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About Agility Van Lines

We are one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around. We are trusted by countless families across the country. We make even the most difficult moving job seem simple, at least for you! Whether you’re moving from one state to the next or across the country, this mover has you covered. We are a family owned and operated moving company. Our delivery windows range from 0-5 days, the same crew that picks you up is the same crew we want delivering you.

Moving-Me about Agility Van Lines

If you contact this moving company, they will be able to provide you with fast, and most importantly high-quality transportation. They do not involve any additional companies, they work independently. Agility Van Lines will pick you up and this mover will deliver you. All employees are trained to ensure that they can help you with any issue. It doesn’t matter whether you call for the first time or contact Agility Van Lines again, you will receive the same professionalism and kindness and expected interaction.

Agility Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

Agility moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Agility Van Lines is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 895410

US D.O.T: 2564711
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: IM2431

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What is Agility Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3100. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This mover is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Agility Van Lines Reviews

After I contacted Home Advisor I heard from the moving company (Agility Van Lines) within 5 minutes. In fact the owner himself called me. I had an estimate within minutes and he never varied from this amount. More than honest, polite, and courteous! I highly recommend this efficient company.
- Laura D.

Movers were polite and efficient. My issues were the late time of arrival on the first day due to the movers driving from a distant location and this affected the entire move which had move out and move in restrictions . The move involved 2 households moving out of Virginia and moving into South Carolina.
- Suzanne M

Karl Lee, Aaron Johnson, and Alfred Rodney our movers were absolutely the best. They took great care of our furniture, pictures, etc.. in our move from IN to FL. All 3 were professional, polite, and very courteous. I would recommend these 3 movers to anyone. Now as far as scheduling that is a different story. I was told/scheduled by Michael that the pick up would be May 2 or 3. They showed up on the afternoon of May 4, which caused me to miss a day of work on my new job. Delivery was set for Thursday May 7th but our furniture didn't show until Saturday evening May 9th. We had Mother's Day Plans that we had to cut short. In fairness to Shane and Agility, they did knock off some money for the fact I had to miss work, so a big reason I put down I would recommend to family and others. So, if you are flexible on moving dates these guys took great care of our stuff. We had no broken or damaged items in the move. I would recommend Agility if you are flexible.
- Jason R

The crew was very good. Prompt, polite, quick, and clean. Alex, the crew leader was extremely good keeping the crew moving and showing them where to put things in a most efficient manor.
- Howard G

Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful
- Herman A

Great people to deal with. Kudos to Michael who was our original representative. He is just the right person that you need to deal with because moving at its best is extremely hard and very very stressful. The only hiccup was that Michael became ill several weeks before the move. But overall I d have to say the movers who came to our home-Ontario and Ian were stellar in every way to deal with and took such care with our belongings. Denise in the office was amazing. She's incredible to deal with and very kind. Even when we had a few challenges in the process Shane Young, the owner went the extra mile to make our move exceptional. I highly recommend Agility Van Lines to you.
- Jb C

The move went well but I was very disappointed in the final price as it was substantially more than the estimate given to us. The furniture took up more space in the truck than we were originally quoted so the cost was much higher. This all happened the day of the move so there was not much we could do about it. The three movers were easy to work with and very accommodating and our furniture arrived in good condition. It was a successful out-of-state move.
- Marilyn S

I would recommend them to absolutely anybody that needs a moving service! They are a great company! The drivers, Rico, Eli and Kevin, stayed in touch throughout the whole process, from pickup to delivery. I could not have asked for a better moving company or personnel. They were professional! They cared about everything they put on that truck! I am so happy! If I ever need someone again, I would call them without hesitation!
- Carolyn J

Elie, Ricardo, and Kevin were great. They packed my belongings incredibly well. They were on time and packed efficiently. They communicated well during the entire move. John (my direct contact at Agility) was always responsive and accurate with the answers to my questions. I would recommend them highly and would use them again.
- Richard F

This was our first time moving and they put us at ease, they were just awesome. If there's anything that can speak well of them it's that I would highly recommend them.
- Brad L

So far, Agility van lines has been great! They came within the window for pick up and called when they were close so I could be ready for them. They did a good job packing my stuff up in their truck, little slow but very thorough so I'd rather them be a little slower and get it done right. I will write another review once they drop my stuff off. I moved from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC and they will do it in under 6 day like they promised.Update- they arrived within the time frame that they originally told me, and kept me updated throughout their drive on their way to me. They were super nice and respectful. Only a couple things were damaged like lamp shades, but I was reimbursed and Cindy was very helpful with that! Teddy and his crew of movers were great, highly recommend!
- Hannah G.

