2019 Living costs & relocation tips when moving to Houston

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2019 Living costs & relocation tips when moving to Houston

Moving to Houston, Texas, meaning that you are going to relocate to the largest and the most populous city in the United States state of Texas and the town is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. Houston is growing fast. With the official language English in the city,  people there use 145 other languages, including Spanish, German, French and others.

    1. WeatherThe climate in Houston is typical of the Southern U.S. with long and hot summers and mild weather in winters. But, when moving to the subtropical city of Houston, be ready for hurricanes and tropical tornadoes. In northern Texas, it is better to have a disaster plan prepared for your family, with your house or apartment being adapted accordingly. The usual summer temperatures in the city are around 90 °F, the average temperature in winters is approximately 53 °F.


    1. TransportationBecause Houston is such a big city, be ready for traffic. If you’re moving to Houston, try to avoid rush hours. Did you know that not only in Texas but in the whole U.S. – Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are the cities with the most significant traffic! Public transport still developing, it is run by Metro, rail system and buses. , It usually takes you several busses and trains to get between your destinations. So still, you better have a car there. And do not forget about the cities’ heat and humidity, when choosing one (a good functioning air conditioner is a must).Ticket costs in Houston:
      • Adult Single Metro – $1.25
      • One day ticket – $3.00
      • Monthly season ticket, unlimited – $45.50


    1. Housing costsMonthly rental prices and home purchase prices in Houston are relatively low than in other cities in Texas, including Austin. Housing costs and the market which is developing with its growing population (unlike the situation in New York or San Francisco), are one of the reasons why it attracts so many new residents to the city.

Monthly Rental Prices in Houston

Type of apartmentsRental Price per month, fromLocation
1-bedroom apartment$1,000 City Centre
1-bedroom apartment $700 Outside the City Centre
3-bedroom apartment $1,600 City Centre
3-bedroom apartment$1,200 Outside the City Centre


Houston Home Purchase Prices

Price per square meter (10.7 square feet), from Location
$1,800 City Centre
$1,000Outside City


    1. EntertainmentWhen moving to a big and busy, cosmopolitan city, like Houston, it offers many exciting possibilities for you. The city is home to NASA, and a visit to the Space Center is a must. The rodeo is another dangerous attraction there. Going to the annual rodeo will remind you correctly what state you’ve moved to. Over 10,000 restaurants from over 70 different countries and regions you can find in Houston. Residents there count themselves lucky to have such great diverse cousins offering in their restaurants. Prices range in an inexpensive restaurant there are around $10 – $18. Which are near 35% cheaper than in New York relevant restaurants. People there especially like outdoor barbecue parties too, but be ready for mosquitos there, after it rains! Gym membership prices are $16-$55 per month. Cinema ticket regular prices are $9-$12. Artistic and musical institutions are another well-developed area in Houston. Arts district on Washington Avenue allocates the studios and workspaces of over 300 artists and creative entrepreneurs. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Arts Museum and Blaffer Art Museum are few of the lots of cultural attractions to go around.


  1. Moving tipsBefore you are going to start packing up all your belongings and happily moving to Houston, read our moving tips:Choose a moving company.

    First, when moving to Houston, you need to choose a reliable moving company. You can hire a moving company in Texas or in the city you are leaving. In any case, check that it has a license (for Texas in the TxDMV), a moving company’s USDOT number, other info you should check before hire movers read (“How to avoid shady movers”).

    Do not forget to change your address.

    Fill a change of address with the post office and call hydro, electric, water, garbage, recyclables utilities – to cancel your current service or transferred to your new place. Get a list of your bills and run through them one by one. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to do, but it’s important to get it done at least a week before moving to Texas, so you’re not charged for services you will not use anymore. For more useful info read (“Top 6 things people forget during a move”).

    Choose things to transport.

    You do not want to pay movers to transport unnecessary belongings. Choose from your possessions what should be left behind or given away. Especially for big moves across the state,  which cost is caused by weight. The less you put on the truck, the less you pay. At the moment of loading a car, you may wish you’d gotten rid of even more of your belongings. After all, few things are worse than realizing you are about to pack things you don’t need or will never use again in another city. You may look at this like at the great opportunity forcharity. Donate the items that you don’t wish to sell. And earn some money to pay for moving service with the stuff you don’t need anymore, and that can be sold.

    Prepare storage containers and packing supplies.

    If you are going to pack things yourself, plan the approximate amount and type of packing materials. Buying it wholesale can save your money and time. Be careful to choose the appropriate in moving usage choice for storage of your stuff according to the weight and fragile of things. Don’t forget to label each box clearly with its room of destination too, so that will help your movers unload more efficiently and save you the hassle of its allocation.

    Whether you’re thinking of moving to Houston because of a job offer or just for a change of your life in a growing rapidly city, you need to be prepared well for relocation. Hope our tips for moving to Houston, including the weather, transportation, housing costs, and its entertainment possibilities will help you make a significant change.

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