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About All My Sons Moving and Storage

All My Sons isn’t just a moving company. We pride ourselves in being your friend in the moving business by sticking with you every step of the way as you transition into your new home. Our values not only define us as a company, but as individuals. Through the daily application of six principles, we strive to be a business you can count on—just like family.

Moving-Me about All My Sons Moving and Storage

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a family-run company that covers local and long-distance moves. It sends its own trucks and offers professional, specialty moving services. All My Sons performs long-distance moves to anywhere in the U.S. and local moves in select cities. All My Sons’ are ready to provide you with all kinds of services from moving heavy furniture to safely loading your belongings into a truck. What is more, every move comes with basic valuation insurance, but customers can purchase additional insurance for better coverage. The company also offers packing and unpacking services, temporary storage and packing supplies.

All My Sons Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

All My Sons Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. All My Sons Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company apart from others in the industry.
ICC MC number: 396799
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)
US D.O.T: 917162
(US Department of Transportation number)
Local State License: 1981150
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
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What is All My Sons Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average moving within Texas to be $2127. A local move with All My Sons costs an average of $1,000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection company. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. All My Sons Moving and Storage is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and latest moving equipment.

All My Sons Moving and Storage Reviews

Process was smooth and simple. I did not have a large move and was able to get an estimate over the phone within 15 minutes. We scheduled the date, being cheaper to do the move during the week, I picked a Wednesday. They said they would call me a few days prior. As expected they called me that Monday to let me know they were scheduled for Wednesday and what time they would arrive. They arrived right on time and then prepared for the move. The final price was a little higher than discussed but was still over less than half of the other company I looked at. The reason for the five stars is due to the 3 man crew I had, Treavon, Mark and Dwayne, they were very professional and took very good care of my furniture. I had a tricky move once in my new place with a spiral staircase but it was not an issue for them. They were able to get everything I needed up there in a matter of minutes. Will absolutely use them again in the future.
- C C.

Great experience. Hector, Joel, and Juan were wonderful; great positive attitudes, worked hard, helped me with some extra stuff. Awesome and I would totally use All My Sons again!!
- Su R.

I would advise anyone and everyone to stay away from All My Sons (Attleboro). I had a 1.5 bedroom loft and decided it'd be more convenient to have movers. I called the company and described EVERY piece of furniture I had! Kitchen island, 5 tables (2 work with wheels, 1 smaller work table, 2 side), 1 bed, 2 small ottomans, 1 antique sewing machine, 2 ladder bookshelves, and maybe 15 boxes. I was told over the phone that with everything I had they would send 2 guys and it would take approximately 3 hours. 1 hour to load, 1 hour to unload, 1 hour travel time. All for about $400. So I think sure, why not? I give them $100 up front. They call back and say, we'll actually just give you 3 guys and it will increase the rate but cut down the time. So I'd be spending the same. Ok, fine. Moving day: 3 men show up to my door, start moving. It takes them 3 hours to load the truck!!! Everything in my place was packed, all boxes stacked and ready to go, by the door. I moved everything into my apartment (minus kitchen island) with my mom, sister, and friend in 2 hours! My apartment is the first one off of the elevator! (Westfield Lofts) These guys were clearly taking their time. I call the office and speak to Mike (owner), who gets defensive as soon as I call. I simply ask how much more it's going to cost me because it's already going on 3 hours. He says he'll call the guys and see why it's taking so long. Apparently, the guys told him it took so long to load because there was no elevator in my apartment building!!!! WHAT?! 1. The elevator is right outside of my door. 2. Everything came up the elevator, so everything fit in it to go down. Now we're at the storage unit. After the guys get the call they put some pep in their step. It takes them maybe an hour to load up my storage unit, which also has an elevator and is located right by the unit. (Cube Smart) So it took you guys 3 hours to load the truck and 1 to unload? Both locations having elevators no more than 20ft away. All boxes set and ready to go. So when they're finally done, the driver comes to me saying I now owe almost $700! Making it almost $800 total. Now why in the world would I agree to pay that much when I was told less than $400??? So now I'm in a situation where the job is done, but I'm being charged more than I was told. I call the office to speak to Mike, who is now conveniently out of the office. They basically tell me, too bad, so sad. Nothing they will do. Mike is related to a friend of mine so he supposedly gave me a "discount". So because I didn't know what else to do, I paid it. What was I supposed to do? Then after thinking about it, I thought, no, I need to dispute the extra $400 they're trying to charge me. So because I paid it there's nothing I can do about it now. So I called my friend to ask her about Mike, she so tries to help me out. Mike then told her that I had called them and told them that I had 1 table and a few boxes! And that they sent over 2 guys and 1 truck, but when they saw how much stuff I had they had to send over another guy and a bigger truck! WHAT?!?!?! No once ever came to my place before the moving day. On the moving day, I get a knock on the door and it's 3 men ready to move my things. So where did this lie come from about them seeing how much I had before hand??? I'm not a liar or a cheater and I'm not cheap. I would've had friends help with the move and made a fun day of it instead of being robbed of my time and money. It was for the convenience, but in the end it was far from that. All My Sons (Attleboro) moving company is awful. It's very sad the amount of lies that came from this company, and I would strongly advise everyone to stay away from them! They will lie, cheat, rob and deceive you.
- Domonique C.

