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About Adam’s Moving Service

If you need household moving assistance, we can provide our own moving trucks and moving equipment to safely transport your belongings. If you would like to provide a rental truck, we can just show up and help with loading and unloading. We are very good at packing trucks efficiently and securing the load for transport.

Moving-Me about Adam’s Moving Service

The company was established in 2002. They are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands. They also have 6 new moving trucks available to assist with your residential move: 20-feet, 24-feet and 26-feet.

Adam’s Moving Service Licenses & Certificates

Adam’s Moving Service is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 995135

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HG 62045

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What is Adam’s Moving Service cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Adam’s Moving Service is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Adam’s Moving Service Reviews

This was my 5th time using Adam's Moving and they still manage to impress me every time. They're very responsive and prepared on the front end - reaching out for an estimate is quick, easy, and they provide thorough information. The move itself is quick, friendly, patient, and they are STRONG while also being very mindful of your possessions. Yesterday's movers were Will, Rome, and Leif and they were truly dope. All the stuff I said above applies, plus they went above and beyond... my car got a flat tire as we were heading to my new place, and they didn't hesitate to jump in and change my tire for me! Not even remotely their responsibility and I'm super grateful for the assist. I was originally referred to Adam's by a friend and I have since referred them to many other folks. No question that I will continue using them for all of my future moving needs.
- C M.

The entire process with Adam's Moving was fantastic. From start to finish was incredible! When I called for a quote the person I spoke to was knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Jason, Rob, and Nick kept me informed as to when they would arrive to move my things and once they got to my old place (a one bedroom apartment) they worked fast! My partner and I were amazed at how much they were getting done in such a short amount of time. They were equally as quick when it came to unloading at my new place. They were super professional, again very efficient, they were kind, and they treated my belongings so well. If I ever move within the Seattle area again, I will be calling them back! Thanks so much guys!!
- Jessica K.

My recent move has been extremely difficult for a variety of reasons. A comedy of errors. The low point was the day I was originally supposed to move. The mover (Neighbors) was supposed to arrive between 8-10, but they called me a little after 8 and said they wouldn't move me. They cancelled four jobs that day because they had a bunch of workers call in sick. In retrospect, I probably got lucky there because if they all got sick at once, I'm guessing the owners and staff are antivaxxers and they all caught COVID. If they had moved me, I might have gotten a breakthrough case. At the time, of course, I wasn't feeling lucky. I was on the verge of a panic attack. Everybody is moving right now. How was I going to get another mover? I figured I'd be living out of boxes and paying rent at my old place for days and days. But then I called Adam's Moving. And I definitely got lucky. They were the first mover I called, and even though their schedule that week was full, they somehow made time for me and moved me the very next day. In short, they made it happen. They didn't make excuses. They didn't shrug me off. They rearranged everything so they could help me out of a jam. And the crew was amazing. Quick, professional and personable. That's how you run a business. Don't make excuses. Don't leave your customers high and dry. Make it happen. And you'll not only have happy customers, you'll steal your comeptitor's unhappy customers.
- John M.

I live in a building with clear indoor mask guidelines posted at every entrance. Adam's movers have been in and out of the building mask-free all day. With so many breakthrough cases happening and the high rate of Covid infection in King County the last couple of months, it was stressful just getting my mail and doing my laundry with Adam's movers in the building. Basic masks are cheap, easy to get, and easy to wear even during heavy physical activity. Find a company that will prioritize your health and safety and the health and safety of the people in your immediate area.
- Lauren P.

We used Adam's Moving at the end of last month for a move in Seattle from one neighborhood to another (about 3 miles). We had received a few quotes but felt the most comfortable with Adam's given our interaction, the price, as well as the great yelp reviews. We were lucky to be the first move of the day and had CJ, Solomon and Lopez helping us. They arrived on time, were careful with our belongings, and super efficient! They were also very courteous, patient, and thorough.. for example, making sure they had moved everything that we wanted moved - since we were leaving a few things behind, and ensuring that we were happy with where everything was placed in the new place. They finished the job within the estimated timeframe and triple checked to make sure we were happy w/ everything before they left. Definitely recommend Adam's, particularly the crew we had. 🙂 Tip: they do offer a dump/donation run so if you have larger things you want them to haul away, they can do that. I think it's a min charge of $50 and they do need to use the space in the truck (along with your belongings) so keep that in mind, but it was super useful for us - we had some old chairs that we had them haul away.
- Torrie N.

