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Quality of service: 3.3

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About All Star Moving Services

All star moving service is a family owned and operated full-service moving company with many years of experience serving the Bay Area. we at All star moving service can help all or part of it.

Moving-Me about All Star Moving Services

The company is licensed with State of California Public Utilities Commission. They are fully insured with General Liability Insurance, Auto Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance and cargo insurance. Recently their site is on sale. We would like you to double check contacts before you make your decision.

All Star Moving Services Licenses & Certificates

All Star Moving Services is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 663708

US D.O.T: 1830028

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: pm-000994

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What is All Star Moving Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2300. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. All Star Moving Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

All Star Moving Services Reviews

I relocated from Philly to Miami for school. Needless to say, money is tight. So when I received a cheap estimate from All Star, I jumped on it. During initial talks, I was very specific with Jessica (sales woman) about what I was moving. 10 boxes, TV, Queen bed, 2 totes. Some how on move day, the price bumps up $200 more than estimated. By this time my things are on the truck and my deposit in their pocket. So I had no choice but to cough up the extra dough.10 days later my things arrive in Miami; late, broken and many of it missing.Day of Arrival The driver calls me 30 mins before to ask if my apt can fit a large truck in the lot. I say yes. He argues with me that it can’t, and that it will cost an additional $400 to move it to the apt. Again, he said this all before he even arrived. Sound like a Scam to you yet? Keep listening. I didn’t have $400 extra, so I call the police. The police make him release my things, but he drops it at the curb and I have to ask people at my building to help me move it to my apt. Once unpacking, I notice my tote with all my CHILDHOOD PHOTOS are missing. And most of my dishes are broken ( I bubbled wrapped everything multiple times) along with my mirror. I’m literally heart broken at this point.To top that off, the insurance that Jessica (sales woman) assured me I had, was actually not really insurance. They just cover 60 cent per pound, per article, they don’t cover the value. Not that money could every replace childhood photo’s anyway.What a traumatizing experience, I literally can’t stop cringe thinking about how much this move has cost me, and how much I lost in the process. But Jessica will tell you anything she can to secure that deposit. Then after, she can give two [EDIT
- Joe

Whatever you do, do NOT move with this companyand trust JESSICA.Do NOT SIGN that contract Jessica emails you.This criminal business should be shut down.There are enough customers to file charges against this scam business.I gave them the benefit of doubt. I dearly paid for it.
- Corrine Vance

Stop and Moved dispatched a pickup for a move today, My quote price was $825.00 for a specific amount of items listed on a my itinerary. I had items organized on what was to picked up and what was not to be delivered by truck, but the movers moved everything and was unable to get all my items because there was no more room for the items that were supposed to go. Then the moving company doubled the amount of my pickup to $1567.00 because of the size of my totes. THEY DID NOT SPECIFY WHAT SIZE MY TOTES HAD TO BE IN ORDER FOR MY PRICE TO BE $825.00. YES I HAD MORE TOTES, BUT SPECIFICALLY SAID 20 TOTES NOT 25 TOTES AND 2 BOXES. I paid according to my agreed upon quote, they also made me sign a contract before they confirmed my pickup items. I did not have all of the money and my card did decline, I told the moving crew leader that the items could STAY BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY, BEFORE THEY PULLED OFF WITH MY STUFF. He then proceeded to charge my card for a lesser amount, even though I explained I would not have the money to pay them for the move. Once charged for my move and the truck left, I had found out some devastating news and I needed to alter and reroute my belongings. The company was not helpful but said I signed a contract and had to pay my balance in order for my things to be released. I asked if I could reroute my things to a storage near the pickup location and was told no, I AM TOTALLY DEVASTATED BY THIS OUTCOME AS MY THINGS ARE VALUABLE TO ME AND THEY NOW ARE HOLDING THEM HOSTAGE. It hadn’t even been 30 minutes that they pulled off that I need to change my relocation destination for my items, I’m TOTALLY DISTRAUGHT, my daughter’s BABY PICTURES and PERSONAL IRREPLACEABLE ITEMS ARE IN THEIR CARE, I just want my items RETURNED AND MY REFUND. THEY’VE MADE MY MOVING EXPERIENCE HORRIBLE. I’M GOING TO BE HOMELESS AND MY STUFF IS GONE. THEY WERE SO BUSY TRYING TO SEE WHAT OTHER CHARGES THEY COULD ADD ON TO MY INVOICE THEY LEFT SUPPLIES BEHIND.
- John

