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About A-Ray’s Moving Solutions

Specializing in both local and out of state and long distance moves. We provide packing and unpacking services as well as furniture disassembly and reassembly. Jobs are booked on a first come first serve bases. If you are set on a particular day, be sure to call well in advance to assure availability.

Moving-Me about A-Ray’s Moving Solutions

A-Ray’s Moving Solutions is a local Seattle-based moving company dedicated to serving those in need of moving assistance. They offer a full pack of moving services including local and long-distance moving. Their goal is to make your move as easy as possible in a professional and friendly manner.

A-Ray’s Moving Solutions Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 3278729

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is A-Ray’s Moving Solutions cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. A-Ray’s Moving Solutions is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

A-Ray’s Moving Solutions Reviews

I have to be honest - when I booked A-Ray's, after receiving in-home estimates from six different moving companies, I was certain Alex's estimate was wrong. I told my husband and my in-laws "they quoted 5-6 hours but it's going to really take 7-8; that's what EVERYONE else quoted." Behold my shock when, a little over 5 hours after they started, everything was done. Done! And that included 20 minutes of them doing everything humanly possible to fit our couch down a staircase that turned out to simply be too small for it. I have never seen humans move so fast carrying so much stuff. No damage to anything, including our awkward/bulky/fragile items. Seriously I can't get over what a good choice it was to pick A-Rays; we could have paid double if we had gone with the first quotes we got. Movers were friendly and seemed to take pride in their work. I would recommend A-Ray's to anybody.
- Darcy P.

We finally bought a house after renting the same duplex for six years. A couple friends had recently used A-Ray's for their own moves and raved about them. Alex came over for to give an estimate and schedule everything. Day of they arrived early and knocked everything out as quoted. At the new house they helped take a door off the hinges to get our grill on the deck and even rearranged all the bedroom furniture at the end when we decided we wanted things moved. Everyone was awesome, friendly, and a pleasure to have around.
- Joshua S.

My experience had both good and bad points. The company was very responsive to my calls, followed up with me and got me an appointment within a very short timeframe. The movers were on-time, and very quick. My main issue was that they caused two rather large scratches in my new home. There was a definitely sacrifice of quality for speed. At one point, one of the movers tried moving a piece by himself that really should have had two people move it, and put a large scratch on my ceiling. I'd rather have paid more for the move if they had taken their time.
- Varun B.

Amazing movers quick and careful. They were on time and super nice throughout the moving process.
- Riddhi M.

I hired A-Ray's to do a one bedroom/one bathroom move from Fremont to Cap Hill because I was referred to them by a friend who raved about these guys. I've used movers two previous times before (one company move 3000 miles and one from Wallingford to Fremont) and I wouldn't say they're bad but I felt like they left much more to be desired. Very nice and friendly guys who packed the truck up very very quickly. Once we arrived to my new apartment, they wouldn't pack up the entire freight elevator and move items up quicker. They took 4-5 loads up when it could have take 2-3 full elevator loads. It took them over 2 hours to get all my stuff into my new apartment WITH the help of myself and a friend. They charged me for 3 hours and 45 minutes though I did not think it was fair. Not only that but they didn't ask me where I wanted anything and so I had to completely rearrange things after they left. One guy offered to help me arrange but there was barely walking room (looked like an episode of Hoarders) and I wanted them to get out ASAP. On top of that, I noticed that all my black furniture has scratch marks ALL OVER them...probably from the hand cart they were using. As a moving company, I would think they would've laid down a blanket or something. Did they get all my stuff into my apartment? Yes. Were there furniture casualties and unsatisfied expectations? Yes.
- Liang D.

We were moving in from out of town, to a sight-unseen condo and needed some help unloading the truck. Our realtor recommended Alex, and there's no way we could have possibly been happier. They were great about speed, efficiency, not breaking anything, not damaging the place, very friendly... there's no way it could have gone better! And for a great price too! Our only regret was how difficult our building was to get into and that there was no place on the electronic payment method to give them their well-deserved tip 🙁 Sorry guys!! We absolutely would have! I hope this review can make up for it a little bit. You helped make a long and difficult move have a great end to it, which we really appreciated!
- Stephen S.

