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All My Sons Moving & Storage

Quality of service: 2.8

Punctuality: 3.3

Accuracy of Estimate: 3.7

Customers’ rating: 1.4

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  • Phone: +1 360-735-8000

About All My Sons Moving & Storage

Here at All My Sons, our ultimate goal is to provide you with total satisfaction throughout your moving process, from your first conversation with one of our expert consultants to interacting with our trained professionals on moving day. We aim not to merely meet expectations, but to exceed them – and successfully raise the benchmark for excellence in the moving industry. At each one of our nationwide moving locations, we provide local, long-distance, auto, residential, commercial, and corporate moving services.

Moving-Me about All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons Moving & Storage will make sure each item is quilt-pad wrapped, shrink-wrapped, and secured properly in the truck for safe transport to your new home. Upon arrival, the moving crew of the company will take the time to reassemble your items and place them all exactly where you need them to go. The moving experts can even provide professional packing services, which will save you valuable time, save you hours of hassle, and allow you take care of more important things, like spending time with your family! Their local movers and long-distance movers are extensively trained to ensure that every customer receives the best move possible.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

All My Sons Moving & Storage hasn’t disclosed any licenses or insurances publicly available. No registration in FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to legitimately perform interstate moves was found.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is All My Sons Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Reviews

Do not use under any circumstance. We were in a bind and needed to move on short notice. All My Sons were the only ones who could do it. We would have been better off using absolutely anyone else. This is the third move I've had done for work and this company was by far the worst as far as move quality and dealing with my claim after the fact. They obviously save money by going cheap on labor. Their movers did not know how to properly pack or protect my items. Furniture was packed without padding causing extensive damage. They were legitimately confused on how and when to pack up different rooms, leading them to ask me for advice and a move that took several hours longer than necessary. Towards the end of the move they asked if I had garbage bags they could use so they wouldn't have to use as many boxes. We obviously did not allow them to use garbage bags and made them continue to box up our possessions. Upon unpacking it was obvious there was no organization used as over half of our boxes were labeled "Closet", including all of our bedding, pillows and pictures that were on the wall. Once we unpacked, we became aware of an extensive amount of damage done to our belongings due predominantly to items not being padded, wrapped or packed correctly. After about two months of going back and forth with Andy Storer we received our forms and were able to submit our claim. We heard nothing from Andy or anyone else and after a month and half called the office to check on our claim's status. Upon calling the office we were told our claim had been closed 1 day prior to Andy receiving our forms and 2 weeks prior to their 90 day deadline for submitting a claim. After speaking to the head of their claims to department I was informed that because the claim was closed, it would be "very complicated". They closed our claim nearly 2 weeks prior to the deadline passing. She laughed at us several times on the phone and told us that if we considered suing the judge would absolutely rule in their favor and that we should take any offer they could "help us out with". Bottom line, every aspect of my moving experience with All My Sons has been negative. I have used several other moving companies in the area and would recommend anyone else other than All My Sons.
- Franklin Alegria

Poor communication by the home office, movers were to be at my place from 1-2 pm, they did not show up untill 7 pm, wasted all day waiting from them. The guys were great, but the home office was some of the worst people to communicate with I have ever had. I called them 7 times and they even hung up on me once! I will never use and I do not recommend this company! STAY AWAY!
- Man FredP

They moved me and stuff was missing afterwards. When I reported they insisted their guys didn't take it so I lost out. Also, I thought the one guy they sent was going to have a heart attack he was so out of shape and slow moving! I won't ever use them again.
- Sheri Calhoun