Adam's Moving is awesome. We have used their services for moving previously, so this is an updated review. We were so happy that Adam's Moving was available on our moving date, which was yesterday. The guys showed up right on time. They were pleasant, professional, efficient, and respectful. Dang they are hard workers. We're happy to be living on the eastside now! And we're so happy that we chose Adam's Moving again to help us with our move. Jason, the supervisor, is a great communicator and a great leader. Adam's Moving is lucky to have him at the helm, and we were lucky to have him in charge of the guys during our move. We tipped the guys well, and they all deserved it. Our stuff is all safely moved to our beautiful new home, thanks to Adam's Moving. Now all we have to do is unpack, relax, and enjoy wine country! Thanks, Adam's Moving! We're incredibly appreciative of you guys.
- Artemis L.

Moving couldn't have been easier with Adam's. They were efficient, friendly, expert movers. The quote they gave us was accurate, communication was easy, and our moving day was smooth. Definitely recommend!
- Mary N.

Hard working, fast movers. I've used Adam's to move my house and came back to them for a couple extra hands moving my daughters to a new apartment. CJ and Alan showed up 20 min into the arrival window and got right to work. Zero damage and got a whole 2 bedroom (with stairs) moved in just under 3 hours. Positive attitude, and again, really responsive. About the company, 2 small things of note. It's made clear at several points that gratuity is appreciated. Not sure why that is. Makes me wonder if the movers are getting by on tips. Also, be super clear about what your needs are. I needed movers for maybe 2 hours. They booked me from 10am-12pm, so when they hadn't called by 9:45 I called the office line. What I actually received was an arrival window from 10-12pm, not a moving window. The moving window is however long it takes (and that I was quoted 3hrs, which I don't actually remember agreeing to, but was accurate to my needs). Cost: Effort and speed: Personality: Communication with movers: Communication with business: I will be using Adam's again in the future.
- Robert D.

Unfortunately because the move was incomplete (they didn't move my wardrobe clothes at all), and due to other issues including dirty boxes, I didn't get my money's worth with this company. No attempt was made to fix the wardrobe issue and they offered no apology or even a discount. I wouldn't have hired them if i knew the move would be incomplete! I've had several moves with other moving companies and this is the first time a company didn't move everything I wanted moved. Very disappointing. The move was mid November 2021 for a 1 bedroom from Bellevue to Seattle. I managed to pack up everything in time (with the exception of my TV and mattress) so I thought the move would go fairly smoothly. The company and I discussed wardrobe boxes via email in October and they mentioned 2 would be provided free of charge, so it was disappointing that the movers weren't provided with any. I now need to find a way to move my clothes from my wardrobe, in addition to paying full price for a move. On top of this I have a back and wrist injury that I need to be careful with. I still tipped the movers because it seems this wasn't their fault. One of the movers, Andrew, mentioned that no one told them about the wardrobe boxes. Also they helped me finish putting my mattress into my mattress bag and helped me put my TV into a TV box I bought, which was good. Another issue issue was dirt. While moving out I noticed clumps of dark brown stuff near a wall and on further inspection I noticed it was fresh dirt. It must've come off of a movers shoe or trolley. Additionally now that I'm unpacking I see that several boxes have lots of silt on them. Additionally there are some key boxes that I labelled as "DO NOT STACK" and those instructions were ignored. The movers did seem to pay attention to the "OPEN FIRST" labels, making sure those boxes were easily accessible. I do appreciate that. I've had multiple moves in the past in various weather conditions and I've never had an issue with dirt. Also it's disappointing that the movers aren't provided with a few common extra items just in case. This is the first time I've had a situation where no moving pads or floor protectors were used. Lastly, I wasn't aware of sone fine details regarding insurance. Andrew explained that no electronics or IKEA furniture are covered, which was surprising. Also no items that were not packed by their company can be covered. I wasn't aware of that but it's understandable. It turns out that while I thought I could pay for insurance for my complete load, I could only insure about less than half of it. I chose Adam's Moving Company over others for multiple reasons including years of experience. Overall because of the wardrobe and dirt issues especially I'm left feeling like I didn't get my money's worth. I contacted them and they told me they are taking the feedback into consideration and they're happy to hear that all my items arrived safely. All my items for my move did NOT arrive safely. After paying about $1450 (excluding the tip) for a move I now need to find a way to transport my wardrobe with an injured back and wrist! Thank goodness I didn't schedule the move on the final day of my lease or I would be even more screwed!
- Kimberly L.