This company was a recommendation. Started off well with John in sales. He was very responsive in our talks but when the deal was settled, crickets. Move date was scheduled for either Friday or Saturday. Friday turned into Saturday, I had to call twice to get a time, Sunday morning was the scheduled arrival between 9-12. After wasting the day waiting on them, I finally got a call Sunday evening from the driver. He said they would be there in about 30 minutes. The driver/movers were great and efficient. Logistics can be a tricky process when trying to accommodate different situations but communicate.The communication is something that this company needs to work on as its the most frustrating part of this process but the most critical.
- Mark F.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT use this company if you want your items picked up on time, delivered on time and not damaged. They are the WORSE. No professionalism, unethical and should just be ashamed of themselves completely!
- Monique A.

CONSUMER BEWARE - Do not use this company for any moves. Shane Young is the owner. I agreed to move during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June. They didn't deliver my boxes until the 2nd week of July, 2 weeks later than what I was told and agreed upon. I am only going to echo the exact same issues that others have with Shane Y. and therefore won't recount the entire event. The aspects of the move that I agreed to have done did not happen. a) Pick up my good during the pre-determined 4 day window b) Receive a phone call when the driver was enroute c) Immediately take my boxes/items to the new location --- Not store them in a warehouse d) Drop off the boxes/items during the agreed upon 4 day move-in period e) Receive a phone call from the office or driver when they were one day away Everytime I received a call from Cindy with a set day and time, it was a lie. They picked up my goods a week late. Instead of driving them up to my new home, they put everything in storage for 2 weeks (2 weeks later than the agreed upon delivery period).
- Yeshuwa M.

I live out of state part time and needed to have some furniture moved from Fort Lauderdale to Sarasota. A small room full of stuff but it was a Weds. and I needed it out by the following Tuesday. After many yelp review inquiries I was able to get some bid. Jimmy took control, listened to all that I needed and then gave me a bid. Although it was more than I expected I had to have it done. I had other estimates that were much higher and a few lower. He gave me a pick up time he was available that Monday, so I booked. He emailed me the necessary paperwork and I waited till the next Monday. In the meantime, the owner called to confirm and advise me he would be calling the people at the pick up and drop off location. Also, I had a call from the office just confirming. My friend who met the movers at the pick up site said the movers were great. They packaged and wrapped everything carefully and quickly. On the receiving end of the delivery things also went great. She grabbed their card for future use. It was a unusual situation because I was not there. They were better at communication than I was. They have systems they keep their process running smoothly.
- Kristy L.

Recently used this moving company from Ohio to Florida. Moving crew was great....very professional. The excellent rating applies to them !! Thank you!! HOWEVER......Our problem was with how the scheduling was handled from the home office. Our actual pickup was a day and a half past the original promised pickup date. There was no communication from Agility's home office about a delay until 30 minutes before arrival time. Then our pickup was promised "definitely" for the next morning. However, the second day actual pick up time ended up being 8 hours past the pickup time promised by the home office. This caused us a very late departure and we were unable to make it to our hotel that we were charged with the room we didn't use. We had to spend 18 straight hours driving in order to make it to our destination in time for the closing on our home in Florida. The only good communication was from the driver....who kept us well as keeping us informed of his location and when he could deliver our items. Very disappointed and upset with the lack of customer service in this move. Can only recommend them if you don't have a schedule to maintain.
- Janet S.

