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About Affordable Quality Moving & Service

Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has been owned and operated by our family since 1996. As a comprehensive Santa Clarita moving company with locations in both SCV and Burbank, we have always believed that quality, all-inclusive moving services should never come at an unreasonable price.

Moving-Me about Affordable Quality Moving & Service

Affordable Quality Moving and Storage is a family owned and operated moving company that provides top-quality moving services to clients throughout Burbank, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and the surrounding areas. With more than 20 years of trusted experience, upfront pricing, and a dedication to customer satisfaction our fully licensed and insured movers can handle any moving job, large or small, with integrity and honesty.

Affordable Quality Moving & Service Licenses & Certificates

AQMS is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 659014

US D.O.T: 76628

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: Cal-T: 188503

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What is Affordable Quality Moving & Service cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. AQMS is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Affordable Quality Moving & Service Reviews

What a great moving company! They were very professional from the phone call to Amber to the completion of the move. Hector & David showed up to move us & immediately started preparing the house by covering the floors & bannister to avoid any damage. They respected & cared for our belongings & they kept their nose to the grindstone the whole time. They delivered our belongings to the new home & took the same precautions to avoid damage to the floors or walls. They double checked at both locations to make sure they got everything & that it was all in place. They even went over their time sheets to assure us that we were getting what we paid for. Very affordable especially for the quality of service. Thank you very much!
- Melody E.

We had to change our reservation several times due to various fires, evacuations, and personal issues. Affordable Quality Moving and Storage was extremely accommodating, and I was also very satisfied with the move itself. The two movers were personable, friendly, and accommodating as well.
- Angela K.

Wonderful experience. I had the pleasure of having Mike F.'s crew take care of my move. Mike and Osiris packed up my furniture incredibly quickly, and the rest of the crew -- Richard, Conner, and Cody -- unloaded carefully and quickly. I even needed the unloading to be completed two days later, and they were able to accommodate with a very reasonable temporary storage fee. Would absolutely recommend and will turn them first thing for my next move.
- Aaron G.

Where to begin. Like others I went with this company based on a recommendation from my realtor. My wife became ill in 2016 which ultimately required us to sell our home. As her illness progressed I was forced to retire which left us on a fixed income. Without another residence available we put everything into storage. We sold our home to facilitate her transplant and cover our expenses. We needed to relocate out of state in a temporary situation while she received an organ transplant. Over the ensuing three years our living situation changed drastically in terms of going from a single family home to an apartment. We hope against hope of acquiring another home but the challenges have been to great. We are still on a fixed income which has made paying the storage fees a burden. Our situation became more stressful while attempting to access our items in the storage facility. AQMS is saying that we owe a payment from December 2017 plus the current months payment and are denying us access. The background on the December 2017 payment is that it has moved from not being paid in 2018 to 2017 and back and forth a couple of times. Essentially every time I've offered proof of payment the date and time period changes. I'm certain that I've made all of the payments but of course AQMS disagrees. Apparently, they make their money on storage and not moving. We asked AQMS to work with us to get caught up but the owners insist that we pay both the alleged past due payment and current month to be granted access. Apparently the missing payment is a make or break for AQMS despite the 17,000.00 dollars they've already collected from us in storage fees. Nice work if you can get it! I asked if we could access our stuff to recover some personal and sentimental items but was told you need to pay the fees before the end of December to be able to access our stuff. The personal items would be pictures of our children and grandchildren. Items that my wife has not seen in a number of years since her health started failing. Although as others have mentioned I'm not sure how much of my stuff is actually left since others have had items stolen by AQMS employees according to their reviews. I guess the storage is more an employee personal swap meet than a secure and safe storage facility. Of course I'm only speculating since I don't know if my stuff is all there and only going by what others have posted. I really need to add that I wasn't sure whether to laugh or wretch when I watched the owners video on the AQMS website about how invested they are in each move. Oh I get it that applies only to the move, not the storage part of the business. Gee, now I understand. My experience with AQMS does not reflect their glowing reviews on the companies website. On that subject I couldn't find a place to write a review which leads me to believe that they wrote them themselves. I definitely would not recommend AQMS for any move and most definitely not for storage. This recent development places AQMS on a par with the other shyster moving and relocation companies that hold your possessions hostage and make you pay, and pay and pay.
- Dana B.

This review is a little late so I apologize for that.. This last move would be my third move using AQMS and I wouldn't use anyone else..!! I moved from an upstairs small apartment to another upstairs apartment.. I had 90% of all my things packed, stacked and staged in the living room ready to go.. the movers (Richard and Kyle) were punctual, personable, and ready to get to work...! They refused to let me help and they worked non stop..! The last thing they had to move was my refrigerator size safe..!! It took 4 male family members to get it up the stairs when I got it, but these two animals handled it like the pros they are..! It wasn't easy, they didn't complain and it was a pleasure to have their help and it was money well spent..!
- Jack M.

