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About AAA Moving Group

At AAA Moving Group, we strive to provide the highest quality service in the moving industry. We have inherited a hard-working legacy from more than 12 years experience by providing all our customers with superior moving services which are delivered with a smile and work ethic. We have an extensive list of carriers that we work with. We verify that they are fully licensed and insured according to FMCSA rules and regulations. When you entrust a moving company with your belongings, you have every right to expect they will use the most reliable equipment to transport your possessions safely to your destination.

Moving-Me about AAA Moving Group

AAA Moving Group provides local and long distance moving. This company provides moving protection to ensure that your items will stay safe throughout the move. The also offer storage. Their staff knows how to make your move safe and secure. Providing the materials and moving supplies for you. AAA Moving Group is a moving broker. They will coordinate the entire move for you, so you will not have to. All Moving Companies they work have authorization through the FMCSA.

AAA Moving Group Licenses & Certificates

AAA Moving Group is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. AAA Moving Group is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.
ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 3000307
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is AAA Moving Group cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2800 together with local average $700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. AAA Moving Group is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

AAA Moving Group Reviews

I couldn't have chosen a worse company. This is my third long-distance move, and I've never experienced anything so unprofessional. The sales agent had excellent customer service, but once I booked my move everything changed. They were unresponsive to calls or voicemails, misrepresented the delivery time (they said 6-12 took 25), accepted no responsibility (they called me back one time and got my voicemail, then suggested I be more available), provided me with no notice when my stuff finally arrived, and several items, including large padded furniture, were broken into several pieces. They also charged me $500 more than originally quoted, added extra fees on delivery which they said were included (elevator fee?!), and said they only accepted certified check but then refused to take it at delivery. I had to borrow $400 from a friend because the ATM wouldn't let me take out the full amount for COD. The movers themselves were aggressive, unprofessional, and careless with my possessions.
- Zach Reau

So basically we hired AAA moving group to do a full service move for us since we couldn’t keep pay for our apartment during this pandemic. Brad Fink quoted me $1700. I told him I had 2 tvs. This is my first time doing this and he never notified me about extra insurance or that I had to choose my insurance. He just stated that I would be covered up to $10,000. They use a 3rd party company in Jersey for the pickup and delivery. Never told me who the 3rd party was. Travis, my friend, handled the pickup and they ending up raising my price $1000 on the spot. Then the main mover guys who packs up my stuff demanded a tip and when I said I had no money left he got upset and hung up the phone. I got afraid that he would mess up my stuff so I called AAA and reported it. Travis called me right after because the guys was threatening to destroy stuffs and said he already screwed me. To stop him from doing any more damage, I gave him my last $60 and Travis also gave him $100. I called the third party coming called Stop and Move, the next day and reported it and they basically said he can’t threaten you for a tip since it’s not require and there was nothing more they can do. I the called AAA several time and spoke with them for 2 weeks straight worried about my stuff. They have this all documented by the way. AAA refunded me $150 for the tip. we got threatened out of, which I still haven't received and its been 3 weeks. When I finally got our stuff, some things were missing and others destroyed. My $3000 tv that we just bought was broken and no longer worked. Also they never notified me about any insurance plans and had me sign a piece of paper when the delivered me items, that was covered, stating it was for receiving my stuff. When the mover left. I went through all the boxes immediately and saw what was broken and missing. I called the third party and they said I signed Option 2 for only .60cents per pound. I expressed they never gave me any options and never told me I had an option. They then refer me to that paper I signed that stating option 2. Which was the paper that was covered. So basically scamming me again me again. Also paper work was not even full filled out. After all that I proceed to try and deal with AAA. I got through to a guy named Daniel Owens that said he was the director of operations at first, but was actually just a sale person. He did some digging for 3 more day. He then got on the phone with me and Travis on a recoding line saying that the 3rd party is willing to give me .60 cents for the total weight of my move instead of just .60 per pound. He gave me the number to call on Friday and I had to weight till Monday to call. I called Monday and Stop and Move deny it. When I called the guys from AAA back (Daniel) he ignored my call and texted me and said there is nothing more he could do and tried to flip it on me by saying that I was the one that said they were offer me the .60 per total weight. I have everyone’s first and last name that I talk to for a month, and have some voice recordings, 2 witnesses, and an email from Daniel confirmation the .60 per total weight. Just got scammed and paid $2700 for the move and got over $3000 in damages and lost items.
- Kayla Riley

