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  • Address: 542 Douglas Avenue Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
  • Site: 4friendsmoving.com
  • Phone: (888)-540-6779

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About 4 Friends Moving

We started out as a group of four friends almost 15 years ago, doing small local moves with only a few trucks. We were proud to be providing a quality services at affordable prices to other local friends and families. But we’ve since grown into a family and built a strong business based on providing great service and building long-lasting business relationships. So the next time you need to move, you don’t have to call ten different companies. Trust in your local friends at 4 Friends Moving Company!

Moving-Me about 4 Friends Moving

This moving company wants to be the best. Therefore, they learn from the best of the best. Some of their professional movers have been with them for several years. 4 Friends Moving can handle any item on any job. All of their professional movers and packers are trained and comfortable handling the contents of your home or office. Their movers work exclusively for them and they never sub-contract out any of work. You can trust that the movers who are handling your items and coming into your home are safe, reliable and friendly!

4 Friends Moving Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The mover is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2948725
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is 4 Friends Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. 4 Friends Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

4 Friends Moving Reviews

Four Friends Moving company came and gave us an estimate to pack everything and move us to Delray Beach from Clermont-Ferrand. The guys were great and did everything on time with no damages and for the agreed price with no stress. Very nice men
- Lisa Gregg

Great moving company. I would use them again.
- Hannah Shulman

Four friends moving is a great company with friendly and professional movers
- Caitlyn Appleman

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I don’t ever leave reviews for anything but I’m happy to take the time for this. Broke multiple items but that wasn’t even close to the worst part. TOTAL SCAM. They held my stuff hostage and changed the price. When I argued they told me that not only were they not going to honor the original price but now they wouldn’t take a check or credit card. Had to go to the bank in the rain while the truck sat in my driveway with the movers. If you still aren’t sure just take a look at the BBB website
- Kristy Cullen

We used these guys to move us from Clermont to Ellenton FL on the gulf coast. They packed everything one day, loaded the second and delivered the third day. This was a big house and they all worked very hard for three full days. I thought the guys were great and everyone was very professional. I would highly recommend them.
- Chet Stephens

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I don’t ever leave reviews for anything but I’m happy to take the time for this. Broke multiple items but that wasn’t even close to the worst part. TOTAL SCAM. They held my stuff hostage and changed the price. When I argued they told me that not only were they not going to honor the original price but now they wouldn’t take a check or credit card. Had to go to the bank in the rain while the truck sat in my driveway with the movers. If you still aren’t sure just take a look at the BBB website
- Chris Chris

We just used 4 friends moving on our 4 bedroom 3 bath 2500 sq ft home. Our 4 Friends Moving team were super professional, friendly, and punctual. They took care of our furniture and our poorly packed boxes without ANY damages or broken items. They took care of everything for us. We didn't have to lift a finger. We have moved with a few different moving companies before , but have never been as happy as we are with 4 friends moving. Thanks guys!
- Kristy Bordeaux

I'm sure they are good movers but I just called their office and the person I spoke to was extremely rude.
- Candace Solomon

Do Not Use This Company. I just ask for a quote and the man that answered my call was so rude. I told him the quote was high and he said get the hell out of here and hung up on me. He was so unprofessional I just can’t believe it.,
- valerie weldon

This moving company is very professional, fast and have competitive prices. They gave me 10% off my entire move and the 5 wardrobe boxes included in the move were incredibly helpful. They moved me from Clermont to Tampa. I was very impressed by the teamwork and the hardwork that the guys showed. Made the entire moving experience a breeze. This was my first time ever using movers and I was very pleased with everything.
- Coral Short

Great moving company. Moved me from the 8th floor of my condo to my house in Delray. They got everything done in about 4 hours. No damaged, friendly movers! I would definitely use them again.
- Shanna Barannoff

Had a very great and positive experience with this moving company. They are very professional. My building decided to all of a sudden inform me that they needed a certificate of insurance before the movers could start moving me, the office staff were so nice and got one sent over right away. They movers were super friendly and nice and extremely careful with my things. Which I reeeeeeally appreciate!
- Jovana Menica

They did an office move for my company and were great. They were able to take apart all of the cubicles and put back together perfectly (which in my opinion, is hard). Everything got done in about three hours, and I ended up paying less than I was quoted for. Thanks again for the help, guys!
- Eleanor Quinn

Bad customer service. Very rude and unprofessional. I will not recommend this place to anyone.
- Osvaldo Cortes

I would never recommend this moving service to anyone!! Held a phone conversation for a max of 2 minutes and the man I spoke to was so rude. And then he hung up on me.
- Lynna Irby

We just used this company and I would say run don’t walk away from them. We like to support our small businesses and were trying to be understanding of the challenges at hand. They finally showed up after canceling at the last minute for two previous confirmed appointments. Then they dumped the stuff they moved and left. Literally dumped everywhere. Tried to charge for an extra hour of work saying there was a minimum which wasn’t listed anywhere. Arianna the scheduler was very courteous but Matthew was rude, belligerent, used coarse language , was extremely unprofessional and threatening. They shouldn’t be in business if they can’t manage their workload. I would never have anything to do with these people ever again. Absolutely the worst experience of any company we’ve ever dealt with.
- Suzan Kinaci

We had to coordinate moves for all of our employees and have had to use a couple of different companies. Some were good and some were not so much. 4 friends moving was one of the best! They were also the ones that moved me too. They met all of our timelines , didn't have any damage on 24 out of the 25 moves they did for us. The one move with damage was very minor and could have been pre existing. All of their staff was friendly , " smiling " the whole time, and were professional. Rich made everything convenient and easy also.
- Gregory D.

