused damage was to an expensive wooden dresser. He damaged two legs and the crew tried to repair it on sight by drilling two large screws into the leg and suggesting that I just place the dresser so that the screws "would not show." After the move, I suggested to management that this was an unacceptable solution. That is when the true colors of the company came out. Despite having chosen full replacement valuation, the office manager insisted that I be content with whatever solution they provided. While I appreciate their attempts to repair the furniture, I found the interactions with the office manager to be dismissive, rude and condescending. I felt bullied by her to accept their solution without seeing the repairs made in their shop. Sadly, this review concerns more than just a broken dresser leg. The same employee that damaged the furniture, also made the following comments to an employee of the organization & packing company that I had hired. "We need you on the crew, because we need something to look at." "I need something better to look at than these guys." "I'm sorry, but I have to tell you how beautiful your eyes are. I just can't stop looking at them. They are so beautiful." Her response, " Yes, my husband thinks so, too" After it was reported, the behavior was dismissed by both the foreman on site and the sales rep saying "he is young and it's his background." After he was warned by his foreman about the inappropriate nature of his comments, they continued. Judge for yourself if you feel safe having this type of employee in your home. Finally, the move-in to a new condo building yielded two HOA warnings because the same member of the crew failed to follow basic COVID guidelines and did not wear a mask. Video evidence of his actions caused me to have to come before the HOA board and apologize for Amazing Moves and his actions. The employee in question caused a lot of emotional and physical damage during this move, but the lack of accountability from management and the poor handling of his mistakes are the real reason for this negative review. Their dismissive and condescending response is a real indicator of their lack of integrity and their poor customer service. Amazing Moves does not have the level of sophistication or customer service for luxury moves, and I cannot recommend them.
- Karen S.

We had a complex move in Denver this past weekend. We moved a large house + apartment into a single home and Amazing Moves blew us away. They were on time, extremely courteous and went out of the way to make this stressful day much easier. The price was fantastic and the service was "amazing". Great people and great company
- Mike M.

Our move took place 2 days ago and from start to finish it was handled professionally which made it so easy for us. Heather was great in initiating the process and always was quick to respond to emails. Phillip, JT and Tanner arrived early and worked as a great team. They were polite and so careful with our belongings. Despite having limited space to put the truck and 3 flights of stairs they got the job done. We couldn’t be happier with Amazing Moves!
- Sara M.

My move truly was amazing. It cost twice the estimate despite three calls to update it after requesting additional services. No new quote was sent to us. The packers are largely untrained. One kitchen packer was trained but the staff who accompanied him were not. They took apart every piece of tupperware and carefully wrapped it. My silver and china did not have paper between objects so silver was scratched and china chipped. Porcelain plates were laid individually on diagonals with heavy objects above them. The move was even worse. We had two heirloom pieces of furniture heavily damaged and a vintage book case as well. In each instance the mover simply put the piece of furniture at the back of the room, set up as if it was okay and never said a word. The pie safe had the back sheered off and the dresser was broken so it couldn't hold the drawers. It's been two months and no repairs yet.
- Reb H

I had a wonderful experience with Alejandro and Jared today. They were so kind and efficient, patiently helping me see what would fit where. They were careful and courteous, an absolute pleasure to work with.
- Kristin B

Gerardo and Valente were great today in their help with my move. They were professional, friendly and capable. Thank you Amazing Moves!
- julie S

Sammy & Brendan of Amazing Moves Moving and Storage, LLC were awesome! They moved me March 4th. They were very professional. pleasant, and easy to work with and talk to. I needed them to pack a few things as I ran out of boxes, and they were gracious and packed with care. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again. I highly recommend this company, and of course, I would recommend the gentlemen who helped me.
- ShirleyAnn J.

Great help from some very energetic guys, Matt, Junior and Kyler were excellent!
- Jerry D

Polite, efficient, excellent
- Kristin W

Best movers I have ever had. So careful and considerate. Took something very special I had from my late mother, and put it in the cab to be safe. Only 1 thing, a wine glass stem broken in hundreds of boxes, including those I packed myself. A teeny tiny bit of damage to soft pine furniture. Less than any other mover. The claims person and repairs were awesome. These guys don't waste time or charge for time they stop for lunch. Arrived in time and left at estimated time. Moving is very stressful and this team made it far less so. Not the cheapest game in town, but if you want your move to go as planned and have a team that respects your things, I highly recommend Amazing Moves.
- Phyllis S

We've used Amazing Movers twice over the past 3 years. Both times they did an excellent job. Both crews were professional, courteous, and worked hard. We did not have any damaged or broken items either time. If we ever have to move again, we'll definitely use Amazing Movers.
- Jeffrey J

Outstanding customer service! I recently requested moving quotes from a handful of companies and then got super busy and didn't respond to the quotes I received the next day. Heather at Amazing Moves was the first to follow up with me about the quote I received from Amazing Moves, making sure I knew I could email any additional questions to an actual person. 🙂 A few days later she followed up again to check in with me and let us know their availability for my requested move date was filling up -- she wanted to make sure I was aware so I could avoid having to choose a different date. No one else we requested quotes from followed up to make sure we were taken care of like Heather did. Even though we didn't end up booking with Amazing Moves, I'd recommend them based on my incredibly positive experience with their quoting and reservation service. If their moving staff cares half as much as Heather does about client service, you'd do well to book them for your next move!
- Amy

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