DO NOT HIRE THESE SCAM ARTISTS. I had a 2 bedroom condo I was moving out of. They showed up, 2 guys. They were more concerned about getting they're clothes dirty. I paid for 2 hours plus travel 330.00. Was told by they're agent that it could be done. I had already moved all the boxes, electronic, I was pretty confident it could be done. The 2 guys they sent, if they moved any slower they would be in reverse. They ate up my 2hours loading just the furniture. At the end they charged me ANOTHER 215.00 more. I COMPLAINED to the owner. He TOLD the 2 clowns not to unload my property until I paid the money. They turned a 2 hour job into 4 hours. What was weird it only took the a hour to unload my furniture. They were not professional movers. THEY WERE SCAM ARTIST, CON ARTISTS!!!! WARNING!!!!!! DO NOT HIRE ALL MY SONS MOVING. YOU WILL REGRET IT.
- Steven W.

I had a horrible experience with this company. I was told to expect the movers at around 1 pm and they did not get to my place until after 6. Additionally, at around 1:30 pm, one of the movers called me to say he was coming in 45 minutes to an hour. When he didn't show up, I called the mover's number multiple times and had no response. When I called customer service about the issue, they told me that the mover had "mistakenly called me and meant to call another client." Seriously???????? One of the movers hit on my constantly and trash-talked the company (with good reason - the company SUCKS). He huffed, puffed, and complained the entire time. They were very small; I had a small one bedroom apartment (moving into another small one bedroom apartment) and I had already moved half of my boxes; I only needed help with big stuff (armoire, dining room table, and bed). It took the two movers almost 4 hours to complete the job and LOTS of complaining. The worst $550 I HAVE EVER SPENT. Yes, $550. The only reason I went with this company is because I was quoted at around $350, which was significantly lower than the other quotes I received. Did I mention that the movers messed up my paint in three places at my new place by ramming furniture into it? Completely careless. I called the customer service line at the company one day later to file a complaint. They told me that they would send me paperwork via email in order to file my damage claim. Paperwork never came. I called them back. No answer. Still waiting on the paperwork. It's been over 3 weeks.... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Horrible customer service, horrible movers, horrible experience. And I thought I was "treating myself" by hiring movers!
- Frances L.

Thieves, Crooks, do not hire!! they stole $2000.00 in jewelry. they have stolen from many people. i wish i had read the reviews. I am the latest victim. future victims are inevitable. I have filed a police report, hired an attorney and a private investigator. I will not stop till we get to the bottom of this. Check out all the 1 Star Google Reviews. Many, Many Reports of theft. How does this company possibly stay in Business. My attorney assures me he will have them shut down within 6 Months.
- Doug C.

