15 Moving Hacks for a Faster and Less Stressful Move

15 Moving Hacks for a Faster and Less Stressful Move

Moving isn’t necessarily easy on anyone, there are ways to reduce the amount of work and decrease the price of moving services, packing and unpacking faster, eventually makes the process go just a bit smoother. Try these 15 moving hacks for yourself and discover creative ways to make your move easier!

    1. Do the plan. It should have the moving timeline and steps of the moving process in it. If you want to decrease your expenses and get the highest quality from your moving company, avoid summer moves and moving during the last week of the month because it is the busiest time for the moving companies.


    1. Give yourself enough time to research moving companies. Get written calculations from at least three movers before you choose. Get company representatives to come look at what’s in your home, then your calculation will be clearer and you will have a list of all the services they can offer, especially for your unique situation, and you can choose your expenses in a smarter way.


    1. Plan the packing steps or hire a moving company which will pack your belongings. If you value your time, it is going to be so much quicker when a professional packing crew takes care of the items.


    1. Write down how you are going to choose what you need if you are going to begin a new life or if it should just go to trash. How easy is it to replace an item? How often do you use it? Make up questions like these that will make it easier and quicker to make decisions.


    1. For everything that can be sold, plan and invite your neighbors and friends for a yard sale or garage sale. Another option is to sell your items online way before starting to pack all the rest.


    1. Ask for help. Think about people who are willing to help you! If you’re feeling stressed during your move, ask a friend or family member for help, besides hiring a professional company.


    1. In addition to labeling what’s on your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into at your new home, and unpack by room.


    1. Put together a moving essentials bag. Your moving essentials bag may include important documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, a couple changes of clothes, etc. Pack a small suitcase with the items you’ll need access to during your move and right after you’ve arrived at your new home.


    1. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.


    1. Get rid of boxes as you empty them. As soon as a box is emptied of all its stuff, break it down and recycle it. This will clear up much-needed space in your new home.


    1. Call the utility companies as soon as you’ve decided to move. Canceling your utilities doesn’t take much more than a couple phone calls, but once you get very busy with your move, it’s easy to neglect this very important task. Tackle it as soon as you know your new address and you’ll get it out of the way early, you’ll also ensure you don’t forget to do it.


    1. Change your address at least two weeks prior to moving. Remember that you also have Amazon, PayPal, credit cards and your bank, magazine subscriptions, and your mail to change the post address.


    1. Prepare your pets. If your pets are moving with you, especially at cross-state or cross-country moves, they will need up-to-date vaccines and the paperwork to prove it. Start this process in advance, since many borders are quite strict about allowing foreign animals to cross. Also, the long journey is not easy for your pets, so you can talk with your vet about how to prepare them right.


    1. Have cash to tip your movers on moving day. It is not necessarily required, but it is highly appreciated. If you hired a professional moving company, you want to be sure to have cash on hand on moving day for tips.


  1. Do a thorough walk-through of your home and keep an eye out for anything you might have forgotten. Open all of your cabinets and check every single one of your closets, including the very backs of shelves. Make sure that anything you plan to take with you is packed and ready to go.
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