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About A Movable Feat

It’s stressful enough relocating to a new home or business location, but with our friendly crew, we hope to make the move a pleasant memory! We believe in honest rates and a 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal at A Moveable Feat is to make your move and home improvement as stress-free as possible. A Moveable Feat blanket wraps all your precious cargo such as dressers, tables, cabinets, sofa and antiques. All glass table tops, marble statues, artwork, paintings, grandfather clocks and any other fragile breakables get more protection beyond the standard blanket wrapping.

Moving-Me about A Movable Feat

A Moveable Feat is a low cost 5 star moving and home improvement company serving New York State and beyond. From the move out to the move in – they take great care of your cargo. Moving company has a flexible fleet of trucks from 14′ to 26′ for all your moving needs! They offer low-cost HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICES from furniture assembly, bookshelf installations, doors, floors and much more.

A Movable Feat Licenses & Certificates

A Movable Feat is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. A Movable Feat is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 692261

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1943964

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: NYDOT 3852

New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is A Movable Feat cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. A Movable Feat is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

A Movable Feat Reviews

I needed a move from one a basement storage to a friend's place in PA on short notice. The move required me to be at the destination when the stuff arrived so my original plan was to rent a car and meet the movers when they arrived in PA. Vitaly was so awesome and offered to let me ride with him since they had a vacant seat in the truck. He and Gerald showed up on time and quickly loaded the truck. We made it to PA without any hassle and they unloaded everything just as smoothly. The bonus was the conversation during the ride since they were both interesting and fun to talk to. I highly recommend these guys and their service for all of your moving needs.
- X X.

Vitaly and his crew did an amazing job for us! They gave us a very fair quote which they stuck with even though they moved a lot of extra boxes and random stuff we had in our apartment. They were really nice, quick, and defied the laws of physics in getting bookcases up narrow stairs. They didn't blink when they had to hoist a boxspring up to the second floor. They also disassembled a wardrobe and delivered it and reassembled it at another location which again they did super professionally and with no complaints at all. They said during the move that they really want to be fair, nice, and good so they get more customers. They asked me to post on Yelp and because they did such an excellent job, here I am posting.
- Charles M.

hourly rate, they milked it for as much as they possibly could. I have never seen movers move so slowly. My husband and I both ended up moving boxes ourselves but not even that could hurry up the movers. They even took a 25 minute lunch break and then charged us for the time. When we expressed our dismay at their pace, they assured us that unloading would go much faster. This was another lie. To top everything off, at the end of the move, the movers tried to shake us down for even more of a tip then we already had given them despite our complete dissatisfaction with the move. Unbelievable. There are good moving companies out there. This is just not one of them.
- Noel H.

We've hired this company 2 times and found them punctual, honest and careful wrapping all our stuff. They kept to the flat rate no extras added on. The crew were polite and professionally attired. highly recommrnd them.
- J Peters

We hired A Moveable Feat in August to move us from our 1 bedroom apt in NY and then to our new place in Jersey City. They were on time, professional, in uniform, polite and hard working. They were prompt in our emails to request certificate of insurance, and to send us a copy of the flat rate. They stuck to their price and were all an around nice crew. I have already recommended them to several friends. Would hire again if we have to move in the future.
- Alexander B.

Great Movers. Honest, Prompt, Fast and Efficient Vitaly and his team is amazing. They are the best movers I have ever used. My other experience with another company "Merit Van Lines" is a joke. Vitaly and his team arrived promptly and moved my apartment down from NYC to DC smoothly. The Flat rate is as they said. Flat rate. No hidden fees unlike some other companies that quote you x price and then charge you 3x. The other company (Merit Van Lines) I used, parked around the corner from the entrance and charged me $500 for the "extra walking distance." Vitaly and his team did no such thing even though they also were unable to park directly in front of the entrance. They were super fast, super efficient and I would use these guys again in a heartbeat for any move. They are highly recommended!! Make sure you tip them well! 🙂
- Angeline

This past December my husband and I hired A Moveable Feat to move our family home from NJ to LI based on a friend’s referral. We spoke with the manager several times about the job and he assured us that there would be no extra fees. We’ve been burned several times in the past with lousy moving companies so we were really nervous, but could not be any happier with our move. They packed our dining and kitchen and did a brilliant job. No dishes lost, damaged or broken. I would recommend this company to all my friends. They were courteous, showed up with a smile and got to work quickly. Great job!
- Vicky R.