Total and utter negligence. We packed our entire home and were just having them move our stuff from point A to point B. It was a slightly unique situation as our new apartment was not yet ready so everything was being moved into the 2 bedrooms of the apartment, but not assembled, so when they were done we could not look at our furniture as we were in a hotel until the rest of the construction was completed on our apartment. My first issue was that an hour before they were done unloading, the "lead guy" approached me to tell me that a tip of $25-$40 per person was "appreciated but not expected". I had planned to tip $25 per person anyway, but I was very much put off by this as now I felt like I had no choice. My fiancé (at work- I took the day off to get moving errands done) told me that I should no longer tip them and explain that I was going to until they made me feel obligated, however, I was stressed out and not in the mood to argue with 3 men who still had my stuff in their possession. I tipped them, they left. I couldn't check anything because everything was crammed into the two bedrooms (couch, love seat, kitchen table, queen bed, bureaus, entertainment center, etc) so we are talking absolutely no room to even go into the rooms, you had to remove the items in order to see the stuff, so it was a waiting game until the rest of our apartment was ready. That evening, we receive a call from our previous landlord. Furious is not a strong enough word to describe her. She was angry about the downstairs door to the house (we lived on 2nd floor apartment so the movers had to go through the downstairs door to get into the hall and then our apartment door). We had been busy and had not yet been back to the "old" apartment. We had planned to go the next day and clean/make sure things were in order. We left our hotel immediately to go to the "old apartment". Holy you know what. The door to the building looked horrendous like it had been keyed, the way a car would be keyed by a vandal. I started panicking because my furniture is what made these marks... so wtf did my furniture look like is what was running through my head.... needless to say, she took the cost of replacing the door out of our deposit... you can see the pictures below... We called All My Sons the next morning to notify them of the issue and tell them that we couldn't view our items for another week or so. They were not empathetic or apologetic, just told us that once we check our furniture, we could make a complaint... I already knew we were in for the long haul... It was another anxious week of wondering what our furniture looked like before we were finally given the go-ahead to unpack. As you can imagine, it did not go well. Our kitchen table, coffee table and entertainment center were all scratched up in several locations, our bedroom bureau had a large chunk taken out of it, our side table was falling apart and pieces to much of our furniture was missing or not all there. 99% of this furniture was purchased brand new, less than one year prior and is still being paid on, so we aren't talking junk and we aren't talking old, beat-up furniture- our kitchen table was less than 6 months old. The company asked for pictures, weight of the items and receipts. I took a ton of pictures, guessed the weight of the items and sent receipts for everything (thank god for technology and Jordan's Furniture being able to pull up their records like it was nothing and for also being gracious enough to send us all the replacement pieces that were missing for free!!). I had to sign the form then have it notarized and then wait. And wait. And wait. After all that, they offered to reimburse us for the door and pay us 60 cents per pound for the furniture, a grand total of $427. No attempt to fix the furniture, no apologies, just a letter citing the law essentially saying, "sorry this happened to you, we don't accept fault but we will pay you the minimum required by law, take it or leave it." If I had known that they pay by weight, I would have been far more realistic... our kitchen table is about 300+ pounds but I put 100 because I didn't know it mattered, but it was too late to argue. I had no choice but to accept or else they'd close the matter and consider it over. Needless to say, we continue to make payments on our scratched and damage.
- Giorgi A.

Was given a quote over the phone of and I quote "A flat fee of $4572, with a $1500 deposit." Had to confirm dates with my husband, then when calling back to give the deposit they re-quoted me at $8800 for the same move!!!! When I questioned it, They then said, "oh sorry, human error on our part." Terrible business practice, would NEVER recommend.
- Rochelle B.

I would not recommend them to anyone. We hired them to move things we had in storage to a new house. They moved so slow. They dropped a box and broke my handmade pottery. They charged us for 8 hours of work despite them not working that long. It was terrible. I could elaborate, but I'll just say don't hire them instead.
- Rachael E.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - THEY HAVE MULTIPLE COMPLAINTS - I FOUND OUT TOO LATE Good morning, Diana, I would like the name of the owner of All My Sons because I want to File an official complaint in reference to the guys who Your organization sent out to me for my move. Not only did they delay the process of moving me to obtain more money then was contractually obligated. They showed up to my apartment smelling like marijuana, not professionally dressed, and the lead driver had a blackeye. I would have to look for them, during the course of the move, only to find them downstairs on the truck smoking cigarettes and weed. They kept complaining that they were tired and had other jobs to do the next day and wanted to rest up. When they found out that I had to pick up furniture to be delivered to my new house on Saturday, they tried to cut me a side deal catch up for $300. 00 I have several items that are missing and broken. The fact that they did not move my living room furniture and lamps/son pictures, there is no way that they should have been paid $1500. Most importantly, I have a professional, expensive vision board that was crafted for me professionally, that is missing the only thing that I can say is they broke it and refused to let me know and kept it on the truck. I have an inventory of all of my things in net is one of the items that's missing. That piece is invaluable and I'm very, very, disappointed and taken aback that they never brought it to my attention and they swindled me out of a tip ( they kept mentioning that they normally get tips from customers) and $1500. Grant it they did move a lot of boxes, however keep in mind I came from a two bedroom apartment, With only one bedroom set. The other bedroom had boxes and a deck, which they did not move in that vicinity. No bedroom set at all. They didn't take the my large sofa, my large chair the coffee table are the end table which was part of the package. They refuse to take the short route to get to my new home insisted on taking the long route which delayed the process also. I feel like it was one big swindle. when I told the guy that I was going to sue him, he was remorseful and apologetic but still deceitful, by holding my furniture hostage until I paid him the $1500. There is no way in hell, that this should've cost me $1500. They took it advantage of my vulnerability, kindness and lead driver stated he was instructed by you to do so. He begged me not to contact your office or your organization, are the attorney generals office. When I asked him to telephone you he would not. After he received payment he was talking to another guy with your business, laughing on the end of his cell phone and would not let me speak with him. I telephone all my sons on my other cell phone and was on hold for 2 1/2 hours, and no one answered. I called your Florida office and no one answered. He told me your Baltimore office the lines were down. After he got off the phone, he kept saying I'm going to get you some of your money back. He knew exactly what he had done, and what he was doing, he's a thief. This is highway robbery, illegal and disgraceful. He took it advantage of the wrong person. Cathy Pope ---------- Forwarded message --------- To: Diana Bowen [email protected] Good morning, Diana, I was under the impression that the movers would be here today at 8 o'clock this morning. However it is 8: 16 and no one has showed up or called. I've tried to call your office and has repeatedly gone to voicemail. If by chance someone can give me a call back I got an email confirming the date and time and let me know was going on because we are packed up and we're ready to go. Also I'm assuming that I will not be charged for the time that your drivers are delayed.
- Cathy P.