I literally was concerned I would have a stroke or heart attack during this move. As usual when someone is trying to get your business, they are sweet as pie and all accommodating. Promise you what you ask for while knowing they cannot deliver. While on the phone with John, literally walked room to room, telling him what we needed to move. Being Seniors, we needed a full service move, and a full moving fan, and John kept saying no problem. We felt the price was decent and making a move the size and distance we were, the price sounded right. Movers changed dated twice, but we did not find a problem with that. However, when they arrived, the truck was the size of a Enterprise 28' rental and I was in shock. The movers moved in, looked around and said, no way! I knew that as soon as they pulled up. I truly pictured a true moving van. We were also told they would pack. We did have some things packed in plastic containers for personal reasons, but they stated they do not pack, they had to get the loading done, but there was in no way room for them to take what we had. The movers were sympathetic, but that and $1.00 bought us nothing. They "quickly" wrapped the larger pieces and loaded them with at least another truck load left behind, they said they could do no more nor could they be back because he had a job states away the next day. I was in uncontrollable tears and said they didn't even clear the cupboards yet. So one of the guys threw our dishes in a cardboard box, taped it shut and off they went. They said it would cost us an additional $500/mo to store our stuff. I asked "what about the rest"? We were on our own. We then had to rent our own truck and hire some company to help us at least load that truck. Three of our children came from out of town to help as well. Long story short, we ended up dishing out another approximate $6,000 and did the work ourselves. I would have been best off getting a real professional moving company with a large moving van. My daughter moved to California from Ohio at less of a cost and it included packing, their vehicles and one truck, but they used a professional moving company. I would not call Agility a professional moving company - not even close. Delivery day to our new residence came and we were told we still owed another $1500 before they would release our stuff. I told them I would lay in front of their truck before they would leave with MY stuff. We finally settled the situation and my stuff was brought in. MUCH TO OUR DISMAY, at least half of our things were damaged, inclusive of our entire kitchen table, dining room buffet, jewelry boxes, dishes, crystal glassware, picture frames etc.etc. etc. Yet everything my children had packed for us was perfect and not damaged. I sent in costs to replace these things, along with pictures of the damage and I was told I should have bought additional insurance. My damages were not covered. I was also told that this is the first time ever these things happened with their moving company. NOT! All plastic containers were crushed and needed to be thrown out. I had bought them to keep things in order in our closets, garage, or wherever. Cardboard boxes were crushed. It was like half of our things had fallen out of the truck in an accident. Perhaps they were. Another lesson learned in life. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, though I didn't even get that. So please be careful, have every item listed and checked and don't think they pack for you. Do not expect careful moving. You have been warned.
- Jamary J.

Used company for across the state lines in April 2020. Date of scheduled delivery, they just didn't show up. Over the next week, I had to call Denise in their office multiple times, and was always told a later date with no explanation. At one point, Denise asked ME why things were delayed. (?!) Finally got items over a week late. Hardware on multiple dressers and lamps broken. Denise offered a $500 refund, but it never materialized.
- Jennifer M.

Embarrassingly bad service. The salesperson outright lied to us about what was included in the service. "Full pack and unpack" does not mean unpack at all, just unload the van. "Professional packers" managed to destroy paintings, lamps, dishes, artwork, clothes. Mostly because they literally just dumped our belongings into the largest boxes they were able to buy at Home Depot the night before. We were told the movers were coming on Wednesday, then they didn't show up until Thursday. Then when we called the office to ask about the discrepancy, we were told it was our fault. It was our fault for not estimating how big of a truck they should send. It was our fault for not understanding that "full pack and unpack" meant unload, but not unpack. It was our fault for assuming that "professionals" meant "stoned the entire time they worked." Our quote jumped from $7,000 to $9,400. I'm embarrassed to have given them my money. Stay away from this company! They are shady, and unprofessional. Shame on them.
- R. F.

Alex and his crew were wonderful, very professional and polite. He actually cared that our items return to us in the same condition. We moved from PA to VA and needed our stuff stored for almost a week. Alex came out to our home filled almost three trucks and made sure things weren't damaged. It was a pleasure knowing him and his crew. I highly recommend him.
- Robyn B.