Do not waste your time and money using All My Sons Moving and Storage, Though they try to pass themselves off as the same company, they are not. Dennis (works over the phone) is rude, and Isiah (also over the phone), though appearing helpful, lied to me multiple times and has refused to follow-up with me regarding items that came up missing during the move. Juan in the “call center” failed to pass important information onto the movers that resulted in increased damage being done to a dresser and end table. These items needed to be lifted from the bottom because the tops had become loose. When the movers attempted to lift the dresser, the front left corner came off and caused damage to the top of the dresser. The same thing happened to the table, but there was no permanent damage, the top just won’t attach correctly to the base at the moment and needs to be repaired. Juan informed me that the movers would disassemble and reassemble all furniture that needed it. However, I had to completely disassemble my son’s bunk bed in order for it to be moved into his new bedroom (which I also did). The movers disassembled our bedroom dresser and mirror and did not reassemble it. The screws needed are missing and the company (Isiah) has not returned my calls regarding their location. The movers also removed our master bedroom door in an attempt to get my son’s bunk beds into his room and did not put it back on when they couldn’t get the bed in. Two hours after the movers arrived, I was told that the estimated time to complete the job would be 6 hours at over $180 per hour. I called the company to inform them that I wasn’t budgeted for that much. Isiah informed me that there wasn’t anything that he could do and that the movers should stop now and unload everything that had been loaded. About 45 minutes went by before the driver informed me that the company had decided to allow me to pay $600 that day and write a postdated check for the remaining amount for the following Wednesday (February 28th), which I agreed to do. The following day, we realized items had been damaged, not reassembled, and there were pieces missing from furniture. I called the office and spoke with Dennis, who rudely informed me that because they made a deal with me on payment, they didn’t have to reassemble everything. I called him out on his unprofessionalism and rudeness and he hung up on me. I called back and spoke with Isiah who informed me of the same regarding making us a deal. He told me, however, that he would check with the movers regarding the missing items needed to reassemble our furniture. It has now been 4 days and I haven’t heard back at all. I have stopped payment on the check due to the job not being completed along with the missing and damaged items. Once everything is returned/completed, I will pay the company a discounted rate because of their failure to complete the job as promised. I used All My Sons eight years ago to do two moves, both taking about 4 hours and cost less than $600. The company is under new ownership now and the work takes twice as long because the movers are forced to wrap and secure everything, even mattresses, blankets, etc.! This is clearly how the company prolongs jobs in order to make more money off their customers. Our move began at 12:00 p.m. and completed at 7:45 p.m. I will not be using the company again.
- Gavin M.

They didn't show up. What more can you say? I reserved them 3 weeks in advance for a 25 person office move. I paid the deposit. I asked to be the morning move and was told that wouldn't be an issue as I was one of the first people to book them for that particular day. They called to confirm a day before the move. They said late morning, early afternoon arrival. The day of the move... they didn't show up. They didn't call. Nothing. I called 4-5 times throughout the day and every time they said "we're working on getting a crew to you." But could never give me an ETA. Finally at 4:00 I called again, they said they wouldn't be able to come move my office, but they "might" be able to come the next day. Their explanation. "We just got too busy." I then called Moving Fellows and they were exceptional and moved my company the following day.
- Allison Hale

They didn’t even show up. made my mom cry, and canceled on her. they’re actually awful 12/10 wouldn’t recommend
- Angel Locket

Ripped off several of my friends by breaking and/or stealing their stuff. Talked with a past employee today and he explained to me that most of the ownership has drug and alcohol problems, and that the new owners just re-hired the people the old owneer fired for dropping and stealing stuff. Their contract, which you should never sign, states that if they break your stuff, they only owe you $0.60 per poind, so your new flat screen TV they'll break, which they will, you'll get maybe $30 for it. Skip these idiots and hire someone like Big Al's, or just do what most people do and bribe your friends with pizza and beer. This company will ruin your move.
- Bryan Goldman

I'm not really sure what else I can add that everyone else isn't already saying. They will break your cherished belongings and rip you off. Things will be missing and you will consider this one of the worst mistakes of your life if you hire these people. I truly hope you see this so that you don't experience what I did. Good luck with your move.
- AZ

- tina hess

Fantastic group of guys that moved my stuff. Ethan, Liam & Josh were very efficient and friendly and took great care to protect my belongings. I will definitely recommend All My Sons for anyone looking to move. Five solid stars.
- Michael Blankenship