They conduct daylight with probably every move. They WILL give you a low quote and double it on day of the move. And their movers are like mafia, won’t negotiate or listen to your point of view.
- D Paxton

I filled up online description of my things, and I was chrgaed $ 900 deposit before they came. The day movers came to pick it up, the price was rises to $2000. This was unreasonable bc the max I expected 500 increase. I only had boxes, mantras and sofa, no more furniture. I had no choice because I had no time to find other movers, deposit is not returnable, and I have 2 days to leave my old apartment.Worst when I moved to the other state and was waiting for my movers. The driver called me that he will be next day, but came after 2 days I don’t know why. He came alone and no other guys, according to the company there were supposed to be 2 more people, total 3 to bring my things to a new appartment. It was 9 pm and of course no one picked up the phone in the office. The driver charged me final $500 otherwise he wouldn’t give me stuff. On top of that he said he got screwed so no additional people come, and he has to charge me another $400 for him doing work alone and another $350 for renting smaller truck. It was a rip off. After I paid $500, luckily he let me and my husband to unload the truck alone. Not to mention we had extremely back and body pain after moving all things alone. The driver charged us big tip also.I tried to fight and reduce the price using my Amex customer service to dispute the bill. Unfortunately they deny because I signed the contract. But Amex didn’t listen to me that movers broke the contract because they didn’t come to unload things according to the agreement l.
- Joel

I used a broker who contrated with this company and when it came time to deliver my things, they wanted an extra 4000.00. I dont have the money and they wont give me my things. I am disabled and can not move my things by myself. what started out as 4074.00 turned into 8880.00 and just dont have the money. They have everything I own....I am at the end of my rope....I am contacting social media and media outlets to tell my story because its the outlet I have left. This company is going to keep my things....I am going to try to see if I can find a lawyer but I doubt I can afford that. Please dont use this is very dishonest
- Maryna Yoets

K said "Xpress Movers really impressed us! They even came through for us on a last minute booking on a holiday weekend..."
- Scurio

Very inefficient and sometimes frustrating movers. They seemed intentionally slow, so I eventually decided to intercede and help. Seemed like they were taking their sweet time. I was loading up a storage locker and they haphazardly threw everything in there, crushing boxes. They didn’t put larger weights under smaller weights so it’s likely my locker is a disaster. They also barely spoke English so I had trouble telling them my needs. On a positive note: they were nice, arrived on time. I think they just did a sloppy job.
- K.L.

Overall- great experience, but may move appointment time to later if afternoon move. My experience with this moving company is overall very good. The prices are very affordable. Michael was extremely responsive to all my requests via email (Thanks Michael!). The movers moved at a good pace. They were able to handle trickier pieces of furniture very well. They dissembled our furniture to get through the door and down the stairs. I didn’t have the original box for my TV, but fortunately they had plenty of blankets to wrap it up. The only thing to note is that the time of the appointment was off from the original estimate - they came 2 hours later than I expected because they were preoccupied with their previous move. Overall, I would use this moving company again, but I would be wary about the time.
- F.S.

Pros: - On time - Available at short notice Cons: - Do not speak English. Incredibly hard to communicate with. - Quoted for two hours. Job done in 2 hours 10 minutes. Tried to charge me an entire hour more for 10 minutes ($95). Ended up negotiating to a fair amount. This policy should be disclosed beforehand. - Left with two of my computer monitors before I could check if everything had made it inside. I had noticed about 30 minutes later after trying to sift through everything and take inventory. They came back and said they were taken on accident. TL;DR - good if you’re in a pinch. Recommend google translate, an agreed upon price should the move go beyond the agreed quote and take inventory of everything before they leave.
- Lilly J.