I was using movers for the first time and my friend recommend me to call Long Distance Moving Group for moving process. The people were very nice. I was very stressed but they cleared all our difficulties and gave us all information about the moving process. Because of their given details my moving process was stress free.
- Jordan Hughes

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! Save your self time money and the loss of the irreplaceable! Things to know 1) You are not working with AAA moving group they will not help you and they are contracting out the moving services to another company. This fact will be understated when they are trying to sell you on their moving services but will miraculously be overstated once your items are delivered late, they can't find them, additional charges are added for "truck fees" and your things are lost! 2) there is NO expedited shipping they will charge you a $300 fee for 14 day guaranteed delivery. The catch this is 14 business days so your thing will still just arrive in 21 to 31 days! They were awful every step of this process I meet with difficulty uncertainty and complete inconvenience. Their customer service although surface level polite was meet with an attitude of I'm sorry but its not our problem nor is it our fault. Oh and oh well you signed the contract. I specifically asked if 14 day delivery was 14 day or 14 business days and emphasized when booking, that I need a real date of estimated delivery so I could plan accordingly. They Lied gave me a fake date and I was stuck with an empty apartment, air mattress and very little clothing. 14 days tuned into 14 business days meet with an apology and a guarantee that I would receive a refund. However miraculously the day my items were delivered I was told on the spot that if I did not pay $300, the exact same cost of the early delivery, a fee added for "special truck" being used then they would take my stuff away and put it in a storage unit! The special truck a $20 U-Haul truck they had to use because my street would not fit a 18' wheeler. The kicker is I live on a major street in downtown LA where there was plenty of space to fit an 18' Wheeler! Also I watched and listen to the delivery driver call two other customers and pull the same stunt, not only apologizing for being late but stating that they would have to pay $300 more out the blue in order to receive their things that day! SCAME!!!!!!! But the worst part of this story They lost 4 boxes and refuse to acknowledge my lost items! AAA Moving group (Meghan Blackwell) stated that she would send me a claims form to fill out. Instead I received an email for the contacted moving company! I called back and was told I would have to go through them to file a claim. My biggest issue is the consistent lies I was feed to pacify me! If AAA would have been honest I would have been better prepared to deal with everything but they lied, made promise they would easily break or deny in the next conversation and then ended with oh well its not our fault you shoes us! Save yourself the time, money and emotional distress and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!
- Joy H.

My items all survived the long distant trip and came to me the same way they left. Long Distance Moving Group were a joy to work with and had no issues throughout our time. I’m satisfied with the service and grateful for the information they provided. They were in uniform and ready with the wrapping materials and binding tapes. Everything went as per schedule.
- Polly Morgan

Long Distance Moving Group and their team were great. They were very respectful with my property and great at their jobs. They were very professional but more importantly they were very patient with me and the confusions of my move. Very happy with the service and would definitely recommend the team to everyone moving.
- Polly Darton

As of today we have arrived at a resolution with AAA and the third party moving company (I&A) to try and make amends for the boxes and items that never made it to our new home. I will commend AAA on their desire to rectify the situation. Their representatives were proactive and diligent in reaching out to discuss the issues and attempting to reach a resolution. I&A, true to form, has still been a bit of a nightmare to communicate with but the dust has finally settled between our attempts to directly reach them as well as assistance from AAA's team in getting a response and action from I&A. At this point I'm conflicted about whether or not we would use AAA to broker a future move. Their team has been very professional and helpful during a crisis, but since they farm out your actual move to a third party (like I&A) I would definitely want to research the third party company's reputation extensively before agreeing to move forward with anything. Brokers like AAA can be awesome resources when arranging a more affordable move, but since AAA is just the broker I would highly recommend digging deep on any third party mover that you end up paired with whether you have AAA or another broker handle the deal.
- Lisa T.