Using Agility Van lines was a great choice and the best move possible. John helped set up the move perfect for us and made the process as smooth as could be. All of the workers were very respectful with the furniture and completed the move in a timely fashion. Overall great experience with this company, highly recommend!
- Will Gossage

The team at Agility Van Lines was extremely helpful for my family's move from MA to FL. I spoke with John in terms of my estimate. The crew that assisted with me with my move was also great and efficient. Teddy, Manny and Tyrone took excellent care of my furniture. I would highly recommend Agility for all moving necessities.
- Amanda O Bryant

Agility Van Lines offers its customers the best of all worlds when it comes to moving: trustworthy movers who provide prompt and efficient service at a competitive price and without the bait and switch tactics you usually find in South Florida when dealing with movers. These guys said what they meant from quote to pick up to hidden fees, no sloppy work and none of the nastiness you often find with other area movers. I highly recommend Agility, whether for long haul or local moves.
- Neil Rubin

I recently used Agility for my move from Boston, MA to Vero Beach FL. Alex, Damion and John were absolute professionals. I can say enough about the quality of work. Angelo was also very pleasant to deal with from the office. I’m happy I have this family owned business a shot.
- Susan Mcmillan

I recently used Agility Van Lines to move from New Jersey to Delray Beach Fla .they were very courteous and professional they arrived at the approximate time that we agreed upon when they arrived in Fla to my new home everything was safely unloaded to my home l highly recommend them for your moving needs
- Allen Tirone

Alfred and Jude were the foreman for my move they both did a wonderful job explaining and helping with my move they were fast and very helpful
- Deborah Wilson

The move went as planned from John the planner and all his help to Jude the leader of the move and his helpers Will and Ray. The pick up was on time and the drop off was accommodating and on time. Jude was very professional and explained the move as well as keeping to the schedule. The price was reasonable and affordable.
- Joe Harrington

Teddy, Jose and Dominique were awesome on my recent move to Georgia. All my items arrived safely and on time as promised. Angelo was great to work with from the office and big thanks to Denise for helping coordinate as well. I would definitely recommend them.
- Timothy Stryker

It has taken me 6 weeks to finally recover from the traumatic and distressing move that I did with Agility from MA to Florida. I am writing this because as a single woman I want to ensure no one, especially another woman, is taken advantage of by the conniving and quite frankly illegal business practices of Agility. My deception began when I found Agility off the very reputable Angie's Listings. Unfortunately my initial local moving company contracted COVID-19 2 weeks prior to my move so I was in need of a replacement. I spoke with John countless times, sent him the MLS listing of my house, including the square footage ( 2219 sq ft 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths) as well as over 26 photos showing all contents of every room in my home. After multiple exchanges on 4/17 John quoted my move at $5,313.13 based off of the 1052 Cubic Feet I would need in the truck. The move was promised giving a two day arrival window. With only 24 hours notice I received confirmation the truck would arrive the second day but it didn't! I called repeatedly to confirm my moving date as I was on a tight schedule. I finally heard back at 9PM the night before my scheduled moving date - in which I was informed they would be arriving a day later than scheduled. Upon arrival on 4/23 my movers said there was absolutely no way that the contents of my home would fit in the cubic footage I had reserved. They told me I would need over 1,768 cubic footage of the truck which would increase the price of my move by $3,500 making the total $8,341.57. Additionally the owner of the company Shane insisted that the new total needed to be paid in full upon delivery. These were absolutely not the terms and conditions I had contractually agreed upon. It was the height of the pandemic, not to mention I am a single woman and was packing and moving my entire life completely alone due to required isolation. The law states that the most a moving company can charge is 110% of the increased total at delivery, they did not abide by that. I will be filing a deceptive business practice complaint with the Department of Transportation, Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General as this company is extremely corrupt and I do not want this to happen to anyone else. I will mention that the three movers were very friendly, professional, and transparent. Clearly this is a top down issue in which management forces poor and immoral business practices on their employees.
- Dawn Bloom

Embarrassingly bad service. The salesperson outright lied to us about what was included in the service. "Full pack and unpack" does not mean unpack at all, just unload the van. "Professional packers" managed to destroy paintings, lamps, dishes, artwork, clothes. Mostly because they literally just dumped our belongings into the largest boxes they were able to buy at Home Depot the night before. We were told the movers were coming on Wednesday, then they didn't show up until Thursday. Then when we called the office to ask about the discrepancy, we were told it was our fault. It was our fault for not estimating how big of a truck they should send. It was our fault for not understanding that "full pack and unpack" meant unload, but not unpack. It was our fault for assuming that "professionals" meant "stoned the entire time they worked." Our quote jumped from $7,000 to $9,400. I'm embarrassed to have given them my money. Stay away from this company! They are shady, and unprofessional. Shame on them.
- Russell T Flench

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