Michael was super responsive to my inquiries and followed up the day before my move to ensure we were confirmed. I had three large items that needed to go from a lower level apartment to a storage facility 30 miles away. The guys showed up early and were incredibly fast. Everything was wrapped up, on the truck and ready to go before I could blink. Once at the storage facility, the truck was unloaded with the same efficiency. All of this for under $300 (no one else quoted me less than $450, btw) - no damage to my home and no damage to the furniture. I’m incredibly pleased. I will certainly utilize them again in the future.
- K.T.

Where do I start. In summary, they were unprofessional, unreliable, and unsatisfactory. Let me explain: 1. Tardiness - They missed my original appointment window of 4pm. Their first suggestion was to reschedule to the following day. I had to leave the country the following day. So they arrived two hours later. 2. Unprofessional - At some point, they stopped moving my things. They complained that they just wanted to go home and it wasn’t fair for them to work this late. It was 7:30 at that point but it wasn’t my fault they arrived late. The manager then wanted to charge me for this time we spent arguing back and forth. After the argument, they said they were going o unload the things they had already loaded onto the truck onto my apartment and wanted me to pay before they do so. I had to settle for only moving part of my stuff. I had to call some friends in the middle of the night to help me move the rest of my stuff. Ridiculous. 3. Unreliable - The manager could not manage his own movers - they were speaking in Chinese so I couldn’t quite understand but voices were elevated and what the movers were saying ("we’re tired") and what the manager was telling me ("they will move the things") was clearly discrepant. He also told me they would arrive at 6:30 but they arrived at 6pm and asked if they can start moving earlier. 4. Damage - They damaged my light switch while moving out. Knowing the manager, he may deny this. But this was my experience – don't let it be yours.
- Jamy G.

All Star Moving Service helped me with a local move in San Francisco back in August and I have been meaning to leave a review. I found them through a service that connects you to multiple moving companies and found them to be the cheapest. $109/ hour + $59 truck fee with a two hour minimum. This was comparable to the three hour minimum + street parking reservation requirement other companies requested. Michael, who facilitated the whole process was very professional and kept in contact with me from the day I requested his company’s services to the day of the actual move. Due to my short notice they only had one time slot available originally but had worked to accommodate my moving time needs. His movers showed up two hours earlier than expected, which was perfect. As for the move, you get two guys who get to work immediately and waste zero time. They showed up in a massive truck scribbled with graffiti which can be intimidating but are actually quite friendly. They were careful with my items and walked up and down four flights of stairs without any complaints. The move out process took approximately 45 minutes for me and the move in process took 30 minutes as less stairs were involved. Overall, I am very pleased with the stellar service Michael and his team provided me. Will definitely use them again for my next move.
- Kode F.

Great moving service. Talked to Michael overall the phone. $99 / hr, 2 people, min 2 hrs additional truck fee of $59. They came before the appointment time, 2 people, started moving stuff quickly. They came prepared with tools, boxes and all the stuffs needed for moving. Dismantled the furnitures as needed. Reassembled them after the move. Since it was a closer location, didn’t use truck. It was a 2BR to 2BR move, finished everything in 2 hrs time. Was a little concerned about the communication (mentioned by many reviews), but one of those guys could properly communicate in English. Both were really helpful, no damages as well. Overall good experience.
- K.H.

NOT Recommended. (+) arrived on time. (-) SLOW! Took them 3 hours to wrap/ load basic 1 bed apartment; I had to help them unload in less than 1.5 hours to avoid excessive costs. Language barrier: barely understood English, ignored my request to use front entrance. Unprofessional: argued between themselves, took long time at the truck and several bathroom breaks. Almost comical if it wasn’t me paying the bill: $109 x 4 hours + $59 truck fee to move basic 1 bedroom 1 mile. Owner ignored my complaints. These guys are not professionals. Can’t believe others recently had such good experiences. Please, go with any other movers.
- J.K.