Our move this past weekend was the second time we've used A-Ray's; they helped us move into and out of our condo. Our first experience was really stellar with Alex and another mover helping us relocate.This most recent time was a little less excellent. The two movers showed up on time, only to the wrong location. That wasn't a big deal, I called and had them come to the address with the instructions I listed on the quote. Unfortunately, I would later find that I was still billed for half an hour while they found the right address. Again, I thought that's okay, that's roughly what I was going to tip them. The movers were friendly enough, but complained a lot about the slowness of our (annoyingly non-dedicated) freight elevator. They had a GIANT truck that barely fit, that seemed like overkill for our load, but I understand there are other moves in the day requiring various things. One of the movers was having a lot of difficulty using the dolly they had, and often dropped our boxes as he slipped the dolly out and picked them up again quickly. There were a couple of broken items but nothing major. Lastly, they do charge for transit time, which sucks when they're just north of downtown and we're downtown, but you still have to pay for the 30 mins to an hour it takes to get through that. Overall, I think the movers are better behaved when Alex is around, but it wasn't a BAD experience necessarily. It's combining all those slightly negative things that makes me not sure if I'd use them a third time.
- Melissa S.

I chose Alex's moving company because of Yelp reviews and the fact that they have very competitive prices. I've used his service 2x in the two years I've lived in Seattle. A-Ray's Moving helped me once to move my heavy items from Redmond to Seattle and another time to move my items stacked in a small U-Pack container for my move back to California. Alex and his crew are very efficient. I would highly recommend that you stay organized. Pack all your things ahead of time, which room they will be in and mark which one is fragile, will help the entire process. This makes the whole flow of things very smooth. If it's just load and unload, you won't get a more fair price than these guys. They handle things fast and are very friendly. As for wood furniture, make sure you wrap it yourself first. I got a slight scratch on the legs of my expensive couch (which I plan to rub some walnut so no one can tell) but it's slight. They know how to maneuver things out of your doorway if you're afraid it's too big. It took them only one try to get my couch out my apartment and through to a narrow hallway without damage. Compare that to the furniture company that took 30 minutes to see how they can get that same couch in. Tell them which items you need to protect with shrink-wrap--and they'll get it. (I didn't think about the legs of my couch so check up.) You might need to be lenient to do some dusting after the move and checking up, but I found you'd have to do this with any moving company. They are expert stackers and was able to put my life in a U-PACK with extra space. That's an entire studio apartment worth of stuff--not easy! Alex and his crew is quick, courteous and efficient. If you fill the form online, they'll get back to you very quickly. If you call them, they definitely call you back. They got good attitude and work harder than many people I know. I'd recommend them for prepared, organized people who want to get a move done at a competitive rate. Photo of A-Ray's Moving Solutions - Seattle, WA, United States. Alex and his team helped me pack my life in a box. They were so kind to even provide the straps.
- Kat W.

Our Realtor recommended A-Ray's and as they have a location near to the Lower Queen Anne Apartment we were moving out of it seemed like a good idea. I reached out via the website explaining what we needed and when as per the very clear online form, and Alex called me within the hour to tell me his recommendations for the service we needed and to book it in. I had asked about boxes and Alex came to the apartment that very afternoon to deliver a selection of packing materials, all of which made my job a lot easier. On the day Alex called early to check all was OK, and as we said we were ready he and his team came straight away. All three were polite, friendly and worked really hard from the moment they arrived. The job was not without adversity as we were six floors up and the elevator key didn't show up as promised by our landlord but they didn't complain at all and made an easy job of packing all our worldly possessions into the truck. Our new place is a house so no more elevator trouble but some different challenges with various bits of staircase and some awkward turns to navigate but Alex and his team worked carefully but quickly to get everything to its right place without a scuff or scratch on anything. Hopefully that's us done with moving for a while but if we need help again I wouldn't hesitate to call A-Ray's and would heartily recommend them to anyone else moving to, from or within the Seattle area.
- Caroline G.

These guys were so helpful and efficient and kind. Nothing bad to say. They even rescheduled for the next day after U-Haul lost my U-Box.
- Kimberly S.

Fast professional careful with the furniture and the homes. I worked with them to move one bedroom from Fremont to Capitol Hill including packing and unpacking.
- Ahmed N.