Everyone hates moving. It's the worst. These guys truly made it so much better. CJ and Cody arrived yesterday afternoon after their morning move ran a little late and was perhaps a little more difficult than was anticipated...this didn't slow them down. They were in great spirits and ready to WORK. They completed my move (1 bedroom apartment) in 4 hours and were just complete rockstars the entire time. I am so grateful for their hard work and dedication. I am also so grateful for their positive attitudes and fun, personable demeanors. I have a couple of challenging pieces to move and these guys didn't miss a beat. I will absolutely without a doubt use these guys again and I highly recommend them!!
- Lindsay B.

I had a super smooth moving experience with Adam's. They were prompt in their responses during the initial conversation to get a quote and were flexible when I needed to change moving times. They had great communication on the day of the move, calling me to let me know when they were leaving, and they arrived exactly on time. Tyler and Connor B were professional and quick and got my one bedroom apartment moved over in less than 3 hours, including the time it took them to get to/from my place from the Adam's lot. They were careful to pack everything securely, wrapping the more delicate items in large quilted cloths. It really could not have been a better experience. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
- Camille J.

Adam's was recommended by a friend who used them for a previous move and they were absolutely fantastic! Tyler, Wes, and Codie were excellent at every step of the process. Everything was laid out clearly beforehand, the furniture they were moving was handled with care and concern, and they were more than willing to work with all the restraints that come with moving into an apartment complex. Will be using Adam's any time I need moving services in the future!
- Chris H.

At first, this company presented itself like a lifesaver. However, the more contact I had with them...the greater the nightmare. On top of the enormous expense and the sales lies with the pickup team and their supervisor, several pieces of furniture and belongings arrived severely damaged. There is at least $500 worth of broken items I can't salvage and will have to replace. The delivery team was respectful and nice, but that, unfortunately, doesn't change my mind. For a company who says they do Seattle to Billings three times a week, I was appalled at the disorganization, lack of communication, hidden fees and false pretenses. I would not recommend this company at all, and am very unhappy with the experience. They made an already stressful move 10x's more so.
- Rachel R.

First time ever using a moving service and I absolutely would again! David and RJ helped me move across town today, and had genuinely positive and friendly attitudes while still being extremely professional with my newbie self. I had everything packed and disassembled and they got my 1 bedroom loaded up, moved, and set up within 2 hours. The 3 hour estimate was spot on (they account for the truck travel time) so there were no billing surprises. The office was extremely helpful and communicative beforehand as well. Their smallest truck is 20' long so make sure to have parking figured out beforehand! I ended up having to get permits for a temporary no-parking zone for my new apartment and it made a huge difference. Next time I move I will look them up again!
- Natalie H.

Exceptional Service from Francisco, Harold and KT. They moved everything carefully and quickly, and did so without a lot of dismantling, which meant it was much faster than we anticipated. They made great use of the space and moved things through gaps I wouldn't have thought possible. I would happily use them again
- Jason P.

