10 great reasons to move to Palm Beach, Florida

10 great reasons to move to Palm Beach, Florida

 An incorporated town, Palm Beach, in Palm Beach County, is separated with the Intracoastal Waterway from the neighboring cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. Let’s see the best reasons why people are moving to Palm Beach, Florida.

    1. LocationWhen moving to Palm Beach, you are living close to major cities, like Fort Lauderdale (an hour away), Miami (an hour and a half away), Key Largo (two hours away) and Orlando (just two and a half hours away). There is alsoan accessible Palm Beach International Airport to travel through the U.S. and the great airport in Miami for those who need international flights with reliable airlines.
    2. Job market

      The importance of its friendly job market when moving to Palm Beach is obvious.

      Its growing job market is especially fit for people who are going to start businesses there. Take into consideration about 6 million people that are visiting the area each year and turning the city into a major tourist destination in the U.S. and bringing its advantages for the economy. A booming economy is always the reason for excellent opportunities for people who want to start a business.

    3. Taxes

      Like in other states, Texas, Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Washington, moving to Florida means you will not have a state income tax. The advantages are obvious: you need to pay federal income taxes, and the rest of your wealth for you to spend.

    4. Education

      If you are moving to Palm Beach, you will find excellent schools there. There is the eleventh-largest school system in the country in West Palm Beach, a city within Palm Beach County. It has 185 schools: 20 elementary schools, seven middle schools, and about 30 public and private high schools. You will quickly discover some very excellent high schools when moving to West Palm Beach.

      As we mentioned already the closeness of Palm Beach to several major cities, it is accordingly close to two Top 50 universities, like The University of Miami in Coral Gables, and The University of Florida in Gainesville. Public Florida Atlantic and private Palm Beach Atlantic are two universities in Palm Beach plus it has several community colleges.

    5. Public events

      People who live in Palm Beach are usually earnest about public events.

      Especially in West Palm Beach, the culture of, usually free, public events is a big one, for example, “a Thursday night tradition” or Clematis by Night. With happy hour along the waterfront, and numerous offerings from local eateries, it was started in 1995 the event stars with performances of local artists. The event is great to spend time for the whole family. A vast ‘Fourth of July’ and ‘Holiday in Paradise’ during Christmas time, SunFest and Art After Dark (a night of art) are other big annual attractions you can enjoy when moving to Palm Beach. Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show is one of the top 5 boat shows in the nation.

    6. Weather

      A warm underwater river Gulfstream going from the Gulf of Mexico has a good influence on the local climate in Palm Beach. While the summers in Florida may be better spent somewhere else when moving to Palm Beach, you will enjoy mild winters and cool evenings after the afternoon rains all  the other time of the year.

    7. Beaches
      Everyone who is moving to Florida and California (read “Moving to San Francisco” and “Moving to San Diego”) knows that they are loaded with beaches. There are more than 80 miles of the Atlantic coastline at Palm Beach, with a fantastic amount of public beaches.
    8. Golf

      Because of the headquarters of the PGA, Palm Beach became the golf capital of the world. Many golf tournaments and events are held there all year. When moving to Palm Beach, you can find the most golf courses in any county in Florida.

    9. History

      The city has a particular attitude to historical protection. There are more than 14 historic districts in Palm Beach, full of tradition and richness. A well-known Historical Society located inside a courthouse was built in the 1900s with the renovation of the original building has founded a county-wide historical society, having a museum and gift shop inside.

    10. Culture

      When moving to Palm Beach, you can visit the Kravis Center, that has been there since the early 1990s. Also, the Miami City Ballet and the Palm Beach Opera are places where plays and concerts delight tourists and natives.

An advantageous location, friendly job market, warm weather, and lots of options for education and entertainment are making Palm Beach a great placeto move to!

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