Beware!!! Bad Company!!! 4 Friends Moving of Melbourne treated us horribly. We had the moving company come out and move our home’s furniture. In the process, one of the movers dropped a new nightstand off the top of a second floor exterior flight of stairs carelessly and destroyed it. We called their office to inform them of what happened. They said they would email a claim form but we had to pay the bill in full that day. I had already went online and pulled off what the new nightstand from Haverty’s would cost. We told them it cost 450.00 We agreed against our better judgment to follow this process and pay them. The next day we submitted the claim with all of the pictures, description in detail of what happened and an invoice for the replacement nightstand. After a couple weeks had past, we started to call to inquire about when we would receive a check. This started the endless “we will call you back” messages. After 4 weeks had past and endless messages, I finally had enough. I called and asked to speak with the owner of the location. This place is so shady. Finally, an office manager told the most they would pay is $50.00 and that would take 90 days to process. I cannot even make this up. Know body will give you their names, and they refused to give me the owner’s name. When I stated I would write a review on how we are being treated a man got on the phone “claiming to be the owner” and told me “I need to back it down”. He began cursing at me with every name in the book and threatened to kick my A** if I did. WOW!!! Now all we wanted was an answer on compensation for their mistake that they told us they would pay in full. Instead, we got an endless run around followed by being cursed out and threatened. We will never see a dime from them. Please beware, as there are much better company’s than this to use. These are bad people.
- Ben Worth

They moved us on Nov 29 worst moving company everthing was broken or damaged beds broke chipped items. I have always moved myself and never had any items damaged they managed to damage everything please stay away of this company There are so many things damaged I can put photos of all of them
- Esther Scarano

We hired this group to handle my daughter's move out of an apartment and then contracted with them to hold her stuff in storage until we could figure out where she would be moving. The move out was pretty uneventful although they were much later than they had promised, but we trusted them...or so we thought. For seven months we paid for what we were promised was storage. When I called to inquire about moving her stuff to NY, it took at least three phone calls for anyone to even give me an answer. When I was put on the phone with "David", I was quoted an enormous rate. I asked him to send me a contract outlining what the move and fees would entail. At that point he became irate. He started screaming at me and said, "that's the fee and you pay it or you don't get your stuff". I then started inquiring about other possible moving companies only to find out that even the highest bid was still thousands of dollars less than what David quoted! Mind you, she only was moving one bedroom and a table and chairs! When I called back to ask about making arrangements to have another company pick up the stuff to move it, David cussed at me and hung up. I then called back and he screamed at me saying that he would make sure we never saw any of our stuff again if I called back! This went on and on over a few weeks. He hung up on me, my husband and his assistant. At this point we thought we may never see my daughter's belongings again. Finally David told us we had to pay his "team" to unload the storage unit and it would be $500. I enquired what that was for and asked for it in writing to which he once again replied that we would never see her stuff if we didn't send a cashiers check to his address. My husband then called the office back and spoke to a Chloe who quoted a $300 fee for the same service. No one would ever email us ANYTHING in writing. We made arrangements for the other moving company to pick up her stuff and when I called to confirm, we we spurred to find out from our "friend" David that we could only get it in specified days as they only "unloaded" at the "warehouse" on certain days. So, we had to rearrange with the other company to accommodate Four (not your) Friends. Fast forward, we hired a man to go supervise the move as we were feeling VERY unsure about the move as we had now figured out how SHADY everyone at Four (not your) Friends moving was. I called the day before to confirm the date and time and was promised 9-11. David in his not so friendly way re-quoted 10:30 (just to be a pain I am sure). I told him that he had promised 9-11 and the moving company would be there at that time. He put me on hold for 10 minutes and then agreed. Mind you, we still had nothing in writing as they would never give it to us...and we had sent a cashiers check to have his "staff" unload my daughter's storage. The morning came and the moving company and our representative showed up at 9 am and no one was at the storage place. our representative called the office only to be , once again, greeted by the "lovely" David and told that it wouldn't be until 10:30 and lied to them saying that's what he had promised me. By chance the storage "staff"...ONE MAN showed up and unlocked the trailer that my daughter's belongings were in, and the new moving company moved everything out. WE PAID $300 to have this old man open a lock!!! And the storage facility that we had been paying $125 per month for was a random beaten down trailer in the middle of the lot. We have not seen the condition of any of her stuff as it has not arrived in NY yet, so this nightmare could continue. Whatever you do...DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING!!!! They are SO VERY SHADY. David should not be working in any position that he has to deal with people in any shape or form! to be continued.....
- Mary G