I am not one to write reviews as it's always the angry, frustrated individual just venting online right??? That said I would be remiss to not at least mention how terrible this company is. We booked them to move us over a month ago and this morning received a call that the driver was sick... "cant be there till 4:00, but we won't make you pay for going past 7:00" Ok things happen, frustrated, but ok. At 3:30 they called to say no one wants to work late, we won't be coming at all... Do you want to re-book for another time? As I read this happening time and time again to other people on yelp I am started to see that this is their business model. Book high to guarantee they have a job, and cancel everyone they don't have enough staff to cover. It's a poor business model. It's their prerogative to run their company how they choose, but it's ours to choose who we do business with. Just thought everyone should know our situation. As we sit in a fully packed house trying to figure out what to do next.
- Rick Boyer

These people are not professional i had them move a brand new bed to my storage they just threw on the floor ripped the bag i wrapped in got it all dirty by dragging it. So i called the manager to complain keeps rescheduled to come fix lies lies lies these people are garbage do not get these people.
- Julian Basave

The moving crew I had was nice and I thought we were off to a great start until my four hour move turned into a 10 HOUR move. First, I had scheduled four movers to come but I only got three and definitely not the fastest three. What was supposed to be a $1,000 bill is now almost $2,000. The delay, due to frequent stops and standing around, meant that we ended up in rush hour traffic and sat for another hour there as well. I wish I could recommend them because again they were nice but the experience was too disappointing to do so. It was a very dissatisfying experience and multiple times the items I said were NOT going were then packed up and put in the truck. I hate to complain but this is definitely worth complaining about.
- Danielle Christeson

I called to cancel my move, and the gentleman in the phone was kind of rude. As I ask a question and gave me a condescending response. Good thing they show their true colors early so I don't have to do business with them in the future.
- Jonathan Coronado

Based on the quote we received in mid-July, we were told All My Sons could disassemble and reassemble furniture and with three movers at a rate of $188/hr we could expect it to take 3 hours for a total around $570. We didn't know what time to reserve our buildings' freight elevators until we called them less than a week before the move. We were told their guys had a job in Wilsonville and we should reserve the late afternoon 3pm-5pm time slot for the freight elevators and we needed to secure parking permits for each location. To ensure enough space for a moving truck and the ramp to load and unload it, we reserved three parking spaces in front of my apartment in the Alphabet District, the loading dock my partner's apartment in "Slabtown," and spaces outside our new place in The Pearl - all until 6pm. Just before 3pm on moving day (Aug 23), we got a call saying the All My Sons guys would be here between 3:30 and 4:00. They finally arrived at 4:45 with just 15 minutes left to use the freight elevator at my place before it would be returned to normal service. Only two movers came out of the truck that, despite being too short for a 2br apartment, proved to be too wide causing traffic to backup as the streetcar couldn't pass. They had to park the truck across the street, in a hospital loading zone, not in the spots we reserved. We quickly realized they had no tools to disassemble furniture, they were worried they wouldn't have enough blankets or boxes and couldn't properly pack the TVs and furniture, and they didn't have mattress bags. By the time we got to my partner's apartment we no longer had access to the freight elevator and loading dock and were forced to park blocking half of 13th Ave while we moved furniture through the courtyard. We didn't reach our final destination until almost 8pm - two hours after our parking reservation expired. At this point my partner and I realized that if we didn't help All My Sons' 2-man crew unload the truck, we wouldn't finish until 11pm. The only reason that job finished at 9:30pm is because my partner and I unloaded any smaller items that didn't require a hand truck and brought them up to the apartment ourselves. -- And because the truck was too small to begin with, we had to make several additional trips in our vehicles to finally empty our old apartments the next evening. The two workers All My Sons sent were excellent and did all they could with what they were given, but when they expect to arrive at a "small job" that actually includes 3 destinations and a 2br apartment worth of furniture, they have been set up for failure. We explained all of this to them via email multiple times and haven't heard anything about a refund or any kind of make-good for the parking spaces and being charged for 3 guys when there were only 2.
- Andrew Balcom