First, let me start by saying that up until my most recent move, both my fiancé and I were huge proponents of Adams moving. We have utilized their services 4 times now and have recommended them to several of our friends in the area. In short, we have contributed to their bottom line in a real way. However, after this last move and the horrible experience we had with Adams, our stance has changed in a complete 180. We moved from our house in Capitol Hill to our new home in Ballard. The houses are comparable in size and had pretty good access for their trucks all things considered. We were originally quoted just over a $1,000.00 for the move, which was right in line with our other moves. On the day of the move, our crew showed up a half an hour late and after walking the house made it clear that they had under estimated the amount of resources need to complete our move. They called in a second crew and truck, who showed up 2 hours later. The total cost ended up being over $2,500.00 and had we known that, we could/would have looked into alternatives. During our moving process, two members of the crew damaged two walls in our old house, to the point where I had plaster over the dents and marks due to their depth and severity. Fast-forward 8 hours later, our belongings had been all moved into our new home. We slowly started to discover that a number of our belongings had been damaged including a 65” flat screen TV, and our antique mahogany buffet. At this point I got in touch with the owner (Adam) and started to discussing the compensation process, thinking would be similar to home owners/renters insurance. This was a huge mistake. The basic coverage on their estimate form provided a compensation of 60 cents per pound. And for items like the TV and buffet, they are not even covered at all. This was all listed on the fine print on the back of their estimate form. Mind you, both of these items cost well $2,500 each. I made a final pitch to Adam, asking for $1300+ to replace the TV and to repair the buffet. He scoffed at that request and basically told me to pound sand. It was at that point where we lost all faith in this company. I think it goes without saying the inherent understanding in this business transaction is that as a professional moving company, that the company is responsible for transporting your belongings safely and that they are returned to you in the same state you left them. If items get broken, then as a professional moving company, they should be replaced. So the moral of the story here is find a company that will stand behind services and step up to the plate when things go wrong…because that isn’t Adam’s moving.
- Ryanwheatley

They quoted my Husband an amount but when they showed up started numbering boxes which added more to the cost. My Husband wouldn't budge since they were supposed to do a follow up call to take inventory on what we had packed. My Husband had to pay extra due to a safe that was being transported with our things and said it was to make sure it would be taken care of. We wanted our things to be delivered on the 18th but I guess the fine print said up to 2 weeks of requested date. They came to deliver the items then it was time for them to bring the safe in. They put a hole in our front porch. Everything in and ready to leave and I had said there's damage. He acted like he didn't know until I went to show him and he went right to it on the SAFE we had paid extra money to keep it safe also our kitchen table had damage. He took pictures and said we had to call the office. We did. No help as they go thru a third party and we tried to get all paperwork needed and they would not help gather it. Wouldn't recommend this company for anything.
- Christina

Very professional and efficient. We've worked them a few times and they consistently get jobs done quickly while still taking good care of your stuff.
- YB Choi

Had a great experience with them. When the truck and crew they sent turned out to be just too small they were able to bring another couple of guys over to finish the job on time. They busted their ass getting it all done in the rain while being as nice and professional as you could possibly ask for. The whole process was top notch.
- Steve Banfield

Incredible experience. Fantastic communication leading up to move, flexible and understanding when we hit a snag in our moving date. Team was early and ready to work!
- Dawn Zedonis

We've used Adam's Moving for two of our moves and each time, they've been flawless. They take the utmost care with your home and furniture, they are prompt, professional, and very communicative. We recommend Adam's to all our friends!
- Ariana O.

Adam's was great! They were quick to respond with the quote. I contacted 3 different companies and Adam's was the cheapest, but that doesn't mean they were lacking in quality. The movers arrived right on time and were very respectful and efficient. Finished within the estimated quote time. Also, the day of my scheduled appointment was during a snow storm in Seattle. They contacted me the day before to ask how I wanted to proceed and gave me plenty of options if the weather turned for the worse. Morning of, snow was not as bad and they called by 8 to confirm my 9am appointment. Would absolutely recommend!
- Michelle N.

Though a little pricier than other outfits, we were very happy with our moving experience. Professional, protective of our home and belongings. Great communication ahead of time. Would gladly use them again.
- Rodney Y.