I recently moved neighborhoods within Seattle and used A-Rays to do so. Andy and Frank were awesome - they moved quickly, were helpful in taking apart and reassembling my furniture, and professional. I did not see any damage on my furniture or apartments. Highly recommend - I'd use them again!
- T C.

I have moved dozens of times and I can simply say that these are the best Movers I have ever worked with. Alex and Johnny moved all my stuff this last weekend from my apartment to my new house in Queen Anne. They showed up early, brought all of the necessary supplies, were efficient, polite, and extremely careful with all our things. Thier truck is huge and they managed all our things in one single trip. The best part- they were $10 per hour cheaper than any of the other movers I contacted. Bottom line- best movers at the best price in Seattle.
- Matt R.

A-Rays was recommend to me by a close friend, word of mouth is always the best. These guys are awesome! Alex was quick to respond to my inquiry about moving our stuff from Ballard to Kenmore and scheduled me at my preferred date. They showed up promptly on time and were lightning fast with putting all of my items into their large 20 foot truck, yet gentle enough to not damage anything as they wrapped all the items in plastic wrap or blankets. Once they loaded up, they were at my new home within 45 minutes and the unloading portion was also lightning fast. They were so easy to work with, pleasant to be around, and overall the experience was just perfect. They have a very competitive price and I would absolutely use their services again.
- Christopher J.

Great movers who were easy to communicate with to setup the appointment, on-time, and worked diligently. I had called around various movers and A-Ray's prices were very competitive. They arrived on-time and we packed up my 2bdrm apartment simultaneously, me packing alongside the A-Ray's team. They worked diligently to pack up my apartment in a couple of hours and then off to the new location where they were quick to unload the truck. I also referred them to a friend who was also very happy with their experience with A-Ray's. Definitely give them a call when you need to move!
- David P.

These guys are great. First, you deal with the owner directly, Alex. He's on top of things for sure. Then he sends guys who know what they're doing and are smart and friendly. Howard and Daniel. They actually seem to care about your stuff. Then they hand you a written receipt that is about half what you expect. They turn a typically unpleasant experience into a great one. Thanks guys!
- Bob M.

I did not work with this company in regards to a move, but did deal with them as they moved a resident into the apartment building I live in. They parked right outside the garage exit and made it EXTREMELY difficult to be able to make the turn. They had not yet begun to move anything in and so it would not have at all been any sort of inconvenience for them to pull up 5 more feet to make it easier on the thousands of other residents that live in the apartment. When asked if they would move up, they were rude and dismissive the entire time telling us we could make it and then just ignoring us. Not to mention they were parked in a no parking zone the entire time too. I would NEVER work with this moving company considering how their movers feel it's appropriate to treat to others so incredibly rude and act so entitled. There are moving zones in our apartment, we would know considering we have used them in the past, and upon telling them that they told us we were wrong and again went about their business of acting as if no one else mattered.
- Hillary F.

These guys are great, what you need and what you should expect from a moving company. They are quick on the draw to get you scheduled and use online forms and various forms of communication that suits you. They show up on time (even if there was a snowstorm), show up clean and with some energy ready to go. Pricing is very straight-forward. Go with Alex and team if you want to get your move done easy.
- Ryan K.

Alex and his team are so lovely. They have helped my partner and I move twice now, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are professional, punctual, incredibly knowledgeable, and efficient! Every A-Ray's mover has been totally personable and good-natured (even while carrying a bear of a couch down some tight stairwell squeezes). A-Ray's has all the know-how and tools to get you out of your old place and into your new one without a worry. And you can't beat their rates!
- Eliza I.

I've used Alex and crew for 3 local moves now and I've had a great experience each time. With two kids age 1 & 3 running around, we weren't able to pack very well in advance, but our crew showed up right on time and did an awesome job getting us packed and loaded. A-Ray's will always be my first call for moving services in Seattle.
- Adam C.

I've used A-Ray's moving service twice and both times have been really great. I dread moving but Alex and his crew are super friendly, punctual, and professional - makes the whole thing so easy and much more bearable. Both times they finished the move in less time than I thought it would take! I love supporting a local business and would definitely recommend these guys.
- Triet V.

I recently used services of A Rays. Alex was recommended by my building concierge who had very positive review s about the service. I had to move on a short notice and Alex was very accommodating. He continued to communicate about status and ETA. On the moving day, crew arrived on time and moving was smooth. Overall highly recommend.
- Shikha G.