I had to help coordinate a moving job and called around and they gave the best rate, decent overall reviews, and promised of experience. And here’s how the nightmare begins: 1. Unexpected time & date change. Set to come week in advance on a Saturday. Tuesday of, received a call from moving company that particular day wouldn’t work but can only do it the next day: Sunday. Sunday being landlord’s worship day but made it work. Asked them to come at 9:30, got text Wednesday of, that if they can come either 8am or noon. We settled at a 9 am start time. Yeah, off to a very suspicious start as this feels like my job took two backseats off the bat. 2. Slow and questionable drive time. It’s a Sunday, they were 6 Mins late but no biggie. I had 1 stop in between it was 38 Miles from pick up. Moving company left, I checked out after them and saw them in a gas station as I passed through. Which is odd, I was told that $150 for prepaid gas and hired the movers by the hour. (So there’s paid gas charges and now there’s hired time taken for them to fill gas.) Took me 40 Mins to get there plus time I had to check out driving within speed limits. Took them 1 hr 20 Mins later to arrive. Next destination I stayed behind an hour unexpectedly (more on that later) and went to pick up lunch for them to wait for them to arrive the final destination and took me 1 hr 21 Mins drive time. They arrived 2.5 hrs later. 3. Refusal of service. I’ve expected and have explained that the same large truck they bring will fit all the things. As it did when I first had things trucked to these locations. Actually even more things, since things were already deducted: a fridge, washer, chair, table since I had to it "give away." They told me that they could of packed everything in if I have warned them to pack it higher, which I did, but by the 2nd stop they couldn’t fit because movers had bags of clothes, linens on the truck floor which honestly can be on top of all the furnitures. I’ve specifically asked they to take fishing poles with them since it’s long and awkward. They left it behind with about a quarter truck worth of things. After begging them they left about a small Uhual worth of stuff or one SUV and mid size car. Which means, I have to move yet again. And do you think keeping these things in Bay Area rented room/space for another week until I can drive 300+mi to get it again is cost efficient? 4. Damages. When they arrived for the move, they stepped on the light beige cushioned dining chair without foot protection. By the time I saw this chair being stepped on, changing color from beige to brown, mover then placed a cardboard as seat cover and continued to step on the chair. During the move to final destination, they started to carelessly lifted inside of the dining table which causes wood pieces near the joints to break off. Careless tossing boxes and furniture wood pieces, and not opening the door to come in caused all sorts of furniture scratches dings and damages to door sides sides as well. During their lunch break I’ve decided to move the compact car out of the drive way. One mover who was smoking hit the parked trucks lift gate while car was backing up behind truck which caused car’s side mirror damages in the process. While one of the mover was eating lunch and I called out for him to stop, but it was too late. $200-$300 side view mirror damage at least which the owner told me to claim under my insurance. I have a $500 deductible. 5. Overcharged hours and initial gas. The lag in drive time was explained by the truck’s size heavy load that would only be safe to drive at 50 mph. It took them more than doubled the time to come each time which means if I’m going within speed limit of 65 mph taking all the same roads (major freeways too) they did about less than 32.5 mph. Come on. Then remembered I saw them as gas station on their on hired hours after leaving the first pick up when I’ve prepaid $150 gas. They tag on 2 hours double time drive per agreement but expected that 2 hrs to be paid tips on it too. It’s not worked hours and it’s fees. Tips charged on fees is expected, I guess. Ugh. Yelp had a post text limit and first time I went over. See another review post for the rest of the story.
- Mike K.

Best service I got from 5,6 different moving companies. Others were crazy priced and didn’t offer services like theirs. They were professional and very efficient. I really recommend them if you are lookibg for a move. I had called other moveibg service idk called A haul or something and they were rude and were tryibg to charge 5-6 times what they were charging with no moving boxes or wraps. Overall Extremely satisfied.
- J.L.