Taz gave us a great deal after inventorying all of the possessions that we were moving; very professional. Mike F.'s crew was top notch! Dakota, Mike F, Richard (Pops), Osiris, Jimmy and James were THE BEST CREW EVER! We loved their work so much that we brought in a nice lunch for them each day of the move and tipped them nicely. I highly recommend AQMS, TAZ and Mike F.'s crew. They were are extremely professional, fast and knew EXACTLY what they were doing. It was really amazing to watch them work.
- Guy R.

I unfortunately had to move twice within 2 months no issues with the first moving company paid 2300 One trip. but was referred to this company since I needed to be out and packed within a week or so. The packers were very caring about my stuff but to the point so much material was used it cost me a fortune. I had a coupon to get the boxes from them and pay up front and when they were returned I would get my refund. I was also told to call when they were ready to be picked up. Not only didn't I hear back from them for days they tell me I have to load them all and bring them 30 min from my home to them or I would be charged. I returned every box they used and was credited a quarter of what I paid for them. They gave me a quote up front for 1 trip with a large crew ended up not only being 1 trip but 3! First trip was 9 am and than second trip from 4pm until after 10 at night. I realized they didn't take all the stuff in the backyard my fountain my statues and bbq for whatever reason. Had to meet them two day's later because I had to be out and they bring the stuff and than tell me they don't set up the fountain and left it in tons of pieces. I than had to hire another company to try and repair how it was put. My 6 foot statue was moved and they broke the hand off completely I spoke to them put in a claim with photos and still yet to get a response been way over a month. Among other things like my bbq handles busted I didn't even bother reporting because it's pointless. I get my bill with a 400.00 trip charge to go 11 miles not my fault it took them 3 trips because they didn't estimate it correctly and over 5,000 plus dollars later I payed them I still can't get the statue fixed. They are great to schedule with friendly movers but be prepared for extra time, charges and no responses. Once they are paid they are done with you. I only gave one star because the crew was so nice to work with but the billing side of it is a nightmare.
- Tiffany D.

Biggest issue is: In the end, I was charged more than the contracted Not To Exceed amount. Initially they asked me to pay over 10% more (which is no small amount for a significant move). Movers were fine, none of my family's possessions broke. The miscommunication between the administrators and the movers happened on multiple levels. The movers showed up an hour early and wanted to begin the move when my family was not ready to move, and they had no documentation with a start time on them. The follow up of getting money back for paying over the contracted not to exceed amount has been a nightmare. If a business does not honor a contract, then what kind of business are they doing?! Five stars for the moving of physical objects 2 stars for coordination/handling of money/customer service experience with multiple representatives Overall, I will use another moving company in the future and I do not endorse doing business with this company.
- Michael L.

They are highly accommodating. I literally had to change my move date 6 times, and they were able to work with my schedule. Jack is phenomenal. My movers were Mike F. , Dakota, and Osiris. Not only were they fast, on time, and efficient, but they were an absolute delight. I would definitely use them again if I ever have to move again (I hope I don't). I highly recommend them for anyone's moving needs.
- Julie S.

My in-laws recently used this company for their move from LA to SF. They were on time for pick up and multiple delivery points. Nothing was lost or broken. They were very caring and personable. Made a stressful experience easy for us by answering all questions, returning calls promptly and providing tips to reduce cost. Nice people. Very thorough.
- Payal V.

Affordable Quality Moving helped us move into our new home and from the first interaction everything was amazing! I worked with Kelly to schedule the date, our dates changed multiple times and Kelly was always super understanding, kind and truly went out of her way to help us. The day of the move was just as great. Mike F and his team were very efficient, kind, polite and handled our items gently and with care. The whole team was truly a pleasure to work with! I would recommend them to everyone I know!! Thank you guys for helping make a very stressful time a little bit easier!
- Shonna M.

Moved in November. I'm a single Mom with two teen boys...Basically I had a big house and little help. Brett, Rene and Anthony showed up and were totally friendly and amazing. I hadn't finished packing due to a GI bug that literally hit us two days before the move and the stress of our high school shooting the day before. We still had streets lined with cops and new crews. These guys helped pack what was left and made me and my boys feel comfortable. My teenagers were like "those guys were so cool" . They definitely made a very stressful move better! Thanks guys!!
- Siobhan D.

Affordable Quality Moving & Storage was recommended by my realtor. Taz was extremely professional and proficient with the estimate for moving across town. Should I ever require the services of a moving company again, I will not hesitate to employ this company.
- Patti C.