I guess I will not use this company again, I was told that 3 movers would come over, there was only 2 that showed up. I was moving maybe 3 miles from my house, they took 7.5 hours to move my furniture to a storage unit. I don't think it should have cost me over $1,200 to move just furniture from my house to the storage unit. I have used this company 2 times before for further moves, and more stuff, for less. Also the kid that they sent to my house played Loud Heave Metal Music with filthy language the whole time they were there. The one guy was good, the kid, not so much. The kid broke something and never told us about it, I saw him break it. The kid was dropping my stuff off the attic in the truck, I watched that. Not a good impression of the business, this time.
- Tom Whyatt

Do I even have to give a star ? First, they didn’t know where we were.. was called to give directions to driver when they should have access to google or at least the office gave them the directions before heading out.. just kinda went downhill from there. There was a noticeable distaste that we were on the third floor by the youngest of the movers..Needed to know what was the destination like. These questions I answered when setting up the service on the phone. They should’ve been prepared for their job. They were extremely loud the whole time they were at the apartment. Playing loud music. Wasn’t even good music.. I will say that the wrapping of my furniture was nice.. and the other two gentlemen were much more professional and were considerate of our new carpet in the destination place.. but somewhere during the move they broke my cat tree and didn’t tell me. I only just now saw it today. Over two weeks later. They also broke a plate that was well wrapped in a box marked fragile. They were stacking boxes with heavy boxes on top of lighter boxes. Stacking them 3-5 boxes high so they began to tilt. It was least to say not a great experience. Was happy when they left. Oh yeah. They also over charged me for the time they were actually there. Had to refund me..not exactly what I thought I was getting when speaking to a rep on the phone when shopping around for movers. I found out that I was speaking to a manager in a different region of the US with completely different workers. Overall: Wouldn’t use again or recommend.
- Sphinx Radio

Put in online request for a quote, was called 10 times in less than 24 hours.
- Justin Grass

This was honestly the worst experience ever! I absolutely DO NOT recommend this company at all! They were not on time, only 2 of them wore masks and gloves while the other didn't and both my children are medically fragile. I hired them for 2 hours, told them to take the big stuff and they ended up charging me $1006 for 5.5 hours even though they didn't even empty the entire apartment which was only 964 square feet. I stood in my kitchen and cried because it was so horrible. They didn't make any attempt to make it right with me and I ended up having to move everything again because they couldn't manage to put anything where I asked.
- Kelsie Karukes

Well as Im sitting here waiting for a moving company that I had to hire at the last minute, I figured I would do my part to spare anyone else having to deal with this company during a move. I booked them and put down a deposit and was told they would arrive around 2. I took the day off work so I could make sure everything was packed and the beds stripped etc. At 2:30 I called and the person in the phone told me that they still have 4 moves and they never give exact times and it would probably be a couple hours. At 4 someone called and asked if I had “flexibility” and could do the move the following day saying there’s a good chance they won’t get to me today. He didn’t even apologize. I said that I had to work the next day and to please refund my deposit. He just said “ok.” I called around and was able to find some last minute movers. Hopefully they arrive soon. Don’t hire this company. They are poorly managed and aren’t even apologetic about their screw ups.
- Skyler Dorsey

Had a move scheduled called and confirmed a few days before. 30 mins before they were suppose to arrive they call to cancel the move because the crew didn't show up. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!!!!
- Maggie Kruger

Everything was great! Making the reservation was super easy. They were very friendly and very helpful, willing to answer all my questions (and I had a lot) They explain to you upfront what the charges will be and how everything works. There are no hidden fees at all. I've never used a moving company before but based on the experience I had with them, I will definitely do it again. This is money well spent!! When the movers got to my place they were very friendly and they adapted so well to what was happening in my building with the elevators. They were very efficient, fast and treated all my things very carefully. If you are trying to decide who to hire, you should definitely give them a call, they were awesome!
- Valeria V.

AVOID! These movers don’t care about building security (will leave doors propped open and unattended). As importantly, they don’t care about COVID. These movers would only put their face coverings on when asked to, and the one on the right wouldn’t cover their nose unless asked multiple times. And the next time I saw them, the masks were off again. DO NOT HIRE THEM!
- AJ Ore

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