One week before the move the manager confirmed that they would arrive at 2 pm on Sunday. On Saturday night he called to inform us that they would come anywhere between 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Since this was short notice we objected to it and told him we wouldn’t be able to finish packing by then. The next day even after telling them to come at 2pm the movers arrived at 11 am. This seems to be a ploy to waste more time and charge extra hours. The movers themselves were extremely unprofessional. Despite providing them with gloves and repeatedly asking them to wear it they just refused to do so. They also didn’t seem to know/care about packing fragile items. We were still left with moving a lot of boxes by ourselves since we couldn’t trust them to responsibly move many fragile items. For example, they tried to put a monitor and dumbbells in the same box. When I objected to it they told me to just transport the monitor by myself in the car instead. They also didn’t seem to understand simple instructions about where to park the moving vehicle. After the move was complete I told them that we were unhappy with their service and they said we should have just cancelled when they changed the moving time the night before. This company does not give you an actual bill(physical or digital) and expects to be paid in cash. If you hire movers from this company, be aware that they might turn up 3 hours earlier and whine about the number of stairs and lack of elevators in the building.
- Gina F.

We were originally skeptical based on some of the negative reviews on yelp. However the 3 movers arrived on time (5 minutes early) and started immediately. We have a lot of heavy and fragile furniture which our three movers got out of our apartment, up three flights and into the new place up two flights without incident. I would just like to note on some of the negative review about furniture damage. Things are bound to get bumped along the way and certain inexpensive furniture just isn’t made to be moved. There were a few bumps during our move but our solid pieces were fine after being blanketed and wrapped by the All Star Team. Would 100% recommend and use them again.
- Tom D.

All Star Movers were prompt to respond to my request to move 1 bedroom apt. After reading mixed reviews, we were pleasantly surprised that the price and service ended up being a great value. Their service was professional. They were hard working and job-orientated. I appreciated that they took extra care to wrap items. Roughly a 15 mile move that took 3 hrs as they had to move items up 1 flight of stairs. They placed items where we instructed. We had all items ready to move but if you aren’t packed up - it could take much longer. We recommend them especially if you are on a budget and thank them for helping make our move less stressful.
- Jenny W.

We decided to go with movers to help us move a handful of heavier items from our apartment. It took 4 hours to move 3 couches, a dresser and our bed. They disassembled our electronic bed and our couch to move it but then didn’t reassemble it. Worst of all the movers severely damaged our almost new couch. There are scratches in the fabric and dings in the wood frame. We asked for an invoice and receipt to show proof of payment and the movers indicated they were unable to provide us one and were very insistent on being paid in cash rather than card. Upon contacting Michael just as others noted he took the side of the movers saying how do you know that they were responsible for the damage to the couches?l and refused to pay. We asked about them having insurance and they completely ignored the question which made us believe they are operating without it and is quite unprofessional as a moving company especially. We have yet to hear back from them after several messages and call but will likely be looking to file a claim against them to cover the damages to our furniture. STAY AWAY! I would call this nothing short of a SCAM especially after now seeing some of the other reviews.
- Dali K.

This is a low integrity service. Please stay away. They took 9 hours to move a two bedroom apartment - total bill $1300. I accidentally handed an envelope with $2000 in cash thinking it was $1000 (my wife withdrew the money). The movers started to count the cash and then afer realizing that it’s more than $1000 stopped and took the cash. After she explained that it was $2000 in the envelope I contacted the business owner - Michael who took the movers side and said that it was only $1000 in the envelope. Please stay away from this service and use a more professional and potentially more expensive service that operates with high integrity.
- Kary O.

My boyfriend and I relocated over the bay bridge in 2018, and this was our first time using this company. We had had a bad experience with another moving company in 2017 and were not expecting a smooth experience. However, we were very pleasantly surprised with how punctual, efficient, and careful the movers from this company were. They were able to complete our move in less than five hours and even accommodated a stop along the way to pick up a couch. Everything was packed and handled well, and not a single thing was broken or even remotely damaged. We are currently planning another move and are hoping to use this company again. I highly recommend them.
- Sophy T.

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