Long Distance Moving Group were my first choice simply due to the rep I dealt with. They very informative and detailed in explaining the process and charges this was a very stress-free move and I highly recommend them to anyone. They are the best kind of movers who managed everything for their client.
- James Arthur

We had a great experience. They were very responsive and flexible leading up to the move day since our date had to change last minute. On the move day we ended having a lot more stuff than we thought but the team took it all in stride and were very experienced movers, and nice people too! Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!
- Samuel Pepper

I would absolutely recommend Long Distance Moving Group to anyone and everyone. They were on time, so helpful and EXTREMELY professional. They made what would normally be a stressful experience easy and painless. We couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you so much again!
- Marry Jane

Polite, punctual, professional, clean and not expensive. We actually took a risk arranging this move for our daughter, without any prior verbal references. We expected a rough moving crowd in a busy city, instead we got pleasant, personable guys that took care of our daughter's stuff, making helpful suggestions, working as a team that seemed to get along really well. Will definitely consider them again.
- Joseph Green

Moving is one of the most stressful things. The driving is tedious. Not only do most truck rentals for you to move cost a lot, but they charge you for almost everything! From mileage, to gas, to size, to distance - it just doesn't stop. AAA Moving Group has a solid process worked out. They were very opened about packaging, and giving me a reasonable timeframe. I couldn't be more happier with the experience. Customer service was definitely A1. I would highly recommend them!
- Nhu-Quynh N.

These guys are great! Helped my friend and I move from our old apartment to our new one. Very respectful and arrived right on time. I hate moving and these guys took all the stress off of me. Use these guys. They're the best!
- John Sephen

Very impressed with Long Distance Moving Group. They were very professional, attentive to details and managed their time well. We had several large pieces of furniture and several antique pieces that took extra care and they excelled in handling of our treasures. Would definitely recommend them.
- Henry Wills

I had to book a last minute move and these guys were able to take care of it with no problem. They were quick, efficient, and safe everything was wrapped so as to not damage walls. They were able to disassemble and reassemble a couch in record time. Definitely recommend these guys.
- Leo Parker

Excellent team of professionals. Amazing value, true professionals, no surprises of any kind. A true pleasure to work with. Thank you.
- Mira Edorra

I have used AAA Moving Group twice once interstate and one local not one on any item, the most professional company I have dealt with I will be recommending them to everyone. Efficient, friendly competitive and they get the job done without any fuss.
- Warren Payne

I called AAA Moving Group to help one of my best friends find a good company. The prices were pricey up here in New York so we decided to check in Florida, the state she will be moving to anyway. This is her first big move in her left that would require more than 2 cars to move lol. I was highly involved in this process of helping her move, and happy to help. So I was able to find this company through a coworker and decided to call. When I noticed the 800 number I thought I was going to wait forever. That wasn't the case I was on an automated menu, but once I picked which option I needed I was answered right away. The first representative I spoke to was Katelyn, and she was welcoming and nice. I thought she was the one I was going in detail with, but she informed me I had to speak to a moving coordinator. She was just there for general concerns and questions. I was informed that they don't perform any local moving's, which was fine because we didn't need that anyway. So far so good right? I was directed to Marcus right away, who introduced himself, in a professional manner. I explained to him where were we moving to provide the list of things we needed to move 2 beds a 7-foot tall desk, a couple of recliners, and several boxes (about 10-12), 15 max. We also needed to move a car down there because of my friend's fiancé and my friend each have their own to bring. To be transparent the Marcus guy said that the car will be able to transport a bit faster than the furniture. The difference was about a week. So plans could be made in advance. Marcus also helps us with advice with moving like covering the drawers, mattress if needed Otherwise he mentioned that AAA Moving is able to provide it ahead. Also in the price, the gas and tolls were included. For all of the belongings mentioned the total assessment came to 1,490 without the car. With the care, the quote came out to 2,190 with the car. Whereas, in New York, I was told the estimated range was 2,200- 3,200 without the car. After reviewing the quote, I was able to go through their website. Very informative!!! It created questions that I didn't think to ask and think about. I was able to ask the moving coordinator Marcus about some of the issues and was able to sort them out. I also noticed a tip section (, which was handy as well. The only thing I didn't like was in the service section of the website it seemed very vague. Not enough information to describe each service. Which was why I had questions as well. Fortunately, everyone I spoke with was able to provide an explanation and answered my questions. He also asked to follow up with me to see if we made a decision, and someone else followed up with us to make sure there were no last-minute changes additions. This was very attentive which was a great service and helpful because you never know. Also, there is 24-hour service and a point person contact just in case we run into any issues the day of or during moving. Moving is very stressful. With all of this information no wonder a lot of people try to forced themselves to pack and ship everything on their own. Finically people sometimes don't think about how much it costs to move. Plus, making sure everything is taken good care of is overwhelming. I'm glad I was able to be serviced by AAA Moving Group. They try to make everything as stress-free as they could. I'm also relived all the belongings were insured. Everything down to the phone call and drop off was smoother than I thought. I would use their services again.
- Diane D.