This company is not a licensed business in Florida. Most of the people who left a positive review has also left the same review with their other locations. Therefore the happy customers are fake reviews!! Do Not Use Them. They quote a very cheap moving price and then inflate the price when you want your furniture. This is shown as a franchise business but it is NOT a real franchise. Phone number for franchise is the same person who will make demands to over charge or they will threaten to auction your stuff. Basically pay their demands or you won't see your stuff again. DO NOT USE THIS FAKE BUSINESS. Look at their business addresses they are all a shopping center!
- Rosat

Don't believe anything anyone in the office says at anytime. I scheduled a 9:00am move at a condo with very strict move schedule restrictions. The moving company was aware of this. At 9:05am I called 4 Friends Moving's office and asked if the moving team was on their way.... the person in the office, after a bit of time on hold, came back and said they were running late and would be there in 20 min. This same game repeated itself until 12:00pm. At no time did the moving company call me to update me on the progress, but sprinkled in the many calls I made to their office asking for status, management hung up on me twice and told me if i wanted the move I would wait or he would re-route the team somewhere else.... the two workers who showed up at noon was not the same team originally scheduled, obviously, were very apologetic for their poor management. They worked hard and I made sure they received a nice tip. Stay away from this company if at all possible.
- John Scott

We had the same experience as the other reviewers - unprofessional and late day of move, held stuff in storage and then tried to extort us to get our stuff back, super hostile from the moment we were able to get them on the phone. Don’t know how I missed these reviews before calling them, I am feeling absolutely sick over being taken in.
- Vera Davis

- Steve Mccord

Don't use this company ever. These people are rude and frauds. They screwed the company I work for. Demanded once loaded up everything cash!!! Then tried to hold everything until paid for in cash .. overall company is a bunch of rude nasty fraudulent people
- Krista Sanders

"Paulina" was professional and a pleasure to work with (or so we thought) when creating the reservation. Her manager, not so much. Rick called me AFTER 6PM (6:04) on July 25th, 2019 within 15 hours of the agreed upon moving date to originally tell me he's going to cancel my reservation because moving a one-bedroom apartment was "impossible" within the projected time frame that I was given from their company! Mind you, I had this reservation booked a week and a half in advance to which they could have called me to double-check and verify my items needed to be moved within that time frame. So not even a 24 notice was given to confirm. He completely overtalked me the entire duration of the conversation and was combative when I told him that the original time was 8 AM. He gave me 4-hour window between 8-10 just for their company to ARRIVE at my first apartment. When I asked to speak to Paulina he stated: "Nope I'm the manager and I'm canceling this reservation." If I needed a new moving company I would NEVER be able to find one the morning of a move. That's not how you conduct business at all. Moving is already stressful and his negativity was not needed. Rick did that as a tactic to prevent finding another move. They don't have an actual truck! Alex, mover. EXTREMELY rude! They put a dent in my wall and Alex got into TWO arguments with my father. All my dad said was "You're taking too long." and Alex cussed him out. Alex verbally threatened him after he said he was leaving with my items on the Enterprise truck! When my dad said the police would be called, Alex stated: "You will regret it. I promise you. Call the police I will give you a reason to need to call them." Extremely unprofessional not to mention my step-mother was physically shoved out of the way by Alex. Overall an original $350 oral quote turned into $790 on paper (my dad gave $800 because of the ATM) after holding my items hostage on the truck and not giving an exact amount to be paid in cash, 6 overwhelming hours, and my apartment wasn't even completely moved! I had to make trips back and forth for 3 days after. They won't send an original quote with a price, only a final one with the amount they hike up after they purposely take a long time to stretch out the hours.
- Janine Kenner

We used them and were very happy with the service. They were on time, friendly , worked hard, packed the furniture nicely, and only charged for the time worked and saved us some money.
- Nathalie Himmel

BEWARE!! There is no such office. Any positive reviews are fake! Do not use this company. Before doing business with any moving company verify they have a valid business license on
- Risa Laguna

They were nice to deal with and were exactly on time both days at both locations. They wrapped and packaged the furniture nicely and delivered everything how we asked. The company is good.
- Tammy Perlini

After getting a quote for 3 hours from Paulina, I got concerned when the movers took 2 hrs and 45 minutes to load sealed boxes and wrapped furniture from a storage unit. I had to start moving some of the items myself to pick up the pace. When my wife called to ask if that was normal (and why), got the run-around from Paulina, and eventually spoke to Jim who accused her of micromanaging, shouted at her over the phone, threatened to have the guys turn the truck around, and after she got scared and apologized explaining that she's pregnant, was just in the hospital, and stressed out, Jim told her "I'll give you a pass because you're pregnant". After hearing what happened, I called and he denied everything and said there was no problem. When the movers arrived, they insisted that they needed to be paid in cash before they could unload the truck. Thinking everything was fine, I tried to explain nicely that no one mentioned this before. When I called the office, Jim said he refuses to take a card form us because "you people are being difficult", which I asked him to repeat (and he did). Was taken aback, but went ahead and got the cashier's check. Was told by mover after finished "gratuities are appreciated". I did not respond.
- Myron Fuller

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