Perfect from first contact to payment with lots of communication before the move. Smooth process with no surprises. Francisco and Casey were smiling, friendly, helpful and fast....kind of like if you asked two good friends to help you move! (But better!) I will def spread the word about Adam's. Many thanks!
- Janet S.

This moving company is absolutely exceptional and amazing. From the very beginning, Adrian was helpful in helping us with our move. We moved from Kent to Bothell in May on short notice, and Adam's Moving accommodated us perfectly. We had three professional movers show up on time and who worked their butts off. The entire team was courteous and helpful which made the process incredibly easy for us. If you are looking for a moving company, you can't go wrong with Adam's Moving. Take it from someone who has moved a lot, you know good movers when you find them!
- Tim L.

Adam's Moving did a wonderful job and I would definitely use them again! Having to move during a pandemic was giving me an ulcer and I do not recommend it. The fellas at Adam's (Will especially) made the transition a lot smoother though and were not only great movers, but also very respectful about maintaining social distance. I would have given them the full five stars, but we did almost have a situation that would have been very unpleasant. Fortunately, Colby and Will helped us work it out and everything turned out just fine. Their original quote was pretty close to what we ended up paying (even with some unforeseen hiccups) and I would recommend this company to anyone.
- Andrea K.

Great movers! Fast, efficient, friendly, and awesome to work with. I had a 3 man team with Will, Rome, and Evan and each was very friendly and made my move very easy. They worked very clean and quickly and got all of my furniture and boxes out smoothly. In fact, the only thing that broke was because of me as I dropped a ceramic curtain rod end. At the house the team laid down blankets to protect the stairs and railings and somehow moved even faster to unload everything. It was amazing and I will definitely use Adam's again!
- Ben K.

I had the best possible experience with a moving company in Adam's Service. The response from the company was quick and profession from start to finish, and the two gentlemen - Juan, and Jose - were top notch professionals. I would in a heart beat give them my business again, and specifically ask for Juan and Jose's help in the future. If you're in the Seattle area, don't hesitate to give Adam's your business.
- TW T.

These are the folks you want to move you! No fooling around, get out of their way, they work fast and careful! Moved 3 family antiques with no problems. You get what you pay for with Adam's...The Best‼
- Kevin B.

This was my first time using Adam's moving, and it is was a great experience! I hope not to be moving for a long time, but I would certainly use them again and I highly recommend them. They were able to provide me with a quote very promptly, scheduled my move day, and everything went off without a hitch. The movers were quick, courteous, and hard working. All our things made it in the same condition, they even finished up early. Thanks for the great service!
- Kristen U.

I used this service for the first time 10 years ago and was very happy with them. So I called on them again last week and glad I did! Chris, David, and Zander were amazing! They were on time, friendly, efficient, and quick!!! Thanks again guys.
- Eduardo F.

These guys are expensive. Never use for to pack for a long haul move. Our stuff arrived in Nashville that was packed by Adams in Seattle only to find everything broken and damaged. The movers here were in disbelief how poorly everything was packed. Even with enough pads and wrap they carelessly just threw and stacked everything with no regard. Disappointing in Adams careless service for sure.
- Andrew B.

Adams gave me a great rate on a Sunday move! They were responsive, timely and the movers themselves were awesome. Chris and KT showed up on time, moved quickly, were careful not to ding any furniture or walls, and completed the job in almost half the estimated time. Would absolutely use this service again!
- Dan H.

Adam's Moving did a fantastic job with my boyfriend and I's move from Seattle to Renton. We were moving from a small one bedroom apartment to a house. They arrived on time and brought their own supplies (blankets, tape, etc) just in case. They were very efficient but handled our things with care. Tyler and Gabe were our movers and they were very professional and friendly. After a somewhat frustrating experience taking apart Ikea furniture they were a godsend as far as helping us goes. Would use them in the future or recommend them to friends.
- Gabby P.