We moved from Georgetown to West Seattle and called these guys a few weeks in advance to set everything up. The quote was straightforward and quite a bit less than other companies plus no surprises at the end. A week before moving day, I called to request a stop at a storage unit on the way to the new house and it was accommodated graciously. Alex and his team showed up right on time. They were courteous, professional, and extremely careful with our possessions. I hope I don't have to move for a long time but next time I do these will be the only folks I call.
- Jesse M.

We were referred to A-Rays by a co-worker and are so happy to have found them. Initially we hired them to move our stuff out of a 3 story house into pods. We were so happy with the work that we ended up rehiring them a week later to help us unload into our new place. I was especially impressed by how friendly and professional this crew is. If they have a question or a doubt, they do not hesitate to ask you. They take a lot of care with your things. You can really tell they are good people who want to do a quality job, and make sure everything meets your expectations. As a bonus, I found they were efficient at packing all our belongings into the pods we had, to make sure we didn't get stuck with having to rent an extra truck!
- Amanda M.

I highly recommend Alex and his team for moving. We recently had to move all our belongings into Pods and have them stored away and then brought back to our new place a week later. Alex did both moves for us. His crew was fast, efficient and super friendly. They had no problem moving awkward heavy items up and down multiple levels and they always would update me if they had any issues or questions during the process. They had plenty of supplies on hand to make sure our items were packed and secured properly. The communication from the office and from the crew was quick and and kept me completely aware of when they were coming and how long things would take. They would do walk throughs at the beginning and end of each move to make sure all was up to our liking. I would definitely use A Ray's against and recommend them to all my friends and family that needed moving services. Awesome job!
- Eric O.

We had a labor only move this morning with a team of three movers. They arrived on time, and quickly got to work. They were super efficient, positive and took great care of our belongings. They even had to get creative with getting our sofa out through our balcony and didn't skip a beat. They came in well under the estimated time and helped us pack our rented moving truck well with straps and moving blankets. Highly recommend!!!
- Diana P.

I used A Rays Moving Solutions a few weeks ago to move, I had Howard and Kelly as a crew and everything went pretty smooth. They only took about 3 and a half hours to move everything and were nice and efficient. The only issue I have and the reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because I specifically asked them to wrap and protect my large screen tv and they assured me they would, but they didn't and my tv had smudges and dirt on it by the time it reached my new apartment. Same issue with my king size bed. I asked them to wrap it and protect it, they assured me they would and they did not. My kind size bed is very heavy and had no sheet or protection on it so while they were carrying it inside Kelly lost his grip and it dropped to the ground and got dirty. Overall I think I would use them again because the price was great and they did everything very quick. I would just appreciate better care for my things as I worked hard for what I have.
- Hannah B.

We just used A-Ray's for a second time. Our experience the first time was so positive we didn't even bother calling anyone else this time. Both moves were from one Seattle apartment to another. Alex and his teams are committed to doing their best for you. They take good care of your stuff, and are are courteous, nice people. Both times we required more than one truck load (we have a lot of stuff) and they went out of their way to make our move as seamless as possible. And now they have Amanda to help with scheduling. She was so prompt at responding to e-mails and helped get things ready. We hope we will stay in this apartment for more than a year but next time we move we'll be calling this same team again.
- Dana L.

Alex and Cameron showed up perfectly on time and were extremely friendly, professional, and quick! Couldn't have asked for a better moving experience!
- Jacob M.

Alex and his team handled my move perfectly! Unfortunately due to a last-minute change I wasn't able to be present for the move itself. Since I was out of state and I couldn't make it back in time. However this team arrive and loaded everything up and with the help of one of my friends moved everything into my new apartment. When I came back it was really refreshing to have everything set up and all the boxes already in my place. They worked with me to on all the details so that everything worked seamlessly. Cannot recommend them enough definitely will be using them for my next move. Unfortunately due to a last-minute change I wasn't able to be present for the move itself. Since I was out of state and I couldn't make it back in time. However this team arrive and loaded everything up and with the help of one of my friends moved everything into my new apartment. When I came back it was really refreshing to have everything set up and all the boxes already in my place. They were threatening to you on all the details so that everything worked seamlessly. Cannot recommend them enough definitely will be using them for my next move.
- Amanda N.

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