Terrific experience with AQMS! We used them to move our business and they were super fast and efficient. Started with Brandon who is an knowledgeable and friendly sales person. Anthony and Jacob were our movers and they were careful, fast and friendly as well. I would highly recommend this company for personal or business moves! Thank you
- Stephanie S.

Wonderful moving experience. Taz was so warm and flexible when he came for my estimate. I received 3 quotes from 3 different companies. AQMS was the only one that gave me a fair maximum and was willing to customize and work with me even the day of my move. The crew was clean, friendly, fast and careful. I would highly recommend them and will use them for my next move.
- Brandi T.

If possible, I would give you zero stars! Some packers were good, others packed 2 pieces of Tupperware in a box with a bunch of packing paper - so they could charge me more for boxes, packing paper, storage, and moving. Other packers put vintage records in a box with no packing, and breakable items with one piece of packing paper - so I am finding lots of broken items from poor packing. The 'parts box' is nowhere to be find. So all parts to my new, expensive adjustable bed are missing - including the legs. I now have to buy all those parts myself, so I can use my bed. The delivery driver damaged a part of my front patio, then literally made fun of me (and laughed in my face) when I told him how much that cost. He told he I was 'ripped off'. The only people that ripped me off is this company! The customer service is awful!! No one called me about all the damage, even though some details were written on the paperwork I signed. I was told I had to continue to follow up myself - basically do their job. Their complaint process is time-consuming and cumbersome - obviously making it difficult to get any assistance for damage they caused. Who has the time or desire to deal with that after moving - which is obviously their intent. I spent a lot of money with their company - packing, storage for 6+ months, then delivery across country. As a result of my experience (and my previous experience with multiple moving companies, including cross country), I will never recommend their services to anyone. I will instead utilize social media to warn people about their poor (and dishonest) service!!
- Renae J.

STAY AWAY, HORRIBLE MOVING COMPANY. I used these people twice. I was stupid. Several years ago I used them, wasn't happy at all. Two years ago I had to move again. So many good reviews & lock of choices I was stupid enough to use them again. The Salesman appeared Professional, bad choice. I agreed to 3 men cause I was moving from a 2 story to one story. They showed up on time, had me sign all papers. Appeared to get started without a problem. However I was Guaranteed these Men were qualified & Experienced. WRONG. One Guy admitted he was just picked up from Home Depot parking lot. Didn't have a Clue what to do. The Head Guy had to keep telling him what to do. All he and others could do way complain the whole time. I had everything boxed, wrapped and ready to go. This isn't my first move. They got everything loaded and proceeded my my One Story house which was approx 5 miles ago. Well they complained this was the Hardest most difficult move they have ever had. REALLY?, I moved once 75 miles away with two trucks once with another moved. That was difficult. This move took only 5 hours. They bitched about having to take off front door, they refused. Which means my Refrigerator would not fix thru door. I took it off myself. Having a Bad Back isn't easy. Well after everything was unloaded they refused to put bad the front door saying they didn't take it off. I also noticed several pieces of furniture was badly damaged. No reason for it. I brought that to the head guy attention, his response was, "Well you didn't buy the extended warranty" REALLY? So that gives you a right to damage my furniture. After looking at all my stuff I called the Company to file a claim, since not buying the extended warranty they only gave me a small portion of what should have been in damages. The crew complained because I didn't tip, after they were done. I told them I pay for crappy move. I have always tipped movers. But they were so rude, nasty and unprofessional I would never ever call anybody with this name again. BEWARE. DO NOT USE THEM. They will lie to get your business. This review happened approx 2 years ago.
- Rusty A.

Great crew. Moved me from Stevenson Ranch, CA. to Saratoga, CA. Price was slightly below other estimates but I went with them because of personal references. Of course I was happy to save a couple hundred dollars but the safe movement and deliver of my household items was much more important. Glad to say all was delivered without a scratch. They even wrapped all wall photographs and pictures for extra protection. The two man crew worked hard and were really great guys. Friendly but very professional. Moved a washer and dryer out of my current house so the new ones they delivered could be put it. Not in contract, just good guys. My wife and I want to really thank Juan and Richard for all their hard work. Their day was long from over for them when they left to make another drop-off! Photo of Affordable Quality Moving and Storage - Santa Clarita, CA, United States. Delivered safe and sound!
- Boom S.

So impressed!! Every person I dealt with from the first call to schedule until my move was complete, were professional and kind. Connor and Robert showed up right on time with their masks ready to work. They were so polite and courteous the entire six hours of my move and never complained even though it was 90+ degrees. They were thorough and efficient and I would recommend them again and again!
- Lindsay P.

We couldn't recommend this company any higher!! Mike F and his crew Richard and Conner exceeded our expectations and delivered everything on time with no damages. They were kind courteous and very professional.
- Maria F.

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