I'm sorry to hear that others haven't had great moving experiences with Adam's as we just used them for the third time and they were fantastic from beginning to end. Yes, it did take longer than we had anticipated, but it was moving from a third floor apartment (no elevator) AND from a storage unit to our house with multiple levels so we can't find any fault with that. Jason, Ben and Sean were thoughtful, helpful, all came ready with masks, and managed our sometimes very heavy furniture with ease. I would use them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.
- Tanta K.

I used Adam's Moving Services for a move out of a small studio. Moving sucks, and they got the job done, so I am very grateful for that. The movers were perfectly nice and friendly. Nothing was terribly damaged, but none of the furniture is that nice or fragile anyways. My biggest complaint is the amount of time it took, like some other reviews have mentioned as well. I have moved the same set of belongings/furniture several times in the last few years, and its always less than 1 hour of active time. This took closer to 4 hours! When they quoted me 3 hours estimate, I thought that would be crazy, but I didn't realize quite how slow they are. I had a 2-man crew and one would pack up the truck while the other packed the apartment; seems like it would be more efficient if they worked more closely together. Another reason for the 4 hours is that this includes travel time. Also like some other reviews, I found their travel time estimations a little questionable. Google Maps said their origin to the original destination should be ~18 minutes, but they clocked it as more than 40 minutes. Plus took 15-20 minutes to set up and park, walk me through paperwork, etc - so I was billed for an hour before they even started. A last complaint is they didn't seem to come equipped themselves. I had some packing tape and plastic wrap of my own and they used it all up. I wonder if they had their own as well. All in all I am happy with the move being done and nothing being damaged (badly) or lost, but not sure I would use again. While their rates are very good, they take so long, so it still wasn't the cheapest option.
- Nicole H.

Horrible packing skills. Our stuff arrived in Nashville ruined. All furniture was scuffed and stained. None of them were covered. You give them forty pads and they only use three. The fragile boxes were on the bottom of other boxes! When speaking with Adams moving company they blamed us and told us we should have packed better! Our current movers jn Nashville were so appalled by what they saw. It should never have been packed this way. Be warned that your stuff will getruined and when they pack it it all gets blamed on Update! Look at their response below. Blaming us when they DID NOT carefully pack and wrap our stuff. We bought the pads they said to buy and they were not used at all! See pics below
- Tawney B.

My first time using movers and absolutely delighted with Adam's. We worked with Tyler and Rob. They called ahead of time to let us know they were on the way and were fast, efficient, friendly, and funny. Working with them made me feel confident and calm in a hectic weekend. The paperwork was fast to understand and sign and then we were off. They knocked out our move in almost half the time quoted! Both Tyler and Rob were courteous and helpful; they wore masks, double checked if they could help with some pieces we weren't sure if we were moving, even grabbed tape from their truck when we ran out. Everything got to the new place intact/damage free. Additionally, they were so helpful on moving and putting together furniture where we needed it. Our move went on without a hitch and for a great price. Recommending Adam's to all my friends!
- Heather M.

These guys are phenomenal. I've never worked with better movers. In addition to being highly competent and extremely careful, they're incredibly polite and respectful. I didn't expect that and I'm always impressed by it. They helped me out during the COVID outbreak and they were very conscientious about keeping a distance. They recently moved a massive & heavy 7 foot sofa around a tight corner out of a freshly painted doorway - with only two guys - without a single mark on the wall. I've used these guys three times and will never use another moving service if I can help it. Love you guys! I hope I don't have to move again anytime soon, but if I do I'm coming to you!
- Kimberly S.

I called Adam's movers after watching them carefully unload our new neighbor's belongings. I needed help moving some very heavy office furniture. The process was very easy for me, not for the movers. Two Adam's employees, Gabe and Tyler did the move. They were very nice and professional. They were also more concerned about my furniture than I was. This surprised me. Aside from being easy to work with they were knowledgeable and stronger than any two people I have ever seen. The very last piece of furniture required the removal of a door. This put them behind on their next delivery but they did not leave me hanging which I would have expected given the predicament I put them in. Thank you very much Tyler and Gabe. When I need to move the furniture again, I will call Adams and specifically request Tyler and Gabe.
- Doug W.

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