Happy Customer These guys are the best you can get at a decent rate. I booked them after another company didn't bother to show up for our move from NJ to upstate NY. They scheduled us quickly and got the move done without any last minute haggling. The blanket wrapped all our furniture, plastic wrapped bed sofa chairs, disassembled our desk table, bed and reassembled it after they moved us in. The manager sent us a flat rate and stuck to it. Highly recommend them to anyone who is sick of "flaky" moves.
- Bobby B. Sr

Amazing Job No Complaints Vitaly and his crew did an amazing job for us! They gave us a very fair quote which they stuck with even though they moved a lot of extra boxes and random stuff we had in our apartment. They were really nice, quick, and defied the laws of physics in getting bookcases up narrow stairs. They didn't blink when they had to hoist a boxspring up to the second floor. They also disassembled a wardrobe and delivered it and reassembled it at another location which again they did super professionally and with no complaints at all. They said during the move that they really want to be fair, nice, and good so they get more customers.
- Charles M.

Fast, professional, goes the extra mile I have never hired movers before and the huge selection on companies in NYC can be daunting. I decided to go with A Moveable Feat after a friend hired them for full packing and a very short distance move and had a good experience. I loved the ease of the website to create my inventory, the very prompt responses that I received via email, rather than phone (great option for busy people, instead of wasting time playing phone tag), and the ease of scheduling and producing insurance paperwork. The flat rate for my move was very reasonable, and I was able to add packing for just the kitchen and a specific closet, also very reasonably priced. Even though my box count and inventory didn't turn out like I had submitted, they honored the flat rate without question. They worked very quickly and efficiently, moved my furniture with amazing ease and had already finished unloading and even arranging my living room and bedroom furniture before I had even arrived at my new place. Nothing was lost or damaged during my move, a feat that I did not think was possible. Even though it was 7pm when they took down my payment information and left, I had my receipt in my email that evening. All in all a wonderful experience that made a stressful time in my life a lot easier!
- Sra

They were very efficient with all my antiques, and glass items. I hired this company to pack and move my 2 bedroom to a house in Woodstock NY. The weather was awful but they did a great job and delivered next day despite the heavy rain. All my belongings arrived safely. I would recommend them
- Sarah B.

These movers were awesome! They arrived an hour early to survey our stuff and park the truck. The lead mover was really nice and efficient. He even took $50 off the flat rate because I ended up having less stuff to move than I originally thought. They were also very careful with the fragile items - I didn't have any damage. My whole move was over in 4 hours. I would definitely use them again.
- Darcy L.

WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. I cannot say enough about A Moveable Feat. Not only are these guys true professionals, highly skilled at their jobs and efficient hard workers; but they are TRUSTWORTHY... something I find incredibly difficult to find in a mover. I live in Central Jersey, 2 hours from A Moveable Feat, but after being taken advantage of by my last mover, I searched high and low for a mover with great reviews, who would offer references and all necessary insurance documentation. I lost my home in Sandy and the landlord's of the rental I got immediately after decided to sell within 6 months. I had been displaced twice now in 8 months. This was an extremely emotional experience for me and after the last movers doubled their price on me after arriving to the destination and demanded cash before unloading the truck, I persisted with asking A Moveable Feat question upon question upon question. I was so nervous and had suffered so much loss. (FYI: Provident Moving, Fair Lawn, NJ. See my review. STAY AWAY! They are one of those scheming moving companies!) Vitaly put me at ease immediately. He was patient as I told him the story of Provident Moving. He explained to me how he would have to wrap my entire bedroom set in boxes before wrapping, then blankets. My bedroom set is ENTIRELY MIRRORED GLASS. I understood his necessity to take great care but explained how Provident charged me an average of $40/box. He told me after assessing the place that I wouldn't have to pay more than $40 for all boxes needed. A complete pleasure and a straight answer when mover's often come with "hidden charges." No "hidden charges" here. He couldn't say it enough. And that was exactly the case. When moving you often have to pay for wrapping and boxes if they are needed, that is expected. He estimated my needs ahead of time, as with the boxes, the price was completely acceptable to me, and he did not even charge me what he originally estimated. As for the move. Everything was handled with extreme care. Not even so much as a scratch on any of my belongings. When we arrived to the destination he helped me place all the furnishings where I would like, helped with layout offering opinions which were actually quite valuable and appreciated, and took it upon himself to place things as I couldn't be in every room the entire time. His team also made sure boxes that were labeled by room arrived in that room. In the past I've had movers just dump the boxes in one place. Making sure each box was in the proper room made the unpacking process that much easier. In addition, I moved from a condo that was a one-story walk up with narrow hallways. (The stairs were inside the home, as soon as you walked in, private stairs.) No charge for the flight up as you often see with movers. I moved into a place with a similar layout, you immediately walked into stairs going up to the main level, and then another flight to the bedrooms. No charge for those flights either. I have NEVER had a mover not charge me for number of flights. (This is suburban Jersey, I can't speak for Brooklyn walk-up buildings, that may be way different, I don't know.) When he told me I'd have to pay for the 2 hours drive time, 1 hour down and 1 hour back, I had no problem with that. I wanted to make sure I had someone I could trust. The last mover I had who was from Jersey, Provident Moving, who robbed me (I did report them to BBB), they charged me the same amount for drive time and even more for fuel. Vitaly and his team, who should not be overlooked at all, worked extremely hard. They were fast, they were patient with my questions which I really thought I'd offend them eventually I was just so nervous. And they went above and beyond with extras, for example, there was stuff I didn't get around to packing "appropriately," clothing in laundry baskets. I didn't even realize but they also arrived at my new home wrapped for safety. What a pleasure. (Because I moved within the same town I intended to go back, by doing these extras they saved me hours of work, and pain and suffering going up and down stairs.) * I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A MOVEABLE FEAT, VITALY AND HIS TEAM FOR YOUR MOVE. Their price for 3 men and a large truck is also highly competitive. Hopefully I won't have to move again for a while - my precious Jersey Shore - but if I must I will DEFINITELY BE CALLING A MOVEABLE FEAT. * Just one thing, they prefer to communicate via email. I am an email person so it was OK with me, but again, being neurotic after my last experience I called 2 days in advance to confirm and didn't hear back immediately. When Vitaly called me he asked I please email, I was a bit surprised by such instruction, and with his accent, delivery, but at the end of the day, they did NOT answer their phones at MY job. I was paying for their time and they took that seriously. Also a welcomed change from previous movers wasting time on the phone booking their next job.
- Jennifer P.

These guys blew my mind! My girlfriend and I were looking to move in together and got these guys' name from a recommendation on reddit. I came to yelp and saw they had a mostly good review so we decided to go with them (that and they were the best quote we got, $90 for 3 guys and a truck). They got to my place early (not a big deal because i was ready to go), They brought 4 guys and only charged me for 3, they emptied my room in less than 30 minutes and then got over to my girlfriend's place quickly. She was on the 3rd floor but they still went fast. Then they got to our new place before we did and unloaded quickly. Overall it took them only 2 hours exactly to do everything. Plus they were VERY friendly and did not break or damage anything! Hands down the best moving experience I have ever had!!!!
- Mr. O.