I hired All My Sons to move my apartment on 4/15. At the start, customer service was great. I was told that an initial estimate was $591 and that based on my description - 3rs floor walk up, five sets of stairs- would take three guys and would wrap up by 12. I was expecting to pay a little more, and had set aside 700 just in case. Day-of, loading on the truck, the guys were pleasant and motivated. We get to my new apartment, and that's when it fell apart. Only two of the three men were bringing my things up the stairs, and when one of the workers indicated that was not normal, I called the office to voice concerns. The supervisor was pretty condescending on his tone of voice when he told me that it was normal to have a spotter type of person managing the others. I told him that was not explained to me when I was first placing my reservation. It seemed like bs that I was paying for three men when only two men were working, but I was ready to let it ride so long as they could still get it done by noon. That wildly did not happen. I realized after they call that really only one mover (A) was bringing things all the way up into my apartment, and the other more active one was taking multiple breaks during the move. My aunt also saw him sitting in his personal car for a stretch. Again, I called the supervisor, to say that I knew that time was getting close, only two guys were working, and one was taking a lot of breaks. There was some back and forth with the motivated mover and the supervisor on the phone. He told me he could only take $50 off my next additional hour, even though the two other movers had done markedly less work than the third, and much of the truck was still waiting to be unloaded. I did not see a lot of care being taken with my stuff. Things clearly marked Fragile were sandwiched in between other boxes, both in the truck and then again during unloading. I found myself having to actually move some of the lighter things myself to speed up the process that I was paying for. I have a bad back and dexterity issues, which is a big part of why I was not able to move my own stuff, even slowly, and why I hired movers in the first place! At one point, one of the men actually sidestepped a box that had tipped over to place a box down, and left the landing with the box just laying partially crushed on the side. Then, the third worker who was taking multiple breaks drove off in the middle of the job. Just left without a word. There's still plenty of things left on my second floor landing- they had placed my stuff with little care, blocking the path for any neighbors who might need to use the door to exit. I called the supervisor again, and the most he said he could do is take another $50 off and not charge me for the rest of the time it took the Motivated Guy and the first worker that wasn't moving from the truck to get the rest of my stuff in. I have a loft bedroom, and the movers didn't plan or stage anything in order to take my bed up, by the time they were "finished," the bed was packed into the apartment, too surrounded with boxes to move. Fortunately, all that was broken in the experience was a picture fame and a handle and lock on my typewriter case, apparently dropped in the process. Both were broken by the movers and not mentioned to me, I had to find them myself after they already left. To pay so much and be left with broken items really burns me up. This was so much more stress than I had planned for. At the end of it all, I paid $873 for an incredibly unprofessional job. This whole experience ruined my goodwill towards this company and until they make this right I will tell everyone I know just how crummy this company is. I could have done better hiring some neighborhood folks to do this move. I thought I was being responsible by hiring pros with insurance but it was quite clear no one (besides the one motivated mover of three) was really concerned about looking out for the customer.
- Rushelle F.

Decent experience with All my sons. Our basement was flooded and hence needed to move our belongings to a storage unit. Called on a Sunday and they were able to come the next day itself. They said they'd come between 10 and 11am. Got a call in the morning and they'd mentioned they were on the way. Ended up arriving around 11:15 to 11:30. There were 3 movers and they had a 3 hour minimum. Everybody was super friendly and efficient. Very quick in moving everything. They bought packing materials for glassware and small items but there were no blankets or anything protective for the furniture itself. Bit rough handling. They also took some fragile items without letting us know and came to know only later. Luckily nothing was br Rates were as discussed, there were some other charges as well but didn't care much as insurance was going to cover. Came out to around 700$ to move a sectional couch, tv stand, bar stools and few other furnishings. Overall decent experience, may not necessarily use them again.
- Vijay S.

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