We had the pleasure of working We had the pleasure of working with AAA Moving Group Co & it was an absolute lovely experience. Their team moved fast, were efficient, and were total professionals!!
- Dan Gibson

Awesome experience from start to finish! The team member that scheduled my move was friendly and knowledgeable, the emails received were detailed (and humorous), the follow-through was great and the movers were efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend AAA Moving Group and will definitely use them again.
- John Randall

Perfect! Our experience was easy, professional, clean, and quick. Never had a worry about our furniture because they packaged it so well. Everything went smoothly starting from booking the appointment all the way to the actual moving day. I spoke to Mathew over the phone for quote and scheduling the move. He was very professional and straightforward with the prices and what to expect. Due to covid-19, our move was postponed they were flexible with the change as well. They did it in a breeze and end up spending 3.5 hours loading and unloading all our stuff. They made sure all of our belongings were packed safely and moved into our home without damage. I would highly recommend this company for anyone needing to move.
- Paige S.

AAA Moving Group is great! They are the Southwest Airlines of local movers! They use a straight foward no frills system. Everyone I worked with was friendly and professional. The cost was straightforward and fair.
- Matt Mackay

I have used AAA Moving Group on two occasions. In both cases the movers were highly professional, expedient, and courteous. They arrived within the promised time window with all of the tools necessary to handle the job while taking great care to ensure no items were damaged in the move. The company is very upfront about costs and time estimates and does not nickle and dime on moving materials. I cannot recommend them enough.
- Richard Knox

We used AAA Moving Group in Dallas to move an apartment. I was so impressed at the care they took wrapping all of the furniture. Unfortunately our TV got damaged, but the company contacted me the next day. They processed the claim immediately and issued a check for the cost of the new TV. I will use AAA Moving Group for all of my future moves.
- Anne Morgan

These guys are great! It's always stressful trying to pick a moving company, but AAA Moving Group has the best price and the best people working for them hands down. They made our whole move super easy and stress free!
- Brandon Mcgrath

I recently moved with AAA, during Covid pandemic, and it was seamless and easy. The movers were exceptionally professional, we’re all wearing masks and gloves. And the move happened so fast. Easy move, will use them again.
- Brooke Richardson

Called on a Friday and person on phone was super helpful and gave me an estimate based on what I had in mind. Scheduled for the next day early morning. The local guys called to let me know arrival time and were on time. Everything went great and they were able to haul it all away, and are taking some to local charities which is a big bonus.
- Mary Mills

I have hired contractors all over the world and these guys are really good. They are professional, on time and work hard. We had to make some last minute schedule changes and they were understanding and worked with us! I would recommend these guys to anyone would hire them again in a second!
- Noah Douglas

We love these guys and their reasonable prices and even more their professional team that managed to move us that fast. Considering we were moving from one end of USA to the other one can only imagine how AAA Moving Group managed to make possible the move without any damage. The great decision it was to contract them for our move. Thank you.
- Jacob Wolff

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