I used to move myself for the exercise and to save cash. Now I'm fat but still have the cash! Hands down, the best movers in NYC. They have moved me 3 times now and I have referred them for at least 3 other moves for my friends. They are quick, easy to work with, and always on time. Never grumpy as well (which is a big thing)! Always trust these guys on their recommendations - wrapping, where to put the furniture, etc. Just overall a great experience. I hate moving but these guys have been the only good thing about it. They will definitely get a call on my next, and hopefully last move!
- Adam F.

Paying for movers is a no brainer especially when you know the people who are doing your moving are reliable and easy to deal with. This was my second time using A Moveable Feat and they were impressive on both occasions. They arrived on time and had my things in the truck within 1 hour. All the guys are very nice and they take good care of the items. They didn't mind at all when I asked them to take 2 extra items with us than I had originally asked. Best of all they are very affordable. I certainly recommend them to everyone I know.
- Christin S.

Let me begin with my move process and who I contacted. I asked several friends on who I should use... they gave me some recommendations Flat Rate, Sarmiento Moving, City Express, Rabbit Movers and a Moveable Feat. This is for a 1 bedroom (2 floor walk up) in Williamsburg to Astoria (1 bedroom with an elevator). I had about 18 boxes, 1 couch, 1 massive table that needed careful attention, various other small furniture, LCD TV, and a bed. Here's why I chose A Moveable Feat.... Flat Rate quoted me $740, my friend said Sarmiento was great but make sure you pack your stuff well, City Express was suppose to be good but my friends couch was dirty during the move, and I read yelp reviews about Rabbit Movers. My friend who recommended A Moveable Feat said that she was quoted about $570 for her place (and she had way more furniture than me) and they disassembled her furniture and put it back. I got a quote of $540 (5% discount if I paid with cash). Really easy to get a quote off of their website, and insurance coverage letter too for management. Moving day. They arrived 30 minutes before the move in date and the move/site manager was super friendly / professional and a true professional. His team was very courteous and professional as well. These guys went through each item and made sure they were secure and well packaged. They covered up the table with move blankets etc... From there, I took the bus to the new location and during that time I got a call where they asked me about some things I missed during the move (left in the closet). Very thorough. Moving in was easy as well. They asked exactly where each box should go. At the end of the job I got to check out the moving truck to make sure nothing was missing. Highly recommended. If I need to move again I'm calling these guys.
- Jimmy H.

Horrible. Do not recommend at all. We used the per hour service with the 3 hour minimum so it was supposed to be $120 per hour x 3 = $360. First of all they came late , it was 8:08 when they arrived. And he wrote 8:05 in the paper. He said it was a 3 hour minimum and 1 hour drive time. Okay , he took long time to explain the things and start the actually moving job and the two other guys who were with him could have started helping while he was talking. But no, they didn't. Another thing to point out is that the main guy was on phone calls for 2 or 3 times. Then we started loading the truck and I didn't think they were fast, really. I have done moving by myself with my friends help and it was just like that , I didn't feel like they were professional Movers at all. Very disappointing. Okay, we finished loading and I asked him só are you leaving right now ? Because we are going to take an Uber there. And he said "oh no, you guys are definitely going to arrive first because we are in a truck so it's Gonna take longer" then it took another while for them to start driving. Ok, me and my husband called an Uber and when we got there the movers were there , waiting for us doing nothing... and the guy said "you guys are losing money"... why couldn't they start unloading the truck until they were waiting for us ??????? Waiting doing nothing...??? Really ????? Unacceptable and stupid. And then when we arrived we started unloading the truck, and again nothing super fast... me and my husband helped unloading because we wanted to get it done before it passed the minimum time. And also there were two other guys who were helping which one of them went to use the restroom for a long time. I'm Not gonna criticize him for going to the bathroom But if they are going to be that meticulous about the time, how come he goes to the restroom For a Long time And I still have to pay the additional fee ?!!?!?!!! We got everything done around 10:15. The mover guys paper was written 8:05 to 10:20, and he was charging $420. And also he asked for TIP. "OH DONT FORGET THE TIP". Excuse me??? I'm Gonna tip if I'm satisfied with the service which I'm not !!!! And the. I asked why it was 3 and half hours and not three hours and he said that the "driving hour" is not included and we passed 10min from the 2 hours "moving service " time. I told him so you are going to charge half an hour for 10mins ?!!! He said: it's written in our website, you can check there blablabla... he should have explained better and he should have told us the time that it would pass the minimum time and then we would have to pay additional fee, but no, he didn't. Because he is dishonest. And didn't explain anything well and was doing a slow service and didn't start unloading the truck while Waiting for us because he wanted to charge us more. Shameful. If I knew it was until 10:08 I would have told them to stop When it was 10:08 cause I didn't want to pay the additional fee. And I told my husband not to give tip cause I was clearly not satisfied with the service at all but he gave around $50 tip. My husband told me The guy asked for $80 tip. The customer give tip if it was a satisfying job , and they should never request tip and obviously not tell the amount they want us to tip. I work in a restaurant and I never ask my customer for tip, and if they don't leave tip it's because they are not satisfied with the job and I didn't do a good job. Seriously , never again. And I don't recommend it at all. So dishonest, slow , not enough explanation , rude. Do not use this company specially if you are considering a per hour base service.
- Leila A.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Moving can be stressful, and they made it 100% seamless and easy on us. They showed up 15 minutes early and began packing the truck immediately. They were FAST and [added perk] they were fun to be around. When we arrived at the new place, they didnt dump anything, instead they asked where everything should go. Definitely calling them again next time we move.
- Marissa R.

This company was terrible. Showed up 1 hr late for a multi city move. Movers were very slow. Tore my mattress. Owner was terrible and yelled at me and my wife. Would never use.
- Mark S.

The worst moving company of all time. The owner. Was not transparent about pricing. I'd rather burn $1000 then give it to this guy. He was rude. Was begging for a tip the whole way you would think he was a homeless person on the street and Subway. The only positive reviews on yelp are paid ads obviously. The two college age boys working with him were cursing constantly and not cooperative in the experience whatsoever. This is the First yelp review I've ever written in my life this guy had my emotions that strong. I hope no one makes a similar mistake with any decision they make in their life. At the end of the day I actually genuine feel bad for this guy. Miserable human being.
- Peter C.

If I can give this company 0 stars I would. This is the worst moving company ever. The service was horrible and barely did any work. We ended up moving 90% of our stuff and paid out $1000. I hope no one makes the same mistake as us. Please don't use them!!!
- Joe A.

Definitly recommend! We had 3 great guys that were fast, efficient, and friendly. Bonus that they were a lot of fun and took a lot of the stress out of moving. I would absolutely use them again on my next move.
- Allyson K.

Totally recommend!! Had a fast, easy move today. 3 great guys, knew what they were doing and handled everything accordingly. Will use again next time.
- Trine K.

Amazing experience with V and his team!! They were efficient, friendly and went above and beyond for my move. They arrived on time, finished the job quickly and didn't waste any time - it was greatly appreciated. The whole process took 2 hours total. After having bad experiences with other moving companies, i was extremely impressed by A Moveable Feat. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.
- Carly M.

These guys are fantastic. For a very reasonable flat rate, I got three guys who showed up early, found street parking for the truck, and did a fast super pro move for me. I was moving from south slope to Dumbo and they did an awesome job. And what's more, even though I had slightly over the amount of estimated boxes they kept to the quoted rate! My new building required a COI which was provided with no hassle, and my table disassembled and pictures packed up faster than I thought possible. The move in was easy fast and they needed minimal direction to figure out where to put stuff and how best to be helpful. I would and will use them again with no hesitation!
- Sarah C.

Amazing experience with these guys. On-time arrival, very flexible with building management and knowledgeable on how to get around minor issues. Arrived with their packing equipment and were able to take care of everything and kept me informed as they went. These guys absolutely worked hard even though they were on an hourly rate. Moved small-ish 1-bedroom in elevator building to 4th floor walkup in 3hrs. Everything handled with care - would absolutely use them again!
- Mark E.

I really don't like leaving negative reviews but whoever considers this company needs to know that the owner is very difficult to work with, verbally abusive, and will threaten you if you're unhappy with their service. After confirming (in writing) 2 weeks ahead of our move that they could disassemble/reassemble an IKEA wardrobe (Pax), two movers arrived (we had been promised 3) on the day of our move and started transporting everything into their truck. When we asked about the wardrobe (at about midday) they kept confirming that their 'manager' would arrive later in the day to take care of it. At 3pm, the owner of the company arrived and told us that he would not be able to assist with the disassembly/reassembly and blamed his 'booker' for the mistake. When we questioned why his website offered this service and he was unable to meet the written agreement of our contract he lost his temper, raised his voice and threatened to withdraw his employees and leave our stuff on the street. He did eventually apologize and admitted he was in the wrong. Unfortunately, we had to hire another company to remove the wardrobe at our expense. Our apartment is tiny (600sqf) and it took this company 8 hours to move us at a cost of over $1,000. I would never recommend this company but if you do choose them, my only advice would be to go for a fixed rate over the hourly option. P.S. His staff were nice people who did their best, whilst also admitting that they were not appropriately briefed for this basic job.
- Devin Ross H.

I recently used their service to move my apartment. In a nutshell, I am extremely disappointed with the service provided. The movers were nice, I enjoyed the company, however the end result was terrible. I paid $700+ to these movers and the following happened: 1) They broke the glass of my table: While carrying the glass of my large coffee table, the mover incorrectly held the glass and broke it. The table costs $250 which I have to buy again. Feedback from the mover: Next time buy a non-glass table, they don't break. I was offended by this comment, I buy whatever I want and I am paying for my items to be moved effectively. 2) They broke my bed frame: They left my bed frame in pieces, and not organized. Pieces where left in different places around the new apartment. I even found a piece downstairs in the trash. I attempted to make my bed but I was missing pieces. Now I have to buy a new bed frame, $200+. 3) They broke my tv: It looked fine at a glance. Just today I decided to turn on my tv and it was completely broken inside. See image below. Now I have to but a new tv, $400+. After all the damages I tried communicating with the company but they do not respond. It is a total scam.
- Alexander S.

The 3 person moving team came early and worked very hard and efficiently, especially around our new buildings somewhat difficult moving rules. Everything made it safely (and unbroken) to our new place and they dissembled and reassembled our stuff in astonishing time. At the beginning of the move (and in several emails beforehand), he reminded us of the pricing which was exactly what we ended up paying. I highly recommend A Moveable Feat and feel they were worth every penny.
- David C.

I cannot recommend A Moveable Feat highly enough. I moved June 1, 2020 from Brooklyn to Nolita. Moving is such a stressful experience, but now factor in a pandemic and more uncertainty following a weekend of less-than-peaceful protests in both neighborhoods - and adding to my stress - this was my first time ever going through this process alone. I was in a heightened state of anxiety. I had a very restricted time window for the entire move - and when the movers arrived, I was still sorting things out with my packing. Adding to my anxiety - my last move was a nightmare: furniture and beloved pieces of art broken during the move. These guys, led by Vitaly, are such consummate professionals. All three movers were so careful with my belongings: everything was packed so well -- safely and efficiently. The move went so smoothly, the team reassembled my bedroom, kitchen, and living-room furniture - and we finished ahead of schedule. Again, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. These guys transformed my moving experience. I am still in awe of how well the move went. You cannot put a price tag on such peace of mind. Added bonus -- their communication with me, and building managers top. Thank you so so so much, A Moveable Feat.
- Jodi G.

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